Free Peter Griffin Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online

Are you a fan of Family Guy’s iconic character, Peter Griffin? Have you ever imagined hearing your own text spoken in his distinctive voice? Look no further! We proudly present the Best Peter Griffin Text-to-Speech AI Voice Generator Online, and the best part? It’s absolutely free!


Who is Peter Griffin and Family Guy?

Peter Griffin is among the main characters of an American sitcom show named “Family Guy” that aired on television in 1998. The show is an animated satire comedy show, and Peter Griffin was among the prime characters and the head of the family shown in Family Guy. 

Peter is known to give quick and smart responses, which sometimes often act as a satire on society. However, the character was less popular when released in 1998 than it is now in 2023.


Free Peter Griffin Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online

Free Peter Griffin Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online

Directly jumping to the list of some of the best websites for Peter Griffin AI text-to-speech, the list mentions these tools in the order of efficiency. So, let us grab onto these tools without any delay.

Uberduck AI

Uberduck proves to be one of the most useful and efficient platforms when it comes to any TTS service. Here is why Uberduck can be your most effective family guy voice generator.

Key Specifications

  • Uberduck contains a huge collection of AI voices. Moreover, these voices are available in different variants based on their tones. 
  • A quick registration on the website is all you need to use the services of Uberduck. 
  • There are AI voices present from almost every domain. It includes real-life personalities, fictional characters, anime characters, and the AI voices of many other characters.
  • Uberduck contains a complete category for family guy AI voices where you can find Lois Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, Brian Griffin Voices, along with Peter Griffin.
  • Uberduck also provides a voice-to-voice TTS facility. If you want to generate a Peter Griffin text-to-speech, you can do it by uploading an audio file of your desired speech.
  • Uberduck also allows developers to use its API integration facility. It helps application developers and programmers to integrate the text-to-speech services of Uberduck into their applications at just a minimal cost.
  • The website also has a huge discord community where you get all your queries resolved related to Uberduck. This vast community has members from all around the world to help use this tool efficiently.


  • Different variants of Peter Griffin AI voice are available on the website.
  • You can easily download your generated Peter AI voice into multiple formats.
  • The interface of the website is clean and simple.
  • High and modern AI technology.


  • The registration procedure may be time-consuming and boring.


Step-by-step guide to generate Peter Griffin text to speech AI voice with Uberduck

Step 1: Open on your browser. Further, choose the “Text to Speech” option available on the website’s home screen.

peter griffin fake you voice

Step 2: Remember to register on the website, or else you won’t be able to use its Peter Griffin AI voice generator services.

uberduck peter griffin voice

Step 3: You will find several input boxes once registered and redirected to the “Text to Speech” page.

Step 4: In the box labeled “voices”, search for Peter Griffin AI voice. If multiple variants are shown for the voice, choose the one where you want to generate your Peter Griffin text-to-speech. 

uberuduck peter griffin tts

Step 5: In the box at the bottom of your screen, enter your custom text and hit the “Synthesis” button once done. Wait for a few seconds, and the AI voice generator will process your custom text in Peter Griffin’s voice.

Peter Griffin text to speech voices with

For testing this site, I used same Peter Griffin quote “I can be just as non-competitive as anybody. Matter of fact, I’m the most non-competitive. So, I win.” and generated his voice. 

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On the second spot, we have, another excellent consideration when choosing a Peter Griffin voice generator. This tool comes equipped with the following features.

Key Specifications

  • Fakeyou offers a simple yet attractive interface for users to enjoy their TTS generation process.
  • The website has a bulk of high-quality AI voices. Moreover, similar to Uberduck, Fakeyou also offers these audios in multiple tones. 
  • If you generate a Peter Griffin AI voice using Fakeyou, you can easily download it in MP3 or WAV formats.
  • Fakeyou is also known to constantly enhance its collection of AI voices by accepting contributions from an open-source community. Therefore, anyone wishing to contribute to Fakeyou’s AI voices collection is always welcome.
  • The website can make Peter Griffin say anything through text as well as a voice generation option.
  • Fakeyou also has an API facility like Uberduck. Therefore, you can compare the APIs of Uberduck and Fakeyou to integrate the best TTS services in your applications.
  • You can also join the discord community of Fakeyou and stay updated with the new features and technological advancements on the website.


  • High-quality audio is produced.
  • No registration is needed to generate an AI voice.
  • TTS generated is an exact match with the original voice of the characters.


  • You need to buy the premium version of the website to carry out bulk generation on Fakeyou.


Step-by-step guide to generate Peter Griffin AI voice with Fakeyou

Fakeyou also offers one of the simplest interfaces to generate a Peter Griffin TTS easily. Follow the steps below to use Fakeyou’s Peter Griffin voice generator efficiently.

Step 1: Click on “Text to Speech” as you land on the home screen of Fakeyou.

peter griffin ai voice fakeyou

Step 2: This will redirect you to a new screen. The new screen would contain a search bar. 

Step 3: Look for “Peter Griffin” in the search bar and select it. If the website shows multiple variants for Peter Griffin’s AI voice, select the one you wish to listen to your custom text into.

peter griffin tts fakeyou

Step 4: Enter your custom text in the text box at the bottom of your screen. 

enter peter griffin tts in fake you

Step 5: Once done, click the “Speak” button and wait a few seconds. The Peter Griffin voice changer will process your request in some time, and your Peter Griffin voice text-to-speech will be displayed soon. You can then download this TTS in the MP3 or WAV format.

Peter Griffin text to speech voice with

For example, I will be using Peter Griffin quote “I can be just as non-competitive as anybody. Matter of fact, I’m the most non-competitive. So, I win.” to generate the text to speech

Listen to the sample below.

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101 Soundboards

peter griffin sounboard tts

101 Soundboards is among the most widely known yet underrated website for using free pre-generated TTS of various characters. This is because of its unfamiliar interface, which becomes the only disadvantage of this excellent platform.

Key Specifications

  • 101 Soundboard offers a variety of soundboards for Peter Griffin TTS. Every soundboard reflects a different tonality for Peter Griffin.
  • In addition, the website also has a huge collection of soundboards for many other characters.
  • You can also download these pre-generated soundboards in multiple formats as per your choice.
  • This voice AI Peter Griffin is available to be used on both mobile and PCs, and that too completely free of cost.


  • A huge variety of soundboards are available for the voice of any character.
  • Easily accessible from PC and smartphones.
  • Users can also enjoy the services of 101 Soundboards through its application.


  • An outdated and chaotic interface might not build a positive relationship with the user.

Free Peter Griffin Voice Changer using AI

Here is an interesting AI voice changer you can use to change your voice to Peter Griffin’s voice in real-time. Know about how you can use this amazing voice-changer for your needs.


Voice AI

Peter Griffin AI Voice Changer Free

Voice.AI is an excellent tool that lets you change your sound exactly in your desired character’s voice in real-time with their advanced AI Algorithms. In addition, there are many other helpful features that Voice AI brings with it.

Key Specifications

  • Voice AI comes with excellent and advanced AI technology that can change your voice to the voice of any fictional character or real-life personality.
  • You can also convert your voice into a live stream or in a real-time scenario.
  • In addition to this, you can also train a new voice with the help of your CPU resources.
  • The platform comes with a huge number of voices already available. Therefore, you will likely find the character’s voice you are looking for.


  • Easily train new voices.
  • Directly convert your voice during live streams or real-time scenarios.
  • You can directly record audio over the platform and then convert it.


  • The platform demands strong system resources to train robots.
  • Only a limited number of conversions are allowed based on the credits allotted to you.


How to change your voice to Petter Griffin in Voice AI

Step 1: You must download the installer from and complete the download.

Step 2: Now, you will have to create a new account.

Step 3: It will prompt you for voice training ( this means it will use your computer resources to train its AI). For that, you will earn 5000 credits to use in the software.

Step 4: In the toggle bar above, choose “record mode” or “live mode”.

Step 5: Select your input method mic and then start the record mode.

Step 6: The recorded message will be displayed in the below pane if you are in record mode.

Step 7: Some features like watermarking or changing audio quality require an active subscription.


Family Guy Text to Speech AI Voice Generator – Honorable Mentions

The above websites are among the most excellent considerations when choosing a Peter Griffin voice generator. Yet, here are some more honorable mentions which cannot be left out of sight due to their excellent features for TTS generations.


ExploringBits Text to Speech Generator

The ExploringBits Text-to-speech generator is one of the most efficient and classic tools for Peter Griffin’s AI voice. This tool has almost every feature you seek in the complete TTS generator.

The ExploringBits TTS generator offers a wide range of AI voices, along with Peter Griffin AI voice. Moreover, this tool’s superior and advanced AI technology generates a TTS matching exactly with the characters’ original voices. 

This tool also provides various options to customize your generated text to speech. Therefore, even after generating a Peter Griffin TTS, you can mold it according to your preferences.

It lets users download the generated TTS in multiple audio formats, including MP3 and WAV. 

The website even prevents your efforts from typing your long text to be converted to Peter Griffin’s AI voice. With the voice-to-voice generation of this tool, you can generate a Peter Griffin text-to-speech from an audio file.

Therefore, you must try this excellent TTS generator and see the best Peter AI voice rollout.



Voxbox is another efficient AI voice generation tool that can be an excellent Peter Griffin voice generator. 

The best thing about Voxbox is its excellent interface which offers almost zero issues to its users. With everything wrapped up in a single page, you don’t have to look around for different features in the software.

Voxbox is also known among its existing audience for its amazing voice-cloning feature. The software can exactly copy any audio voice given as input to it and then create an AI voice for it.

Therefore, you can even create your own AI voice using this software. Regarding family guy AI voice, Voxbox can be an excellent tool.

The software allows a quick Peter Griffin AI voice generation by converting your text to speech Peter Griffin. In addition to this, you can also download your TTS Peter Griffin into multiple audio formats.

Therefore, try this software to get the best Peter Griffin voice changer experience.


Top Media AI Text-to-Speech Generator

The Top Media AI TTS generator is another effective Peter Griffin AI voice generator. This amazing Peter Griffin voice generator has everything for the best TTS generation.

The top media AI TTS generator is a tool that is very similar to Voxbox. Generating an authentic Peter Griffin AI voice, this tool is ideal for any AI voice generation service.

In addition to this, the tool also lets you manipulate or adjust your generated Peter Griffin AI voice by modifying its speed, pitch, and speech. 

Therefore, the software provides complete access to your generated audio and lets you play with them to satisfy your requirements. Also, the software provides a voice-to-voice generation facility.

So, consider the Top Media AI TTS generator to yield an excellent Peter Griffin text-to-speech.


FAQs for Peter Griffin AI Voice Generator

How to do a Peter Griffin Voice?

Doing a Peter Griffin Voice is a simple task these days. With the help of efficient Peter Griffin voice generator tools like Uberduck, Fakeyou, and 101 Soundboards, you can easily generate a Peter Griffin AI voice for any custom text or audio of yours.

How to talk like Peter Griffin?

Copying the voice of Peter Griffin can be a complicated task. But with the help of some excellent Peter Griffin voice changer tools, you can talk like him in minutes. Consider using websites like or Uberduck.AI to convert your custom dialogues into Peter Griffin’s AI voice.

Is Tom Cruise in Family Guy?

While the original Tom Cruise character is nowhere to be seen since the show is animated, there have been several instances where the cartoon character of Tom Cruise has appeared in the show. Therefore, Tom Cruise has been a re-occurring character in Family Guy.

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