How to Remove or Burn NFT from MetaMask wallet?

This software wallet interacts with Ethereum’s blockchain via its MetaMask mechanism. A browser extension or mobile app provides access to Ethereum wallets, which can then be used for interacting with decentralized applications. As an Ethereum-based infrastructure and tools provider, ConsenSys Software Inc. develops MetaMask. Users can securely connect to decentralized applications using a compatible web browser or a built-in browser in the MetaMask app to store, manage, and broadcast account keys.

They can also broadcast transactions, send and receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and tokens, and securely maintain account keys. By finding the best exchange rate among several decentralized exchanges (DEXs), the application will be able to provide an integrated service for exchanging Ethereum tokens. MetaMask Swaps, a feature called MetaMask, charges a service fee of 0.875% to users.


NFT – Things and concepts you should know

Non-fungible tokens, so-called because they are not fungible, are unique digital assets, one-of-a-kind, and allow for proof of ownership since they are stored on the blockchain. If you burn an NFT, that means that it will no longer exist on the blockchain. If the NFT is minted or uploaded to the blockchain, it is considered immutable and cannot be deleted or amended. By sending an NFT to an inaccessible address, it can be ‘burned,’ which means it has been removed from circulation.

The NFTs you create are stored on the blockchain, which is a peer-to-peer database where all participants can see the owner; this allows ownership to be verified. Because the blockchain is built like this, anyone with access to the network can view and verify all transactions. Hence, it is impossible for people to manipulate the data (or the blocks) on a blockchain.

Since the blockchain is inherently immutable, it is impossible to delete an NFT; however, it is possible to ‘burn’ an NFT by sending it to an address nobody holds. Despite the fact that the NFT is still available on the blockchain, it will not be accessible, and therefore it is considered ‘burned’ or removed from circulation.


What makes someone burn cryptocurrency or NFTs?

The idea of burning a cryptocurrency or NFT seems ridiculous to most people. Even though the average cryptocurrency owner will not participate in this action, large, crypto-based companies may choose to do so. Managing the supply of cryptocurrencies or NFTs may be an option for crypto corporations. Reduced supplies of a line of NFTs or a currency will probably increase demand since scarcity will increase demand. Price increases are likely the determining factor in demand.

In the past few months, large corporations such as Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange running an NFT marketplace, have burned many millions of BNB tokens. Binance announced a commitment to burn 100 million BNB when it launched its token to increase demand and reduce supply. Several large crypto corporations have also burned their cryptocurrencies in order to reduce the supply. It will be surprising to know, how much money has been burned if you looked at the black hole address stated earlier.

A line of NFTs already established would be more likely to confuse people (maybe even upset) if they began burning some of their NFTs while making those that were not burnt more valuable.


How to delete nft from metamask


Using your Metamask account, sign in.


Step 2:

Click on the icon available in the top right corner with three vertical dots.


Step 3:

You may remove an nft by clicking on the nft you wish to remove from the 

list that appears.


Step 4:

Upon clicking it, a dropdown menu with the option “Hide” will appear.


Step 5:

If you choose to hide the nft, the nft is removed.

Be aware of that, this action does not affect the token balance. By removing the listing on the MetaMask interface, you are not removing the tokens from your address on the blockchain. In simple words, it is removing the listing from displaying in your wallet. You can also hide a token, and it won’t affect the token permissions you grant dapps – i.e., allowing them to move tokens to/from your wallet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to revoke approvals?

If you need to revoke an approval, you have several easy ways to do so:

  1. To access the approval checker, go to the ‘approval checker’ section of your block explorer. The token approval checker is available in Etherscan, BSCScan, and Polygon Scan.
  2. Make use of platforms like Revoke, Unrekt, or approved Zone.

There will inevitably be a new dapp to try every week. We won’t find juicy yields and new games by ourselves. You could potentially become vulnerable to hackers or scammers because of an overabundance of token allowances. So it’d be a good idea to develop the habit of checking your token approvals regularly, such as on a monthly basis, and weeding out any you don’t like.

Scammers and hackers alike exploit token approvals as a common attack vector: the former can find and exploit vulnerabilities in a smart contract’s code (see Wormhole, a bridge between Ethereum and Solanum, for example), while the latter can be accomplished by pulling rugs.

Due to token approvals, you may have to authorize unlimited access to your tokens. 

It’s theoretically possible for hackers or fraudulent smart contract owners to exploit this and drain your wallet of the tokens you’ve authorized them to access. In order to accomplish this, MetaMask provides the capability of customizing token permissions. In order to accomplish this, MetaMask provides the capability of customizing token permissions.


What should you do when a custom token isn’t available in the dropdown list?

You may have understood that MetaMask’s token list is much overloaded. Don’t fret. You can still add tokens that don’t appear in the provided search list automatically. 



The users deleting their NFT is a rare situation. However, if you are in search of steps to deleting the created NFT from the Metamask wallet, then you’re in the right place. We explained everything in simple steps, starting from the introduction of Metamask and NFTs you’re creating. Metamask is one of the commonly used wallets under marketplaces worldwide. It provides you with convenient steps and a user-friendly interface to achieve your needs. Even then, if you’re in a confused state, reach us in the comment section below. We will reach out to you with the apt answers. 

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