The Record Level of Inflation in the US Does Not Affect Bitcoin?

At the time of the creation of cryptocurrencies, its founders considered that Bitcoin would be the fundamental element that would put an end to inflation. Learn more from here about this issue.

Although it is still difficult for many to accept the existence of a digital market whose characteristics are gaining unstoppable momentum, Bitcoin, even in difficult global economic situations, comes out on top.


Inflation and Bitcoin

The traditional financial market has always undergone drastic changes thanks to inflation’s impact on the various world economies.

The constant issuance of fiduciary currencies to combat the monster of any economy, on many occasions, aggravates the situation further.

It is one of the virtues that cryptocurrencies have, especially Bitcoin; many of the macroeconomic factors or indicators do not influence the value of these digital assets.

In turn, Bitcoin has a limited number of coins that can be mined, preventing inflation from occurring around this type of market.

Another essential feature is that no intermediaries or third parties can control and modify the movements and prices of the various cryptocurrencies, a considerable advantage compared to the traditional market.

Unfortunately, the acceptance of digital currencies worldwide has been complicated; consequently, they do not have more support than their followers and their support for the digital market.

Very few cryptocurrencies support their creation in some assets; in many cases, they do not have a high enough market capitalization to allow a better position in the ranking of cryptocurrencies.

Although investing in cryptocurrencies for many is very risky, inflation and people’s anguish due to the constant loss of value of their assets are pushing them to consider them as an instrument to safeguard their savings.

The uncertainty and inflation generated in the pandemic’s substantial period contributed significantly to the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of income.

Even the large capitals of many corporations are invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that allow them to shelter and revalue their investments.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand that inflation can impact the performance of cryptocurrencies, but it is something to which the market, being so volatile and risky, becomes susceptible to changes in the traditional market.


Measures against inflation in the United States complicate Bitcoin

The actions taken by the FED in the United States caused the price of Bitcoin to decrease; this occurs in response to the uncertainty that the rise in interest rates generated in many people.

The inflation registered in the first months of the year in the US was considered the highest since 1982, but, although at the beginning it affected the value of Bitcoin as the days went by, it resumed its upward trajectory.

It implies that investment expectations increased; consequently, financial entities would significantly affect the savings that many have in their banking institutions.

The hopes that inflation will decrease do not disappear in the American inhabitants; meanwhile, they are constantly searching for tools to fight against the crisis that directly affects their income.

For many, the central refuge is cryptocurrencies, which in one way or another will contribute to this market, triggering its popularity and use in investments by individuals and corporations.

It should be noted that although there are inflation, crisis, and macroeconomic aspects that affect world economies, cryptocurrencies always show an upward trend in the long term, which is a positive factor for many.

The fixed supply that Bitcoin has in terms of its tokens is an unalterable value, an amount that will not be exceeded, and it only remains to reach that moment to be able to witness the transition of the traditional financial market.

The difference between cryptocurrencies and, for example, the dollar is that the more units of this currency are issued, the higher the inflation will be, which is why inflationary processes usually are attacked through the issuance of fiduciary currency units.


The attractiveness of the crypto market increases in the face of inflation

It is no secret to anyone that we all want to protect practically and productively the savings that have cost many hours of work.

That is where the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies lies; even with the risks and volatility that characterize cryptocurrencies, it always generates returns on investments.

What is an insecure market? First, it will have the level of security that, as a user, you wish to grant; making correct decisions will always lead you on the right path, which implies safe operations.



For all economies, inflation is the worst damage they can suffer, which is why many investors and primarily young people with a vision of the future, choose to invest their capital in cryptocurrencies since, over time, they will be safe and revalued.

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