10 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images

Have you found your social media images to not perform as you expected? Or Have to find the user-to-engagement ratio is not up to your expectation. Then you have come to the right place. We have discussed 10 important design tips that will greatly help you enhance your social media images and in return lead to better engagement.


Why Images are Crucial to Social Media Success?

Humans respond to visuals differently than they do to text. Nearly 30 percent of the entire frontal cortex is dedicated to visual processing compared to 8 percent to touch and 3 percent to hear. These facts alone are enough to stress the importance of using images in social media posts.

People will interact much better with infographics and images than they do with regular posts. Companies like Pinterest and Tumblr have capitalized upon the same fact and become monopolies with images as their primary content. Also, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter get more engagement with posts that contain images.

Until now, we have understood how important images are for social media success. Now let’s dive into some design tips that will help you enhance your social media images.


Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images

To create an awesome design for our Social Media Platform we rely on these design principles that make our post creation process much easier. We will love to share these tips with you in this post.

Also, if you have got any favorite social media design tips that we missed in our post, then we would love to hear about them in the comments. 



Colors have an extraordinary ability to affect the minds of people and cause different emotions depending upon their cultural and personal background. 

 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images

That is why selecting the right images is crucial in image design. When selecting the color for the social media image, the designer should keep in mind the message

 he wants to de

liver and associate the right colors or keep in mind the company’s specifics for selecting the colors. 



Quality is as important as any other aspect of the image. Sometimes, we overlook the quality of the image while making it the most perfect in the world with colors and contrast. 

When we use layers of different layers for making images and if some image layer is blurry or pixelated then it reduces the quality of the overall image. The best solution that I found was on depositphotos.com, which offered an AI-powered image upscaler that helped to increase photo resolution and enhance image quality. 



Contrast is the method to provoke human visuals and catch the attention, it’s the ultimate weapon for a designer. Contrast has become super relevant in today’s world of short content, as people go through their feeds only briefly and that short period contrasts can help you get the attention of your user.

Contrast can be used to put focus on certain visual elements and strengthen the complete design idea. Contrasts can help to connect different elements and make the complete image more meaningful. 



You have to find a balance between design elements and keeping simplicity. Sometimes, we find ourselves adding more elements to the image than required for making it look fancy and attractive. But the same thing can steal away the simplicity of the message.

Whether your design is simple or complex, it should be intuitive with regard to the graphics. Don’t overdo the design and keep it informative.



It is difficult to make people notice your image in the social media feed but it’s more difficult to make people read the text that is written on the post. That is why it is important to select the right font and structure to use in your social media image. 

People always prefer simple typographical text which is easy to read and clear. But if you keep your social media image only text-focused then it might not draw much engagement. Try to add related elements of images with the text, let the text feel like a part of the image then being the image itself.



Templates are a great way to have consistency across social media pages. When you have images that are ready to go then you can maintain your schedule for posting great images. 

Certain elements of consistency are essential for brand recognition. That’s why a template is a must to go for your social media image.

Another great benefit of templates is that non-designers can craft great images without the need for using photo editing tools. 



Branding is a way through which people can recognize you from the crowd. Through branding, you can differentiate yourself and stand out. 

While using branding techniques in your social media image post you should mention your company’s name or website rather than adding a logo in your post unless your company is world-famous and its logo has made a position in the minds of people.



Visual Hierarchy is a great way for your users to comprehend the information quickly and precisely.

Visual Hierarchy principles are based on Gestalt theory. According to Gestalt theory, people then perceive the entirety of objects before they detect individual objects. 

Visual Hierarchy is all about using structured characteristics ( size, color, texture, etc.) to control the flow of the user’s eye and make them follow a certain reading path that the designer wants to draw attention to. 



It’s all about posting quality and shareable content. Value cannot be achieved by only information and content. It is the right set of combinations of all the points that we have discussed before. 

Value also comes from understanding your audience and interacting with them. Understand what their pain points are and how you can use your imagination to give them the solution. 



Last but not the least is Experiment. The more you experiment with your image, adding more variety, and taking feedback from your user, the more you achieve your desired results. 

Remember, every niche is different. You will have to experiment with different elements, take feedback, understand the pain points and then repeat the process.

Experiments are similar to “Throw everything at the wall to see if it sticks”.

So, keep on Experimenting and soon you will start getting results.


Your Turn

Graphics and Visual are crucial and significant elements of any social media strategy. Having a great visual image that adds value to its users is important while designing any social media post. We have covered many important visual design tips that will help you to enhance your social media image. And don’t forget the main rule coupled with social media – never stop experimenting. 

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