How to Sort Amazon Search Results by Number of Reviews [2022]

Amazon is the most popular leading website or app for shopping. This is an American company. And this company focuses on E-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). And this has become the most valuable brand all around the world.

Counted as 1 of the most famous five companies in America (U.S.), these companies are Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon.

We can purchase anything from Amazon in India as well. And when you are buying something from Amazon and like it, then amazon requests you to give reviews on that product out of 5.

Today in this topic, we will tell you about a simple way to sort amazon by several reviews. If you are also searching for the same, kindly read our article till the end.

First of all, we will tell you about reviews, like what are reviews and why we write them?


What is a Review?

A review is an evaluation, report, or survey of a publication, product, performance, company, or service. A review may include rating/grading. Also, reviews are short descriptions of movies, films, plays, concerts, programs, etc.

We always write a review or the feedback of that product to tell about that and give marks regarding its quality, quantity and was it same as it was shown in the picture, etc.


Why we write product reviews?

If you are a blogger, influencer, marketer, or you want to build an affiliate site, you might write a product review at one point or the other. Product reviews boost your product image and make it the go-to product. Online reviews are essential to Marketing and branding any company these days.

Customers are heavily dependent on studies and original articles written by real users. Thoughts are social proof and help build trust and loyalty for that website or the app.

We write product reviews so that others can come to know about it, and that website or the app will post our review on their website, and others will come to see that it is the right product and we can purchase and use it.


Why people read product reviews?

Now we will tell you why we are requested to read and write the product review. It is always safer to read product reviews before purchasing so that we come to know whether this is the right product to buy or not.

Suppose we are purchasing a headphone online. Then, we have to Review the headphones. So people want to get to know some practical facts:

  • Talk about how the product grew on you and share your first impression.
  • Share your experiences with the product.
  • List real pros and cons of the product.
  • Tell the readers if the product is aimed at them.
  • Provide alternatives.


Benefits of writing product reviews

Now we are going to tell you about product review’s writing benefits. Why we should write product reviews after purchasing any product. These are as follows:

  • It helps others to decide on whether to buy a product or not.
  • It helps the sellers scale up/her sales and get feedback from users to improve the quality of the product.
  • It helps you because once you have an excellent Amazon ranking, you will get requests to review products on Amazon from different companies.
  • You can earn some fame if your ranking on Amazon becomes less than 500 in your country.
  • Reviews help other buyers to purchase the product. The more reviews a book gets, the better people can decide whether or not it’s good. And whether it will meet their needs etc. So good reviews help the author as well, as they can boost sales.


Amazon filters help you in sorting Amazon products

After writing the reviews, amazon puts some filters. We will tell you how these filters allow us to sort the products.

Featured products:

  • Customer actions, for example, how often an item was bought.
  • All the information about the item, e.g., title, price, and description.
  • Product availability.
  • Its delivery speed.
  • Product costs, e.g., shipping costs.
  • Whether we think the item will be of interest, e.g., new items.

Avg. Customer Review: It helps in sorting items based on Customer Reviews. This includes the average number of stars or reviews and the number of reviews for each result.

Newest Arrivals: Sorts items based on the day they were first available on Amazon.

Price High to Low: Sorts items based on price. The highest price of the article is at the top, and the lowest-priced thing is at the bottom.

Price Low to High: It can sort all the items based on price. The lowest price item is at the top, and the highest-priced thing is at the bottom in sorting.



Three simple ways to sort amazon by number of reviews

We will tell you about three simple ways to sort amazon by several considerations. These are as follows:


  • CHOICE is the Google chrome extension for sorting products to sort Amazon products by the count of their off reviews.
  • We can download it from Google Play Store, and To sort products, this extension adds several review options in the default sort by a drop-down menu of Amazon.
  • When we select that option, we can view the most reviewed product of a category on the top.
  • This extension can also sort products by the number of reviews on Aliexpress, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, etc.


By review count: This extension is also downloaded from Google Play Store. This extension adds a by review count button over amazon to sort products depending on several reviews.

This extension works with various amazon websites like and amazon. In, etc.


Trusty Search Assistant for Amazon

Another excellent free chrome extension is to sort Amazon products by some reviews. Reverse sort results by price reviews count and e ratings. It protects users from the hustle of switching between pages of products, as they can view up to 30 product pages at a time.

We focus on neutral and negative reviews, and then we use to filter out all 4- or 5-star reviews. To do this, set the filter according to our choice.

Filter new reviews: We can assign a status to each review (New, Being Processed or Complete). This way, we can hide the reviews you already know.


Sort according to date and review

  1. Filter reviews, e.g., by date descending (newest reviews first) or
  2. Rating (worst reviews first). Just click multiple times to change the sort order from ascending to descending and vice versa

Status change: You can update the current status via the three situations when you actively follow up on reviews. This way, you or other employees always have an overview of which consideration is new, in progress, or already completed.

Internal notes: Assign additional notes as needed that only you will see.

Check the statistics: Click on “Show charts” to see your review development over time:



Negative product review: When a negative review is detected. Harmful means 1,2 or 3 stars.

Positive product review: Triggers when a positive review is detected. Positive means 4 or 5 stars.

Average rating changed: Triggers when the rating of a product has changed.

The existing review was changed: It triggers if the content of an existing review was changed, for example, its rating.

Review deleted: Triggers if a single review got deleted.

Product listing number of reviews changed: Triggers when the number of reviews of a listing decreases.

New review comment: Triggers if a recent statement to a review.






When we purchase something from Amazon, we should write some reviews for that product. It helps the new customer buy that thing and allows Amazon to set its rating and loyalty.

Amazon Sort is a perfect extension. This helps you sort the result of reviews by several review counting and other sorting options. By installing this Amazon Sort extension, you can easily manage your browsing experience. Though customer avg. Thought is already available in Amazon sorting. But by sorting products by several reviews, you can get a proper arrangement of reviews.

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