Uses of computer in school

In the era of technology, computers have played a revolutionary role in teaching and training the students in the school. Nowadays, uses of computers in school have become mandatory in day to day activities, whether it is school office or classroom the computers are required. 

Also, today it is rare to see a classroom without access to computers. The terminology of ‘smart classrooms’ has become a common word meaning ‘an enhanced classroom experience with the help of computers’. Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) is designing computer applications that involve the help of expert educators in designing interactive media applications to increment the learning within the smart classrooms. 

What are the uses of computer in school ?

  1. To provide a better teaching environment 
  2. To schedule and prepare timetable
  3. To maintain fee bills and receipt
  4. To prepare examination results
  5. To prepare notice & circulars
  6. To prepare question papers
  7. To track library records
  8. To perform subject practicals
  9. To operate institution’s website
  10. To track the performance of ward

Top 5 Uses of computer in School (INFOGRAPHIC)

Uses of computers in school

The education sector is one of the places where computers are integrating to assist the learning of the students. There are various uses of computers in different industries that increased their growth exponentially in less than a decade.

First let’s discuss Top 10 uses of computers in school in greater detail. 


Use of computer to teach students

The computers in the schools are used to provide a better teaching environment to the students by using multimedia, animated lectures, presentations, etc. 

The computers are becoming closely integrated with the classroom. There are smart computers that are prepared by the companies to assist the teaching. These computers have a white screen similar to the size of the blackboard and the media to be displayed by the projector on the screen. The projector is connected to the CPU of the computer and all the functions on the screen can be controlled by the teachers.

Also, it is found that students tend to remember more if they see visual teaching materials, and computers are perfect machines to provide those materials. The computers can display prepared lecture videos which can be animated series to help the students better understand the topic. There are many software and applications that are specifically made for teaching various subjects such as biology, mathematics, etc.

Many companies provide their course material to the school. These lectures cover various topics related to the subject and the teacher plays these video lectures on the smart class to the students present in the classroom to get a better understanding.


Use of computer to prepare timetable

The computers in the schools help in scheduling the classes of various subjects and manage the timetable prepared for students as well as for teachers.

The computers have software applications developed by the developer to assist in the creation of timetables each day. Just imagine for a minute if someone has to prepare the timetable for each class in the school in such a manner that no subject classes should clash their time with each other. This daunting task has become easier with the help of computer software which can schedule the classes according to the availability of teachers and that too in just a matter of seconds. 

The best thing about a computerized timetable is that they are very flexible and can be changed very easily. If in some cases the teacher is unavailable for the day, the gap can be filled by other subjects just by typing some words and the computer will take care to adjust these changes.


Use of computer to maintain fee records

The computers in the schools are responsible for maintaining the fees record in their database systematically.

There are many students in the school and each year many students take admission in the school. The fee accountant has to maintain the fee record of every student. The free accountant can accomplish this task with the help of computer software like SQL, Oracle, etc. This software provides the accountant with the right tool that he needs to manage the fee-related task.

The work that the fee accountant does on this software is to track the fees deposited by the parents, to calculate the fee structure of each year, to calculate penalties on the late deposits, etc. The computer application provides useful tools to the accountant such that his task becomes easier and errorless.


Use of computer to prepare results

The computers can be used for preparing exam results and grade the students based on marks obtained.

When the exams get completed the students’ results have to be calculated based on the performance in each subject. These calculations help to compare the students in the class and also to track the performance of the student after each exam.

The calculations of the results can be done on simple accounting software such as MS excels where the teacher of the class can calculate the results of each student by just entering the marks of subjects obtained by each student. The Excel sheet has a place to enter the formulas for calculating the grade of students and the class teacher can add the attributes in the formula to calculate the results.


Use of computer to prepare notice & circulars

The computer can be used to prepare notices and circulars by using a standard format saved in word processing application and later can be printed on papers to be distributed in school. 

There are many occasions in the schools where the school circulates notices to the students. These occasions can be some event information, holidays, exam information, etc. 

These notices can first be prepared on word processing software such as MS Word. Also, the standard templates are present on the word or customized templates can be used to prepare such notices by just adding a few lines. Also, any changes or mistakes that are made on the notices can be rectified before it has been distributed to the students. When the notice is approved by the principal then it can be printed to be circulated among students and teachers. 


Use of computer to prepare question papers

The computers in school are used for creating the question paper in a standardized format and later on rectifying them on the requirement.

The teachers have to prepare the question paper for every subject when the exams are on the way. Many subjects require question papers to be made available to the students in a printed format so that the students can attend. There is paper in the hall.  

With the help of computers, question paper can be created easily on word processing applications. The word processing application provides us with the functionality of customizing the readymade templates makes the task easier. When the question paper is approved by the subject teachers then these papers can be printed for the students before the exams.


Use of computer to track library record

The computer can be used to track library records of students and maintain the books in the library.

There are various books in libraries and these books have special encoded markings that can be read by the scanners. The scanner is present with the librarian. When the students want some books to be issued then the librarian scans the marking on the books and the information about the books and history is displayed on the screen of the librarian. He then enters the name of the student to whom the book has to be issued and the student can take the book.

This also helps to track which books are available in the library and if not which student has the particular books. There is various computer software that can prepare the library management system. This system can inform if some students did not return the book on time and automatically adds fine or late charges.


Use of computer to perform subject practicals

The computers are required for performing practicals in subjects such as python, CPP, etc. as the computers contain the IDE to run these languages.

The computer subjects such as Python and C++ require more practical sessions than theoretical classes as these languages are made for the development of software by writing codes. The teacher, first of all, explains the theoretical portions of the subjects on the blackboard and then gives the notes which contain the codes of the program where the teacher instructs them to run on a machine. 

Apart from computer subjects, other subjects require the study of specialized software such as bioinformatics, IT, etc. In these subjects also practical labs are done on the computer system where students are allowed specific computers to perform the practicals.


Use of computer to operate institution’s website

The computers are required to maintain the school’s website that is present on the internet. The schools use the website for providing information such as notices and circulars, giving holiday dates, checking the results of the students, and much more. 

The website also has various users such as students, parents, and faculty, and the database is customized for every user specifically. 

There is a computer operator that is present in the school whose work is to keep the school’s website up to date and running. The operator is provided with the information that the school wants to display on their website and the operator uploads the information on the database which is reflected on the website.


Use of computer to track performance

The computer can be used to try the performance of every student in the school. After the calculation of the marks that are done in the exams, the grades are then uploaded on the school’s website. Where the parent can log in with their ids and password and check the grades of their ward. Also, the teachers contain the record of the marks of the students which can be fed into the computer and a teacher can also track the performance of every student in the class and provide them the required facilities for better learning. 



Computers have changed the lives of many students. The access of information has become a matter of typing a few words on the search engine. The computers have increased the productivity and efficiency of the school administration. Technological improvement has always aided in learning and teaching and it will continue to get better with newer innovations in computer science. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Which type of computer used in school?

Mostly the computers that are used in the school are standalone personal computers (PC) running Microsoft Windows. The intranet networks are used to connect the personal computers in the computer network. 

How are computers used in the classroom?

The computers are used in the classroom for various purposes such as interactive animated lectures, computer-based learning (CAL), distant classroom, classroom presentation, subject practicals, accessing information, etc.

Why computers should be used in schools?

The computer should be used in schools as they provide a better understanding to the students, they provide better teaching methods, they help in maintaining the records of students, they are required to print circulars and notices, and many more

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