Best Free Mugshot Generator Tools [ Your Mugshot Maker ]

We always show ourselves to be elegant in front of others. Nowadays, people give more importance to selfies. According to that, they choose specifications, including mobiles. For satisfying purposes, most companies and humans are introducing newly organized apps and tools to take stylish photos. We provide information about mugshots, and the free mugshot tools that are the best user-friendly contain extra features variants from other tools.

Before knowing the best Mugshot and which we can use without subscribing to that app. Want to learn about what it is Mugshot. Upcoming words will explain that clearly. The photographic culture was started in the period of the 1840s, just after getting knowledge about photography. Mugshot is a demotic name for photography. Root for mugshot word means the short-size photo of a face. Mugshot app was developed to take photographs after police arrested the person with the board in their hand. Actually, the main theme is to use that, maintain a record of the victim’s identity and submit that to the law enforcement department. 

This helps curtail time lag and gives a better impact while on photo shoots. Retaining the perfectness while taking photos adds more attention for the user. The purpose of operating mugshots in the police station is to capture the unknown and known victims.

Some of the best free mugshot generator tools are as follows:

  1. Mugshot Maker
  2. Mobilefish
  3. Mugshot Me!
  4. ImgFlip

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of the above said free tools:


Mugshot Maker

  • It’s a free Android app but not available in Google Play Store. Nevertheless, you can download it as an APK file. (You have to change the device settings accordingly to let you install the apps from unknown sources) Alternatively, you can use the web version without the downloading hassle.
  • You can either take a picture from the camera or upload one from the gallery. After uploading the picture, you may add details such as name, type of crime, city, etc. to create a mugshot photo. Now drag the nameplate over the photo. Voila! Your mugshot picture is ready for fun.
  • Mugshot Maker is available for Apple fanboys too.
  • Picture editing tools are also available for a better meme.



  • MobileFish is a website tool for creating mugshot memes. With most of the modern-day browsers, you can access this site for the creation of mugshot memes. This site requires Flash Player 9 or higher, and a functional webcam is crucial for taking pictures.
  • It offers numerous personalizations over other tools.
  • After entering the details, grant access to the webcam.
  • The mobile fish site begins processing the image for preparing the mugshot meme, and you’re done. Note that, it is only available for iOS users.


Mugshot Me

  • Mugshot Me is for Apple users who want to fiddle with mugshot memes.
  • Generating a mugshot meme is easy-peasy stuff with this app. Like in the above-discussed apps, you have to take the picture, upload it, key in the required information, and there you are.
  • This app comes with various editing tools that make the preparation of a meme damn easy.
  • Speaking of extra features, this app comes with more than 200 mugshots of criminals, 40 different frames, and social sharing options.



  • ImgFlip is a free online mugshot generator website to create catchy memes.
  • It is an online image editor with over 1000 photo editing templates.
  • With ample features, this app is pretty simple to generate memes.
  • Just upload the picture of your choice, and your meme is ready for rocking. While typing, you can see the same in the meme template above. 
  • Once all is done, click the generate button and save by right-clicking on the image.


How to use Mugshot Generator Tools

Enable the Allow button to access the webcam, and you may enable an unknown source app. After that, you can proceed by fixing your face in the prescribed area, and also it allows you to reposition and adjust the size of the photo. A cropping facility is also available. Once finished with everything, click the Take snapshot button to generate your photo as a mugshot. Caption adding facility also there. The finest caption will create more reach to people and create specific pinpoints. They provide 2000+ unfaced surfaces for funny visualization of your face.

Want to realize and enjoy the funniest things to engulf your free time. The right choice is Mugshot. Within a few minutes, you can fix and execute different looks and share through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Portraying yourself in a new way makes your friends and colleagues a sweet shock! Want to save memories of a photo? Then Mugshot paves the right place, and photo-loving people, people who want to acquire attention in surroundings and are curious to try a new app you are welcome to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between using free online and paid apps

Some differences are present. We will utilize a lot of facilities while using subscription apps than online free apps

Can we portrait our face in offline mode

No, not having that facility, you will use the internet for changes

Is it user-friendly

Yes, definitely it will be user friendly and easy to do

How much time does it take to load

Few seconds to upload your picture and a few seconds for the mugshot changing process

What is the actual purpose of Mugshot

Identity clarifications of victims in police stations and people also use Mugshot to enjoy creating funny shots.

Why is it named “Mugshot”?

It is a photograph taken by police officers, of people who got arrested. This tool has this name, as the informal name of a mug is “face”.



With the above-stated apps and websites, now you can picture yourself or others to fulfill the fantasy of appearing in a mugshot photo without committing a crime. Wanting a reality check, in particular, the concept of eye sake and virtualizing their thinking styles, gives perfect gate opening for mugshot users. 

The apps we provided are compatible with iOS and Android. We like to know your favorite and the kind of Mugshot you used to make with those apps.

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