Free Chegg bot discord server 2021 [Free Chegg Answers]

The Chegg bot discord provides answers to questions that are present on the original website of Chegg. The best method to get the answers is to search them on their official site but as not everyone can afford their premium subscription therefore you can use the Chegg bot that the discord offers.

NOTE: I am writing this article based on my research and attempts to add a Chegg bot. I will only share my insights and resources that I found in my research. I will not provide some link to random servers to join, so read carefully before you implement the resources I share. If you find better resources please share them in the comment section.

The Best Free and Paid Chegg Bot Discord

The Paid Bot also includes Bartleby, CourseHero doc gen, Numerade, and Quizlet+!

How to get access to free Chegg Answers

So to access the Chegg bot you can do either of two things – first, you can join the discord server which already has the Chegg bot setup, or you can make the bot join your discord server. 

How to join server with free Chegg bot discord

Chegg Bot Servers on Reddit

The first one is much easier to join the server which already contains the Chegg bot on their discord server, but the catch with them is they will be very difficult to find as the server is not able to handle the request of the Chegg bots and therefore the server goes down. 

Many of the servers that I joined tagged with Chegg answers were either redirecting me to some other server or the link was invalid. The server that I found on the Reddit platform was mostly filled with invalid invites. It must be their server might have tossed it down. 

So, the first thing you can do is to search Reddit for Chegg discord servers. I hope you find a good server with a working Chegg bot and please share it with us so other users may also be benefited from your finding. 

The Reddit post that I tried is –

This Reddit post has links to many servers that contain a Chegg bot but many times I have found their Chegg bot to be down, keep trying until you find a good one. Also, new subreddit keep on getting added therefore keep a check on recent subreddit they ought to contain a Chegg bot that may be working as fewer users will be there initially so the bot can easily handle the request. 

Chegg bot Server on Sites

The next method that I used to find servers with a working Chegg bot is to search them on websites such as,,, and other discord server searching sites. This website contains many useless servers that are not working or maybe down or the invite link may be invalid therefore it is much more hit and trial to find the right working server. 

The links that I have search on are –

NOTE: Many servers will contain not working Chegg bot or they might redirect you to another discord server therefore you will require a lot of luck to find a good server. 

Chegg Bot Server on Youtube

The third place to find a working Chegg bot server is youtube. Just search on youtube and you will find videos that will contain the link to the Chegg bot server or they will ask for an email id so that they can mail the server link. The youtube resources that I found are –

In the above video, the creator asks you to mail them on their mail so they can get the link of the server that they have mentioned.

How to add Chegg Bot on your discord server

Besides the discord server, you can also add the Chegg bot onto your server and that will be more difficult than finding the discord server. The thing with adding the discord bot on your server is it may not work as expected. Also, the creators are not able to properly maintain these Chegg bots therefore you can find problems when trying to add the bot on your server, they may not work as expected or some functionality might be locked. 

The Chegg bot is down currently but they seem to be working on fixing the bot. You can try this bot. They have a clearly explained youtube video of adding the bot to your server. 

I hope you find this article helpful though I tried to find a working Chegg bot or server containing a working Chegg bot I ended up being redirected to another server or the invite link is invalid or the bot is there but is down. 

If you find a good Chegg bot or Chegg bot server then please mention it in the comment. I will surely place the link in the article so that it can help others. 

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