How to Use OWO bot Discord – OWO bot discord commands [GUIDE]

The Ultimate Guide to Use OWO Bot on Discord to play, add and have fun with OWO Bot with help of owo commands on your discord server.

The OWO bot is one of the MOST POPULAR GAME BOT & serving over 2 Million discord servers.



The OWO bot primary theme is about building zoo and hunting for animals. Therefore the primary commands about OWO bot is regarding animals, which you can hunt down, sell, sacrifice and battle against each other.

The Owo bot Zoo is filled with diversified wildlife where you can catch animals, grow your zoo, go battle with other zoo owner, improve you hunting ability, and much more.

The OWO bot also has its own currency called cowoncy, you can use this currency for various purposes such as in battle, buying weapons, equipment, etc.

Other than Zoo Game the OWO bot has variety of fun and social discord commands which provides great experience to members of the server.

Below Image will clearly specifies all the features about Owo bot.

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This is a lengthy guide and contains various How To’s on owo bot and its commands, so I will suggest you to first take a look a Table of Content and then read ;)..

I will keep updating this guide depending upon the user’s comment and searches. So if you want to know a particular feature in-depth about owo bot drop them in the comment box.

Owo bot discord guide

How to Add OWO bot to discord

You can very easily add the OWO bot to your discord server. To add an OWO bot you have simply invited the OWO bot to the general channel or your preferred channel. 

STEP 1: To invite the OWO bot click on the above link or you can directly search on google for “OWO bot Invite ” which if provided you with a discord official website containing the invite link. 

OWO bot Invite

STEP 2: When you have clicked on the invite link then a new tab will open in which you will have to connect with your discord server in which you want to invite the OWO bot, if you are not logged in to your discord then it will prompt you to log in, therefore, make sure that you are logged in to your discord server before clicking on invite link. 

STEP 3: When you have selected the server it will ask you for permission access. By default it will have administrator access to the discord server, if you do not want the OWO bot to have administrator access then you simply unselect the administrator option in permission access. When you are satisfied with the options in the permission access then you can click on the authorize button. 

The OWO bot has been added to your server in the general text channel but the bot will be inactive before you accept their rules and condition. 


How to Accept Owo Bot Rules ?

STEP 4: To make OWO bot active you can type “OWO daily” and a message box will pop up with a rule and link to the OWO server community. Click on the thumbs up icon below the message and the bot will become active and working.

OWO bot has been successfully added and activated in your general channel of the discord server!!

You will be able to explore the OWO bot various features with the help of the commands listed below just you have to type “Owo help” and all the commands will be displayed. 

Also, if you are facing some trouble that you are not able to resolve with the OWO bot then you can join their community server. You can simply click on the below link to join their server or you will find the link on their initial rules agreement message. 

OWO bot Support

OWO bot Commands

> Remove brackets when typing commands

> [] = optional arguments

> {} = optional user input

> Case Senitive – Lowercase

Every Bot have a prefix before commands. The Owo bot prefix is “owo” followed by command. 

owo {commands}

OWO bot Commands List

:military_medal: RANKING COMMANDS

All Ranking commands – top, my.

1. Top command (top/rank/ranking): Displays the top ranking of each category!

# Example Command(s)
owo top zoo , owo top cowoncy global , owo top p g

2. My Command (my/me/guild): You can choose you rank within the server or globally!

# Example Command(s)
owo my zoo , owo my cowoncy global , owo my p g


All Economy Commands – cowoncy, give, daily, vote, quest, checklist, shop, buy.

1.Cowoncy Command (cowoncy , money , currency , cash , credit , balance): Check your cowoncy balance!

2. Give Command (give , send): Send some cowoncy to other users! This command must contain a @mention and an amount

# Example Command(s)
owo give @Scuttler 25

3. Daily command : Grab your daily cowoncy every day after 12am PST! Daily streaks will give you extra cowoncy!

4. Vote Command : Vote on Discord Bot List to gain daily cowoncy!

5. Quest Command (quest , q) : Grab a quest everyday! Complete them to earn rewards! You also have one quest reroll per day! You can earn a new quest after 12am PST

# Example Command(s)

owo quest , owo quest rr 1

6. checklist Command(checklist , task , tasks , cl):  Get a list of all the things you have left to do!

7. Shop Command (shop , market): Spend your cowoncy for some items!

8. buy Command: Buy an item from the shop!

# Example Command(s)
owo buy 2



All Animal Commands – zoo, hunt, sell, battle, inv, equip, autohunt, owodex, lootbox, crate, battlesetting, team, weapon, rename, dismantle.

Zoo Command (zoo , z): Displays your zoo! Some animals are rarer than others! Use the ‘display’ args to display all your animals from your history!

# Example Command(s)
owo zoo , owo zoo display

Hunt Command (hunt , h , catch): Hunt for some animals for your zoo! Higher ranks are harder to find!

Sell Command : Sell animals from your zoo! Selling animals will NOT affect your zoo score! You can also sell weapons by their unique weaponID! Selling animals will not prevent you from using them in battle!

# Example Command(s) 
owo sell dog , owo sell cat 1 , owo sell ladybug all , owo sell uncommon , owo sell all , owo sell rareweapons

Inventory Command (inventory , inv): Displays your inventory! Use ‘owo equip’ to use them!

Equip Command (equip , use) : Use an item from your inventory!

# Example Command(s)
owo equip 2

Autohunt Command (autohunt , huntbot , hb , ah): Use autohunt to hunt for animals automatically! Upgrade huntbot for more efficient hunts!

# Example Command(s)
owo autohunt , owo autohunt 1000

Owodex Command (owodex , od , dex , d): Use the owodex to get information on a pet!

# Example Command(s)
owodex dog , owodex cat

Lootbox Command (lootbox , lb): Opens a lootbox! Check how many you have in ‘owo inv’! You can get some more by hunting for animals. You can get a maximum of 3 lootboxes per day. You can use the items by using ‘owo use {id}’

# Example Command(s)
owo lb , owo lb 10 , owo lb fabled

Rename Command : Rename an animal from your zoo!

# Example Command(s)
owo rename dog doggy



In the action commands the owo bot will tag the user with the embeded gifs as per your action commands. Also, the action commands require to add the name of the user, you can add the user by “@username”. You can follow the similar methods for other action commands –

For example - owo cuddle @sam

STEP 1: Do not forget the prefix of “owo”. First write the prefix then follow the action word.

STEP 2: Choose one of the action commands from below –


They are very intuitive action commands, these action commands will basically decide the gifs to select from its databse.

STEP 3: Write the action word then tag the user with the help of “@” such as – owo cuddle @sam, owo pat @martha, etc.



owo 8b (ask/8ball): Ask a question and get an answer!

# Example Command
owo 8b Am I cute?

owo define {word} – It can search for that specific word

# Example Command(s)
owo define tsundere

owo gif/pic {type} – Grabs a gif/pic with the given type. To list all the types, type ‘owo gif’. Some listed types may not work

# Example Command(s)
owo pic neko , owo gif neko

owo translate {msg} -{language} – Translates a message to a specific language. The default language will be english.

# Example Command(s)
owo translate Hello -ja , owo translate no hablo espanol -en

owo roll {# of faces} – Roll a N-sided die! This command was created by Gut Funk!

# Example Command(s)
owo roll , owo roll 20


:slight_smile: EMOTES COMMANDS

The emotes command in the owo bot is made by the user to express themselves. All the user has to do is add a owo followed by an emote command and the owo bot will generate a text followed by a gif.

STEP 1: Add the prefix owo
Example commands – owo dance

STEP 2: After adding the prefix owo just type the emote command from below mentioned keywords.
Example commands – owo blush, owo sleepy

Emotes keyword


Express yourself with emotion with the help of emotes commands.




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