8 Best Deepfake Text to Speech Voice Generator Free Online [2022]

You all have heard about the deep fake voice generator. Deep fake voice software is in trend and is used widely for various purposes. Most people understand the deep fake voice generator like face swapping. Everybody is impressed by the ability of the deepfake to manipulate the video content.

The technology works efficiently at swapping and cloning voices. So here we are going to talk about the top 8 deep fake voice generator software. We aim to provide you with basic details about these eight software.


Top 8 Best Deep Fake Voice Generators to Try in 2022


It’s software for generating deep fake voices. It is one of the top 8 best deep fake voice generator software. If you want to use this software for transcription for 3 hours, you can do it free. Besides this, you can do 20 screen recordings also for free. Pain plans start at $12 per month, so if you use this application for transcribing, you should buy the paid plan. You can switch to the paid plans if you want to use the Descript application for more random use.

Descript application is known for generating ultra-realistic voices. These ultra-realistic voices are the result of modifying audio clips or transcripts. This application works on the principle of generating a deep fake voice. This software includes various tools like a screen recorder, transcription tool, speech synthesizer, multitrack editing etc. Mainly, the Descript aims to provide a wide range of voiceovers for the content creators.

There are a lot of merits of this application, like it has a high-quality speech synthesizer. This application’s editing abilities are practical, and there are a lot of tools in the application.



This is also a platform you can use for generating deep fake voices. First, when you use this software, you can use it as a free trial for a week. After that, if you want to continue using this software for your work, you have to buy its paid plan. Its paid plan starts from $200/mo. This software is quite popular for generating deep fake voices because it was used in The Mandalorian by Disney for recreating and modifying the voice of young Luke Skywalker.

Sprecher has gained the trust of a great company, Lucasfilm, which only proves this software’s real worth. This software can create a fake voice full of emotions and depth. This amazing software quality enables the user to use the created voice in audiobooks, movies, dubbing, video games, advertising, etc. Because of its great features, the software has a different fan base.

The researcher is in demand among the users. The merits of the software are an amazing track record, high-quality synthesized speech and a free trial of a week. Its demerits are its expensiveness and its limited access. There are no flexible payment methods in this software. There is a limit of 50 users in two weeks. So it was all about the ReSpeecher.



It is another platform for generating deep fake voices. They also offer a strict policy for payment. They provide free access for only two minutes of audio. Afterwards, you will have to buy their paid plans for accessing further. Their paid plans start at $30/mo. This software is good from the language point of view. It supports a wide variety of languages for creating deep fake voices. This software is updated with advanced speech gradients.

To generate a deep fake voice through Resemble, you will have to visit the official website of Resemble. Then you have to click on the “clone your voice for free”. Afterwards, you must click the “CREATE” to explore the workplace. Then you have to type into your words. Afterwards, you can turn the words into a voice. You can also choose the voice type and name of your voice on this website. So if you are looking for a website to create a deep fake voice, you should start with this one.


UserVoice Me

It is also a voice cloning service. There is a unique feature on this website. You can buy a lifetime license for creating deep fake voices through this website by paying $685.99. CereProc company is Scottish-based. The website specializes in speech synthesis and conversion of text to speech. This company also supports approximately twelve different languages. So there is no need to worry about your language.

You can create a deep fake voice through this website without any interruption. The company is known for providing voice packs of high quality. Most websites provide voice packs for males and females only, but this one also provides voice packs for children. Their lifetime license package includes voice cloning services along with voice packs. No need to bother about the monthly payment because they ask for payment only once while buying the license.

While reading the script of anything, you can clone your voice also through this website. There is one disadvantage of this website. It demands a large upfront investment. So after looking at the pros and cons of the website, you can choose the software for creating a deep fake voice. It was all about the UserVoice Me.



It is another software for generating a deep fake voice. The best thing about this software is that it’s free of cost for all the users. If you cannot afford the voice generators’ subscriptions, then you do not need to worry about it. You can access this website for free. The software is incorporated with more than one tool. The specialities of this software are voice cloning, speech recognition, text speech and web reader solutions. This software is easy to use also. Besides its free access merits, this software also supports many languages.

Mainly it was designed for the developers. If you were searching for a free source to generate a deep fake voice, then it’s the right platform for you. But if you are the person who pays attention to the quality of voice, then you could face disappointment. To understand your priorities and then choose the right platform for you.



It’s also another platform for generating deep fake voices. It is not available for free. You can access the website for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you must buy the paid plans if you want to continue generating deep fake voices through the same website. Their paid plans start at $24 in 4 hours of voice credit. The website is used for replication of voice on a great scale. This software is featured a straightforward payment model.

ReplicaStudios has quite good tools for customization. This website is used for commercial purposes. Many people use this website to replicate the voice of a celebrity. This was all about ReplicaStudios. So if you want to buy paid plans of voice generators at comparatively low prices, you should not miss this opportunity.



It is voice cloning software. There are various applications of this software. Those applications include gaming, guidance and navigation, virtual assistant personas, smart home controls, and more. Mainly marketers use this application for cloning the voice. Its merit is cross-lingual cloned voices. This software has custom pronunciation dictionaries. This software is not available to the general public, which can be considered a demerit.

The synthesized voices of the software can seem artificial. The software can be used for voice cloning of various fictional characters or celebrities. So if you are a marketer and want to clone any celebrity’s voice, then you can use this software to generate a deep fake voice.



This is another software for generating a deep fake voice. This software is available for free. This is an open-source project. You can install it for free. This software can synthesize any voice with audio of only five seconds. But if you want to use this software, you should be technical.

If you are a technical person and you want to clone the voice or generate a deep fake voice, then you can use this software. The software is free, so you do not need to worry about the money. This was all about this software.



Here in this article, we have discussed the deep fake voice generators. We have elaborated on eight deep fake voice generators. If you want to create a deep fake voice or clone the voice, then you can use this software conveniently. We have described the cost of every software. We aim to provide you ease while generating a deep fake voice and cloning voice. We have tried to elaborate on the main details of the deep fake voice generator software. We hope this article will be beneficial for you.

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