5 Free discord bot hosting 24/7

Here in this article, we will talk about free discord bot hosting 24/7. The discord bot has become a famous invention in the technological world. So we shall describe to you what discord is. We shall tell the reliable hosting platforms also.

Discord bot is a tool that is used for performing several tasks online. You may use a discord bot for scheduling events, moderating conversations, collecting information, welcoming a member, etc. If you can use discord for these purposes, then the productivity of your server will also increase.

Besides these tasks, if you have an urge to add music, games, memes, etc., to your server, then you can use discord for that also. It has been observed that discord is beneficial for admins. Admins can easily manage moderation servers with their team members and have flawless conversations with them for the work by using discord.

Now we shall focus on a few names of discord bots. Trello talk, MEE6, Dank Memes and Apollo. These discord bots are pretty popular in the internet world.


What is the need for a reliable platform?

So if you are going to use a discord bot for your personal or professional purpose, then there is one thing you should keep in mind: it’s essential to host it on a reliable platform. Now we shall look at a couple of reliable platform providers. PlexHost and PebbleHost are reliable hosting platforms for the discord bot. You’ll be assured of its functions if you host it on a dedicated hosting platform. You’ll be able to access more power and control towards achieving the purpose of your hosting.


Benefits of Hosting on a reliable platform

If you host it on a reliable platform, you’ll benefit from more security. The Host protects the server against viruses or other malicious files. A few hosts offer DDoS protection and firewalls etc. also.

Another benefit of a reliable platform is flexible pricing. There are a lot of hosts who offer hourly and monthly plans. So you can choose any plans according to your purpose and preference. Besides this, if you don’t find this helpful plan for your goal, you can also change it. So this flexible pricing is also considered a benefit of a reliable platform.

You’ll get dedicated resources, and you’ll observe enhanced performance also. In addition, they will provide you with higher server availability, so you’ll not face downtimes and frequent lags.

Scalability and support are also benefits of reliable platforms. For example, you’ll be able to customize the server according to available storage, CPU, RAM, etc. In addition, there will be 24/7 customer support, so if you face any problem while working, you can contact customer support.

Now we shall look at some hosting providers. Finally, we shall describe the hosting providers in detail so you can opt out according to your preference.

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Free discord bot hosting 24/7


This is a reliable platform for hosting discord bot. A lot of programming languages are available on this platform. The best thing is that it supports approximately all discord bots. The control panel of this platform is known as SomethingCP. Their control panel is easy to use. You’ll be able to control every feature of your discord from this control panel easily. Besides this, you’ll get the benefit of valuable stats.

The useful stats include RAM usage and CPU of the bot. The platform provides a web-based console and custom SSH server, so you’ll be able to debug the bot. You can even squash the bugs in your code. The custom web servers can also be hosted in your bot. This platform offers a plan of €1.49/month. So it was an essential detail about this platform. In a nutshell, it’s a good platform for hosting any of the discord bots. So buy the plan and start completing your work or task.



This is another reliable platform for hosting. It offers premium discord bot hosting services. You’ll be able to access your bot seamlessly. The hosting plans of PloxHost include high-end features. So you’ll be able to squeeze most of the productivity by discord bot. You’ll be able to access the discord bot for any purpose like live chat, video games, music, etc.

There is an open-source control panel on PloxHost. That control panel is known by the name Pterodactyl Panel. It helps in managing game servers. There’s no need to worry about the performance because it provides the RAID hardware, SSD caching, 100% uptime and cloud Linux.

You’ll be able to complete your task efficiently with the pre-configured bots. You’ll be able to access your server, GitHub tools and FTP anytime.

You do not need to worry about security against viruses and malicious files because PloxHost provides PCI compliance and DDoS protection. PloxHost supports Bot, MySQL and Bastion. The programming languages like Python, JavaScript and Java are also supported by PloxHost. Their affordable plans start at $1.25/month. So if you were looking for a reliable hosting discord bot, it’s the right platform.


Sparked Host

This is also a good platform for hosting discord bot. Sparked Host includes a proven track record for keeping your tasks 24/7. They are known for supporting you within minutes. Even if you’re not an expert in programming, still you can perform your job through this platform. You’ll be able to pre-install a discord bot on this Sparked Host. This facility is possible because of an intuitive and custom portal.

You’ll not have to face downtime on this platform as it is rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. Its rating shows its worth among users. Sparked Host is known for boasting 99.99 network uptime. They provide detailed statistics on panels. There’s a unique facility for refunding the money. You can claim a refund if you buy their plan and don’t find it helpful within 48 hours. The platform provides DDOS protection also. So it’s also considered a reliable platform for hosting discord bots.



This is another platform for hosting discord bot. This platform makes communication more manageable with your close ones. XGamingServer performs backup scanning automatically. So your data becomes secure from deletion. After backup scanning your data, it saves data in cloud storage of Amazon S3. Now, whenever you need those files, you can download them from the backup.

There will be an improved file manager on this platform. You’ll get the benefits of other unique features on this platform. Those features would be inviting users, MySQL databases, creation of schedules etc. It will provide DDOS protection also, so you’ll be assured of security against viruses and malicious files. This platform offers two days free trial.

You can access the platform in two days; then, you can decide wisely whether you should continue your work on this platform or not. Their plans start at $2.58/month. The platform assures you about system failure. You’ll not have to face any system failure. They provide you comparatively faster response time. So if you were looking for the right platform to host a discord bot, then it’s the right place.



If you want to host a discord bot 24/7, it’s also a reliable platform. It supports a lot of programming languages like Python, Java etc. There’s a package manager also on the PebbleHost. You will be able to install the bot here. If you are running out of time and want to start quickly, then you should pre-installing the bot. PebblePost offers 3 MySQL databases for free. So you can take advantage of that also.

PebblePost will show you a dashboard and detailed statistics analysis by which you would be aware of consumed server resources. PebblePost provides you with a facility of fully automatic backups of 7 days. Therefore it will assure you about your data. You’ll not lose your data because it will be backed up automatically. This platform is easy to use.

You can start, stop and restart your bot anytime through this platform. Their paid plans start at $3/month. Factor authentication is involved in their control panel. It was all about this platform, and if you found it suitable for your purpose, you should buy their plan and start hosting a discord bot.



Here in this article, we have discussed the hosting discord bot 24/7. Nowadays, discord bot is in trend. If you don’t know about discord, then you can gain knowledge about that from this article. We have described hosting the discord bot on reliable platforms. We have also mentioned the essential details about those reliable platforms and their paid plans.

So if you were looking for the right reliable platform for hosting a discord bot, then you can find a few good reliable platforms from this article. I hope this article will be beneficial for you. We aim to provide you ease while hosting a discord bot.

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