How to Download the Application for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TVs are known for their impressive picture quality, games and apps. Their exciting apps make selecting the type of entertainment you want easy.  

Samsung Smart TVs come with multiple preinstalled apps, some of which you can remove. What happens when you can’t find the application you seek? We will show you how you can download and install it.


Locating the App

Before you can download the app, you must have an account. 

Create your Samsung Account

You need a Samsung App to download any app from the app store. Samsung lets you create a free account on your Smart TV. Go to the home screen button on your remote control and choose the setting and the “general” icon. 

Next, select the “System manager” option, which will open a window containing various settings, including one labelled “Samsung Account.”

Lastly, click the “Create Account” option.   Enter your details as prompted by the program.  

Samsung also allows you to open an account on your PC or smartphone. Always remember the username you have used to generate the account because you’ll need it every time to want to access the Samsung Apps.

Find the App

Samsung allows you to customize your Smart TV by installing and updating the Apps you want. You may even remove some apps and replace them with the ones you desire. You must go to the Samsung app store to locate the app you want. 

The Samsung App store contains multiple apps that are compatible with your device and will work as intended. 

Apart from the app, look for a VPN encryption app. Given the increasing online security incidences, you should use VPN on Samsung  TV to prevent mischievous people from hacking your smart TV.

The App Store

Your Smart TV’s apps are located on your device’s home screen, also known as the Smart Hub. Clicking the Smart Hub icon on your Smart TV will lead you to a page where you can view all the apps already installed on your Smart TV and the others available for download.

You can differentiate the installed and uninstalled apps by reading the description under the app. Only installed apps have the term “installed” under the app. Uninstalled apps don’t have any description beneath them. 

Scroll through the list of apps manually or use the search button to make your search faster. 


Downloading the App

Once you find the app on the app store, all you need to do not is to download and install it

Downloading and Installing

This process is similar to how you’d download a program on your laptop, phone or tablet. Simply select the app, and an icon to download will appear. Select the download option, and the procedure will commence automatically.  

Upon selecting the app, a window will appear and give you a summary of details about the application and other related programs. These details help you confirm that this is the app you are interested in. 

Once the downloading process is complete, the app will automatically install itself. You can open and use it once the process is completed.

Downloading Using an Older Smart TV Versions

The process of downloading the program on an older TV is the same as the one described above. 

You still need to have a Samsung account which you’ll use to locate and download and install the app. 

Nonetheless, some apps may be unavailable for older TV models. For example, older TVs can’t support the Netflix app.

If you discover that your Smart TV can’t support the app you want, you can still download it, but you’ll need to invest in a streaming device. 

Roku and Fire Sticks are examples of streaming devices that you can purchase online. 

These devices may even come with apps not available on the Samsung App store, which explains why some people with ne Smart TVs still purchase these devices. 

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