Best Gaming Discord Servers To Join [2023]

Chat platform Discord turned into a social platform for gamers. It has widened its attraction. However, you will locate many Discord servers for game enthusiasts.

You will identify many servers on Discord devoted to popular games like Roblox, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and many more. Some of these are respectable game servers run and operated on behalf of the applicable gaming organization. Others are individuals, frequently full of intense game enthusiasts eager to discuss a game’s modern-day capabilities and gameplay.

Discord now understands it can have stumbled into something just like the future of social media. After lots of thinking, we have compiled the list for these servers. We will now explain the top gaming discord servers to join. It will be helpful for gamers to improve their gameplay in various kinds of games.


Popular Official Gaming Discord Servers

These servers are very popular with lots of users. You can find servers dedicated to single games. Let’s get started with our list.

Genshin Impact Official

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, action position-playing sport developed via miHoYo. The global Genshin Impact is called Tevyat. It is a diverse and fantastical world overflowing with dungeons, puzzles, and hundreds of other unique places and includes seven predominant international locations. 

Genshin Impact capabilities an anime-stimulated art fashion.

Since this server is so famous, it has over 800K individuals, so it could be hard to enter to be part of it. It regularly shows as being complete. You would possibly want to be chronic on your attempts to sign up for this discord server.



VALORANT Discord Server

It is exceptionally active, with almost 800,000 participants. It describes that getting into this server is a little challenging, and you would need to be patient at the top times. It’s open to all VALORANT players globally, and you may use it to find different games for your region. The primary language is English. You’ll discover a variety of channels overlapping many topics. 



Minecraft Official Discord Server

Minecraft has been popular since 2009, even though it appears older because of its blocky photographs, which give it a “vintage school” look. It has won numerous awards for being one of the finest video games. Now, the Minecraft official server holds the third position for the most prominent members.



The Official Fortnite Discord Server

With 827k members, The official Fortnite Discord server holds the first position for the largest server in the Discord platform. It was released through Epic Games in 2017. Its most popular model is Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play warfare royale sport with as many as one hundred players preventing it from being the ultimate character status.

The Official Fortnite Discord Server splits its channels into the following categories: Discord Information, Fortnite News, How Do I, General Community, Battle Royale, Creative, Save the World, Bug Reporting, Homebase Broadcast, and Weatherman Broadcasts.



The Official Rainbow 6 Discord

The legit Rainbow 6 Discord server covers Rainbow Six: Siege and Rainbow Six: Extraction. You start by heading to #position-undertaking and assign a platform function (PC, PlayStation or Xbox) to get admission to the rest of the server. It is an English-speaking community. 

Channels include a chief #trendy dialogue region, specific recreation discussion regions, #siege-game-dialogue, and #r6-extraction-dialogue. 



MrBeast Gaming

MrBeast Gaming is any other channel that is often complete and in which you can attempt several times to advantage entry. The MrBeast Gaming Discord server is the reliable Discord server from MrBeast and his crew. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) is pleasantly called an American YouTuber. He makes challenge films that praise hundreds of dollars, donation movies concerning lots of money, exhausting tasks or survival, unique vlogging movies, and extra.



Official Apex Legends Discord

The respectable Apex Legends Discord server describes itself as network-run developer support. You will discover diverse assertion and discussion channels covering the sport, servers, eSports, events, lore, and method.

You may even discover channels wherein fanatics can proportion their art and in-sport screenshots.



TommyInnit’s Discord

It is the respectable Discord server for the TommyInnit community. He frequently stocks Minecraft-associated streams and movies, particularly within the Dream SMP, non-public, whitelisted survival multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server played on by using the Dream Team and their friends. TommyInnit regularly interacts with fanatics, as visible in his Discord and Skyblock videos.



Rocket League Official Server

This server is the legitimate, developer-run Discord server for Rocket League. The Discord server incorporates a variety of statement and discussion channels and specialist channels for assisting, community occasions, buying and selling, eSports, and network content material.


Also, you can check best discord bots for every server.


General Gaming Discord Server

These are also popular gaming servers where you talk about many things. These are not official and managed by individual creators. 

Moon Café

The server targets to emulate the café aesthetic and have a relaxed environment. Everyone here could be amiable, and they indeed attempt to make the community welcoming! If you’re looking for adorable emotes too, this server additionally gives masses that will check and, in all likelihood, employ to your conversations inside the server or for your DMs with others when you have Discord Nitro.




Aura is an outstandingly amusing kickback server with a fantastic atmosphere usual. This server has a pleasant and warm ecosystem, and all and sundry are very welcoming too.

If you are interested in anime, gaming, or track, this will also be an outstanding server to join! This server is top-notch if you’re interested in making pals who are curious about anime or gaming, and there are sure to be exciting discussions inside the server, too.



The Gamers’ Garage

The Gamers’ Garage is a sit-back gaming server perfect for quite a few game enthusiasts! No matter what video games you are into, you will discover a sport right here that you’d love to play with others. 

The recognition on a whole lot of games which include Valorant and Apex Legends, plus Fortnite too, but make sure to check out their complete listing in their server description!



Liberty City

If you are seeking out a cyberpunk-themed server, then I suggest taking an observation of Liberty City! This server gives a terrific amusing atmosphere and an excellent cyberpunk topic that makes participating plenty amusing. I’m a big fan of the aesthetics embodied inside this server, and the personnel help make each person feel welcome.



Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a fun and colorful network with a tremendously friendly atmosphere! If you’d like to join a super server with a welcoming community, I’d advocate giving this server a strive. 

With over 4 thousand contributors and counting, this server is relatively popular however is usually prepared to welcome new individuals.  

They’re first-rate chill normal and have lots of channels for all and sundry too!



Le Cofe

This aesthetic and relaxed server offers a fantastic network, with many customizable roles and cool bots to strive out to! The community here is very welcoming and friendly, and the team of workers assists in making it this advantageous and uplifting server.

They additionally have specific channels for pursuits, too, along with for sharing your paintings or letting others know of cool tunes you’ve found, and so forth. There are lots of bots to strive out, and they’re lots of a typical laugh, so if you’d like to also try out some Discord bots, then I suggest becoming a member of this server too!



Horizons Café

Horizons Café is a relaxed server that hosts lots of fun activities, such as gaming nights and a whole lot extra! These occasions are tremendous for helping members make pals and get to understand each unique higher, and thinking about the fact that those events stay, masses of human beings can be advocated to take part in them. 

I’d genuinely propose attempting out some of their activities, as they will be great laughs usual.

They have channels for devoted pastimes too, together with gaming plus anime, in addition to several different hobbies. With any luck, you’re sure to find a channel that fits what you are curious about!



Best Roblox Servers to Join

These servers are dedicated explicitly to the Roblox gaming community.


Looking For Gamers – LFG GLOBAL

First up, we have the LFG GLOBAL Discord server, a developing community of Roblox fanatics. This server is in our’ pinnacle ten listings’ because it’s one of the most nicely-organized, nicely-controlled, and well-positioned-together servers.

Invite link:


Roblox Developers

The modern server depends on this server and is set at three,248 members. The server uses a Xela bot to rely on the number of participants.

So if you’re a ROBLOX developer and want to choose handy pointers and tricks in sports development, that is for you! The server has a whole community of servers with whom you can interact and are looking for answers to all your questions.

Overall, it is a pleasant network of people, always there to help each other out!

Invite link:


W//Z & SB2 Wiki

The W//Z & SB2 Wiki is a massive Roblox community. This server is more of a fandom because this subject-based server revolves around Swordburst 2 and World//Zero on Roblox. 

You don’t see a lot taking place upon becoming a server member. The server seems dull, and there aren’t any voice/text channels; however, how is a raging fandom of 10,000 human beings this quiet?

Invite link:


Blox Global

Blox Global is some other massive community server with over 20,000 individuals!

It is popularly recognized for frequent web hosting giveaways for Robux, Discord activities, the Discord nitro upload-on, buying and selling, and much more significant!

Nitro boosters get special perks if they enhance this server. Some of them include the ability to alternate your very own nickname, get the right of entry to the restrained “boosters” chat, and many more excellent perks.

Invite link:


Celestial Traders

Welcome to Celestial Traders! This server is a dual-purpose server that is Roblox-primarily based and is also a trading server at an identical time. You can discover like-minded players of Adopt Me! MM2, Robux, and extra right here. 

They also do daily drops and host occasions and giveaways to keep their audience engaged. 

It is an excellent server if you are looking to trade or are searching for a Roblox community with which you may join or interact.

Invite link:


VendexX Clan

By the server’s description, VendexX Clan is a small but growing network; this is honest in its practices and does not discriminate on the idea of race, caste, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or tradition. They welcome all genres of humans.

At best, 262 members; this might be the small network server on our list. However, that’s what makes it so unique! Its contributors, admins, and mods are extremely pleasant and can provide all of their members’ interests concerning any trouble they might have. 

Invite link:



Imperia has around 844 total participants. And just like some of the opposite servers cited above, the server has a Roblox player base and a Minecraft player base. 

The network may be amicable, a laugh, and welcoming to all styles of folks who are part of the server. 

Invite link:



The server isn’t as fancy or as heavily embellished as compared to different larger network servers. However, unlike others, it has a welcoming environment where you could loosen up and play Roblox with some strangers (that might emerge as turning into your friends!)

Invite link:



This server is worth checking out if you’re trying to change, locate Roblox gamers with the same gameplay as you, or search for participating in fun competitions, game shows, and so on. 

Their admins work tirelessly to ensure that the server’s public voice channels are safe for each member and that everybody can socialize and engage with each other in a maximum respectful manner.

Invite link:

Best Minecraft Discord servers to Join

We will show you the top 10 Discord servers which are made for Minecraft players. With these servers, you can make new friends, get their in-game experience, and more.

Official Minecraft Discord

This server was started by the officials of Minecraft, and it holds 8 lakhs, active members, making it the second-largest Discord server in existence. The official Discord server of Fortnite holds the first position having 27k+ members than the Minecraft server. You might ask, why the Minecraft server couldn’t lead its position to first? The answer is holding 8 lakh members in a single server is still hard as Discord is a newly grown platform. 

However, the moderators try to constantly purge inactive members every week. So the new players can join there if they are lucky to spot their place. 

Link to Join:



Mystic will be one of the best choices for gaining more ideas on Minecraft. It has 33k+ members and has a rating of 4.6, a really good one. They also provide awesome giveaways centered around Minecraft. While there are lots of servers available for Minecraft, you can see the best active and welcoming community on this Discord server. 

The members of this server are active 24×7 to share their gameplay, ideas, access Minecraft mods, and more. Moreover, Mystic provides giveaways for Anime games. 


Purple Prison

Purple Prison is another Discord server in our list that consists of both experienced and newbies to the Minecraft game. This server is popularly known for its 24×7 active chats about Minecraft and giveaways they provide for the Discord Nitro premium subscription. 

This server has many bots, which keep you safe against spammers and unwanted posts. So you can expect a clean space to chat with people all over the world and get new ideas on the gameplay. Finally, the Purple Prison is the best server for Minecraft to try.


Cosmic Craft

This server has been voted as the best Minecraft server among lots of choices in Discord. The moderators of this server are active and offer lots of features to make the server an active and friendly community for the members. In addition to that, they provide daily giveaways for Discord’s premium Nitro subscription, which is super rare to find on other Minecraft servers on Discord. 



Hypixel suits all types of game players, and mainly concentrates on Minecraft players. With this server, you can make friends easily and organize a meeting to share your ideas on gameplay. Apart from Minecraft players, Sky Wars and Murder Mystery gameplayers can also join up here to share their gameplay experience. 

You’re not to be the best gamer, to make your position on this server. The point is, even the beginners can join here to make conversation and express their love for games. 

Link to Join:


Minecraft SMP

Minecraft SMP is another best Discord server for Minecraft, which provides the best support to its members. The members of this server are super-chill and always ready to help you out. It is also one of the largest servers for Minecraft with over 63k members. Apart from discussing the Minecraft game, people here also discuss Among Us, and Valheim. 

Link to Join:


The Vent

The Vent is not as popular as the other Discord server for Minecraft in our list. This is the newest server which got really good reviews from the users. With this server, you can create a group for yourself and can set a host of rules to govern your group. No bots or the server admins will moderate your group which makes this server unique. No other server on this list will offer this feature. 

Here you can get lots of tools to use and can interact with anyone in the community. 


Skyblock Simplified

As the name suggests, this Discord server is specially made for Hypixel skyblock game mode. In this server, you are allowed to trade their skyblock items with other players in this server. Moreover, you can learn tips and tricks about this mode or simply chat with like-minded people about the Minecraft game.

Link to Join:


Cosmic MC

This server holds 9k plus members. This will be a hub to Minecraft offering you multiplayer game modes. It provides regular giveaways to its members and also frequent Discord nitro giveaways. There is no limit to your level to join here. 

Link to Join:


Midnight Oasis

The last and best server for Minecraft on our list is Midnight Oasis. This server is also famous for the giveaways and rewards they provide to the members. If you are searching for a clean environment and people with game minded, then you have to join this server right now. 

Ultimately this server has bots that provide you with technical knowledge about the Minecraft game and Discord. The members of this server are active all around the clock and used to share their tips, information on maps, experience, and more. 

Link to Join:



Games are the best and most exciting way of spending our free time. Many games have a huge fan base, and they require various platforms to improve their gaming ability. We have discussed some of those popular games and their discord servers worldwide. It will be helpful for gamers to explore more of those games.

These servers are well-maintained and provide you with an active and healthy environment. In our comment section, we want to know your favorite games and their dedicated Discord servers. 

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