How to delete records from developer console in salesforce

There are many ways of how to delete records from the developer console in salesforce –

First Method

  1. First you will be required to export all the records in a CSV file. 
  2. Then you can delete the records that you require in the CSV file. 
  3. When you have deleted all the records in the CSV then you can map the ID Column of the CSV file to the Id column of the object. 

Second Method

  1. Connect the product to the test org.
  2. Tab the Query button and click on SQL query.
  3. Write SQL query “SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE”.
  4. Bulk Select from CSV radio button.
  5. Click on Query and then download the record.
  6. Repeat the First Method.

Third Method 

  1. Download the data loader
  2. enter the data loader with your password and security token
  3. check the setting tab and select the right environment
  4. Follow the instruction suggested above

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