Salesforce Service Cloud Features PDF

The Salesforce service cloud is a CRM that helps the agents and employees of the company to provide better customer services. The Salesforce service cloud features are used by many organizations to provide a better customer experience with AI-powered chatbots, virtual remote assistance, analytics-backed decision, automation, omnichannel routing, and many more. 

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Service cloud Lighting console 

In the lighting console, the agent can find all the information required for customer management in one place. No matter which channel the information about the customer reaches, all the information will be collected at one agent’s console whether it is previous purchase history, customer profile, customer account information, and many other details. This reduces the need to find information about the customer and offer better customer service. Also, the intuitive design of the lightning console makes it easier to find the required information, the agent can place the important information in the front dashboard to easily track it. 

Service cloud case management

The service cloud routes the cases to the required agent with the help of AI-powered recommendations. Case management helps to view every customer interaction in a sequential chronology regardless of the channel the case came from. The case management also provides regular updates of the customer activity and alerts the agent.  It also provides pre-written email templates to respond to customers with just a few clicks. 

Service cloud Knowledge Management

The centralized knowledge base delivers customers exactly what they want to know. The knowledge management also utilizes analytics which helps the organization to know what people are searching for and then create more content around it. The Knowledge base also helps the agent to interact with customers, with help of the knowledge base the agent can suggest the best article for every conversation, and also sharing the article over any channel can be done with few clicks. The chatbots can also use the knowledge base to answer the question of the customers by embedding the website, community, portal, etc. solution directly in the chat box. 

Service Cloud Process Automation

Their automation services make the design process easier with the help of drag and drop features. The drag and drop feature enables administrators to create and update records, integrate third-party systems, create a workflow for employees, manage log calls, and many more. These services also help the new agent to work more efficiently by checking the compliance of the new employee with automated day-to-day processes. The automated processes can recommend the agents with actions and guide and help them in any step of the process. The service process automation also offers a feature to combine the business rules with Einstein Next Best Action that delivers the recommended actions in real-time to the employee. 

Service Cloud Omni Channel Routing

The Service Cloud Omni Channel automatically routes the leads, cases, or any other work to the right employee in the organization. This allows the organization to focus on the higher priority task first. The benefit of omnichannel routing is that any work cases can be routed directly to the agent workspace or any channel that agents use to communicate with the customer. It can include social channels, emailing, chat, or voice channels. The omnichannel routing also helps to monitor the conversion between the employee and the customer and allows the managers to send helpful messages. The agent raises the flag on the conversation on which they require assistance from the manager. 

Service Cloud Analytics

The Service Cloud Analytics helps the agent to make informed decisions while having a conversation with the customer. The prebuilt dashboard of the service cloud pins the important analytics in the front of the dashboard which the employees can use by the agent to make statistical-backed decisions. The analytics can be used to easily view the case volumes, worker activity, performance of the chatbox, and for analyzing the backlog. The data and trends can be analyzed to calculate the key performance indicator of the business and work according to these metrics. Also, the analytics helps the business to identify product issues, customer issues, and other business issues. The analytics can help to minimize the risk by early predictive insights. The agent can easily work with the analytics tools such as manage and update records, create tasks, and create cases and all this can be done without being disconnected from the analytics tools. 

Service Cloud Telephony Integration

The Telephony Integration service in the salesforce offers various features that improve customer satisfaction. This service allows the agent to view the profile screen which provides the customer information and other records of the caller before the agent has picked up the phone. Sometimes the phone call from the potential customer can be missed, the salesforce telephony integration allows to turn the call of customers into a clickable link that can be used for communication. Also, telephony integration allows the agents to take notes during the call and these notes get associated with the call log which can be later be viewed when the information of the call log is viewed. 

Service Cloud Visual Remote Assistance

The Visual Remote Assistant allows you to assist the customer over the video interface without the need to be physically present. The Visual Remote assistance can be easily used for guiding the customer with the tools such as annotation, live pointer, screen share, etc. This helps the customer to troubleshoot their problem faster and in real-time. The AI-powered character and speech recognition also enables it to be connected with the customer even with lower bandwidth. The Virtual Remote Assistant can be launched directly from the web browser therefore instant access to the video sessions can be done by the customer. 


The Salesforce service cloud features have enabled many organizations to provide a great customer experience. The features such as telephony integration and virtual remote assistance help to connect with the customer in real-time. Other features such as AI-powered chatbots enable the customer to find the required information that they are looking for. The Console and Analytics features of the salesforce service cloud help to increase the productivity of the agents. 

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