How to Export Facebook Comments from Posts to Excel File?

Sometimes, we must export the Facebook comments from FB posts to MS Excel for future use. For example, suppose we are organizing and competition, and we have to finalize a winner out of those comments. Then instead of going on Facebook and reading their comments and then comparing, it is good to compile them into an excel sheet, read them at once, and then finalize the winner.

If you are also searching to export the Facebook comments into an Excel sheet, you are reading the right article. Because, here in this article, we will explain these things to you only.

You can manage everything from Facebook in the excel sheets, such as the followers, likes, and comments, and export those into an excel file to save on your device. Many tools are available online on the inter internet Chrome extensions that can even show you the likes and comments lists or export them.


Follow these steps to download the Facebook Post comments to the excel file

Step 1: Facebook comments export tools

  • This chrome extension is specifically designed for the users to export comments from Facebook into the CSV file format.
  • With the help of this tool, you can quickly get all the comments on a particular post in one place, like excel.

Step 2:  Comment picker Tool

  • This tool allows Facebook users to export any comments from their Posts or Videos on Facebook.
  • And now, you can easily download your Facebook comments from your Facebook account to Excel in CSV file format for absolutely free.

Step 3: Export comments from Facebook

  • This online platform allows its users to download comments from Facebook or other social media platforms.
  • The export comments website allows users to manage even bulk comments as well.

Step 4: Fb follower Export Tool

  • This tool is a chrome extension that allows users to export their follower list and the list of people they follow.
  • It helps users to export Instagram comments.

Thus, it would be best to choose any of these tools to export comments. The number of download comments may differ from the total number of comments under the Post. The reason may be that some words have been deleted, hidden, or marked as spam. Or else they were left by the users, who have been blocked, deleted, or those whose account is private.

There are times when we want to download all the comments from a Facebook post with ease. But, there is no way you can directly do it with Facebook. However, some tools are available on the InternInternetwnload the Facebook comments from a post in excel.


Export Facebook Comments from Posts to Excel File Using Tools

A few and most famous of them are as follows:


  1. This is a straightforward and powerful online tool that you can use to export Facebook comments.
  2. It helps you in saving all the comments from a public post, and then you can easily analyze them in MS Excel or any other CSV viewer software.
  3. It lets you easily export thousands of comments from a Facebook post in a few seconds.
  4. The CSV file saves the comment text, date and time of the comment, number of likes, and number of replies, if there are any. You can quickly get this data and export that to a file.
  5. To uSociallylfy, you can go to its homepage and log in with your Facebook account. And if you don’t want to give it your email address, you can do that by editing the permission during the login.
  6. After that, you can start using the tool. First, enter the URL of any public post, and then you can hit the “Submit” button. After that, it will begin collecting all the comments from the specified thread, and when it’s done, it will show you the list of all the words.
  7. You can then export that list to a CSV file and open it in Excel.

Export Comments:

  1. Export Comments is an another free website, which helps you to use to export Facebook comments to CSV.
  2. However, you can only export 500 comments from any Facebook post for free. Like the above tool, it takes the URL of a Facebook post and then lets you export all comments (if they are less than 500) from it.
  3. And the best part here is that you don’t have to sign up or log in via Facebook to use it. Just access it, give it the URL of the Post from which you want to get comments, and export them.
  4. Just use it through the above link and then enter the link to the Facebook post that you want to scrape for getting comments.
  5.  It will take a few seconds to process the Post you have submitted. And once it’s done by processing a thread, you will then get the CSV file that you can save on your PC.
  6. And in the CSV file adds all the comments with their poster’s name, date and time of the analysis, and several likes on that comment.
  7.  After getting the comments list, you can do whatever you want.

Comment Picker:

  1. Comment Picker is another free tool that allows you to export Facebook comments and commenters’ names to an Excel file.
  2. You can log in using your Facebook account, select Facebook pages, and provide rights to see content posted on the page and user content.
  3. Start by choosing a Facebook page. Then enter the Facebook URL or select the Facebook post you want to export comments.
  4.  Select Facebook comment export options. Now select Facebook comments to export.
  5. You can now eligible to download and export your Facebook comments in CSV format to an Excel file.
  6. You can get the following information from that Excel file:
  • You can get the name of the person who commented on Facebook.
  • You may get a Facebook remark and the number of people who have liked the comment.
  • You may have the date on which users commented and the comment ID.
  • And, if the comment is a reply, you will get the parent Id.

There is no other direct way to save Facebook comments easily. Moreover, the manual copy-paste isn’t going to work on long comment threads. So that’s where you have to sign in via Facebook and then get started.

With the help of these things, you can download thousands of comments from any public Facebook post in just a few seconds. These tools are beneficial when you want to do sentimental analysis.


Why export Facebook comments to an Excel file

  • To organize a competition and select a winner at random from the comments.
  • To Find out when your audience is active by looking at comment timestamps.
  • And to create a backup of comments before deleting a post.
  • And to examine the data in the comments in Excel or CSV.

To analyze the sentiments of the people who have commented and find top commentators on your page.

There is no direct way to export Facebook comments to yours excel file or sheet. And for extended comment threads, the manual copy and paste trick will not function. This is the main reason you may want to use the following tools.


Why should I download comments?

  • We are running a competition & choosing a random winner from the comments.
  • They use the comments timestamps to find out when your audience is active.
  • I am backing up comments before deleting a Post.
  • Explore comments data in Excel or CSV.
  • Conduct sentiment analysis on comments.
  • Map top commentators on your pages.



Q1 Can I download the comments on Facebook?

Ans: You can download your comments as the CSV file by defined POST Url.

Q2 Can you save Facebook comments?

Ans: Yes, You can. You click on the three dots to the right corner of the Post. The first option you can see there is “Save post,” You’ll click on this.

Q3 How can I export my Facebook comments?

Ans: Its steps are as follows:

  • Click on any media, whether on the My Posts page or elsewhere.
  • Next, click on the ‘Comments’ toggle.
  • Finally, click the Download arrow to export your comments.

Q4 How can I see all comments on a Facebook post?

Ans: Tap the “Most Relevant” dropdown box at the top of the comment section. Here you can see three options – Most Relevant, Newest, and All Comments. Select the option that you find appropriate.


When we have to download or export these Facebook comments into the excel sheet, we must follow the above-written steps. There are many good free online tools that you can use to download Facebook comments from a post on Facebook. You may then use these anytime to get all the words from a Facebook post quickly.

However, one of these tools puts some limitations on the free plan, which is good for getting a small number of comments. Using any of these tools, you can easily download comments from any Facebook post that you want to an excel file. Once exported, you may then examine and analyze the data according to your need and requirement.

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