How to Transfer NFT from Metamask to Opensea

These cryptographic tokens are non-fungible assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata distinguishing them from one another. It is impossible to trade or exchange cryptocurrencies for equal value, unlike cryptocurrencies. In contrast, fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies can serve as a medium of exchange. These tokens do not have an intrinsic value and cannot be used as a medium of exchange for commercial transactions.



  • Cryptographic tokens are unique, cryptographically protected tokens that can be redeemed on blockchains.
  • Among their uses is for representing real-world items like artwork or real estate.
  • By tokenizing these property assets, one can buy, sell, and trade them more efficiently while reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Besides representing identity, NFTs can also represent property rights and more.


NFTs’ ownership and authenticity can easily be verified by anyone thanks to blockchain technology as a public ledger. NFTs’ most important feature is that they can’t be reproduced, as well as the fact that they all have unique digital signatures. NFT sales reached $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, which was high for the technology in its early stages.

Every NFT you make and receive should be unique. Artistic bidders are willing to pay millions for NFT ownership because NFTs are unique assets. The NFT format can also accommodate different files, including music, photos, and other assets.

In reality, NFTs are gaining in popularity largely due to the pushing of digital artwork. Several deep-pocketed individuals are interested in collecting NFT artworks, which has helped fuel the growth of the industry. The Ethereum blockchain is the basis of the majority of NFTs. To transfer or receive NFTs with Metamask, you must understand the Metamask NFT connection.



You must also develop a solid understanding of Metamask before you can sell NFT on Metamask. With it, users can store a wide variety of Ethereum-based assets and interact with them via a cryptocurrency wallet. With it, users can store Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. One feature of Metamask I particularly liked was its easy setup. 

Metamask wallet can be installed on your smartphone as a web browser extension or mobile application. 

Users can transfer crypto to 

Ethereum addresses using the Metamask crypto wallet. You can buy NFT with Metamask when you answer the question “Can I use Metamask to buy NFT?”. Start it by creating a Metamask wallet. To create your wallet and seed phrase, you can easily start an account by downloading the Metamask application or installing the browser extension. You should keep note of your seed phrase, as it is required to access your account.

Following your knowledge of Metamask and NFT, you may now be curious about how to send and receive NFTs through Metamask. We will examine Metamask’s procedures for transferring non-fungible tokens.


Steps involved in transferring NFTs through Metamask

Make sure your mobile application has permission to send NFTs before starting to transfer NFTs through Metamask. Otherwise, you will risk losing your valuable NFT assets.

  • To determine whether you have sufficient gas to transfer ownership to another user or sell NFT on Metamask, you must first check that you have enough gas. It is possible to end up with a rolled-back transaction and lost gas if you do not have enough gas for the transfer process.
  • Click on the “NFT” tab in the Metamask application to proceed to the second step of sending NFTs or “how to sell NFT on Metamask.”. You would then be directed to the application’s collection of NFTs in your ownership.
  • Choose the NFT icon you want to sell or transfer from among all the NFTs available. When the edit window appears, click the icon of the NFT that you want to transfer.
  • Once you have selected an NFT, you will be redirected to a new page. A “Send” button can be found at the bottom of the new screen. You can accept or decline to send the NFT to a different account by clicking.
  • When you click on the “Send” button in the Metamask NFT transfer process, you can proceed to the next step. Last but not least, you must enter the address to which you want the chosen NFT to be sent. Afterward, you must click “Next” to send the NFT to the address you entered. You simply need to follow the standard transaction prompts to complete the transfer.


You can transfer your NFT by following these steps

The steps you need to follow to move your NFT to another wallet or ENS:

  1. Please select your desired NFT and click Send from your account (Metamask or OpenSea).
  2. If applicable, the recipient’s public wallet address (or ENS) should be entered.
  3. Ensure that the transaction was successful.
  4. After verifying the transfers on, your transfer will be accounted for.

This article outlines the general 

process of transferring a non-fungible token from one crypto wallet to another. The instructions I’m providing would likely be similar regardless of where you are transferring your NFT from (Metamask, OpenSea, etc.). The overall goal of safely transferring your NFT must be the same regardless of your chosen method.


For my demonstration, I will use Metamask and OpenSea to send an NFT to the wallet address of my recipient.

Review the following steps to make sure your non-fungible token transfers are safe:

Never divulge your wallet seed phrase.

The seed phrase of a wallet can be accessed by anyone who has access to the wallet. You should never divulge your wallet’s seed phrase or any information about its account.

Be sure to send the NFT to the correct recipient address.

If transferring NFT to another wallet, ensure you have entered the correct recipient address. Without sending back by the recipient to you, you can’t recover an NFT that has been transferred to the wrong wallet.

Send fast transactions when you transfer an NFT.

Purchasing a Fast transaction will enable the transaction to be completed faster and more successfully if you are willing to pay a few dollars more. A non-fungible token is highly unlikely to not transfer eventually, no matter how slow your transaction is, but fast transactions give you the best results.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Metamask only work for Ethereum?

Up to date, the Metamask will only function under the Ethereum blockchain. Users can connect their Ethereum account to different applications by using their global API. 

Are we able to withdraw money from Metamask to our bank account?

Before doing it, you have to send your Ethereum to a cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is one of them; there, you can sell your Ethereum for fiat money. Then you can withdraw your money from Metamask to your bank account. 

What is the cost of creating an NFT on OpenSea?

There is no cost for listing your digital assets on OpenSea. It charges 2.5% on every time of sale. OpenSea costs 2.5% as minting fees whereas the Rarible charges 2.5%.



NFT investments are improving exponentially worldwide. It’s better to have an analysis before investing your money. Look for the best marketplace, which charges low money and has huge member followers. I hope this article helps you to transfer your NFT from Metamask to OpenSea. Also, mention your doubts in our comment section; we will solve them. 

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