Free Kanye West Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online

Are you a fan of Kanye West’s legendary voice and iconic style? Have you ever envisioned hearing your own text spoken in his distinctive tone? Your search ends here! We proudly present the top Kanye West Text-to-Speech AI Voice Generator tools available online, and the most exciting part? They’re completely free!

Even if you cannot sing or rap like Kanye West, you wouldn’t believe there are some fantastic websites to let you generate Kanye West AI voice free of cost. These websites have a Kanye West TTS generator to create custom text or audio within minutes.

While the internet is overflowing with similar services, they must all be legit. So we have sorted a true list of websites that provide a Kanye voice generator free and in a legit manner.


Free Kanye West Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online

Free Kanye West Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online

Why look anywhere else when you have everything over the internet these days? So here are some of the best websites with an efficient Kanye West voice generator to generate Kanye West AI voice within a few seconds.

The below list contains these websites sorted according to their efficiency to generate a Kanye West TTS easily. So without any further ado, let’s grab a note of these websites and look at what they offer you.



Uberduck is one of the most famous names for providing any TTS service. Therefore, this website again tops the best Kanye West voice generator list. 

Key Specifications

  • Uberduck demands only a quick signup process to provide you with its Kanye West TTS services free of cost.
  • With the latest AI technology, the efficient and smart AI of Uberduck precisely imitates Kanye West AI voice.
  • Along with the Kanye West text-to-speech generator, Uberduck also has many other AI voices of characters and personalities from the real and the fictional world.
  • Moreover, the website also provides different tones of AI voices for the voice of a particular character.
  • Along with a Kanye West text-to-speech service, you can generate Kanye West AI voice free with audio input. This is with the help of an efficient voice-to-voice service of Uberduck.
  • The website also offers its API facility. Therefore, Uberduck offers developers to use its excellent TTS services in their applications at a minimal cost.
  • If you face any queries or problems regarding the platform, you can also join the discord community of Uberudck to get solutions to all your questions.
  • You can create voice clones and generate your own AI songs with the help of Uberduck. Thanks to its excellent AI technology that meets the latest needs.


  • Generate Kanye West AI voice free with a minimal signup procedure.
  • Voice clones can be easily created.
  • Multiple audio download formats are available, including the MP3 and WAV formats.
  • Both real and fictional characters’ AI voices are widely available in multiple tones.


  • Audio might not be correctly understood by the AI when considering voice-to-voice generations.


Step-by-Step guide to generate Kanye West AI voice free with Uberduck

Using Uberduck’s Kanye voice generator free is just a matter of a few seconds only. Follow these steps below, and there you are with your Kanye West TTS ready.

Step 1: Open the Uberduck.AI website on your browsers.

Step 2: Register on the website using the small signup button in the top right corner. You can also log in on the website if you have ever used it.

uberduck kanye west ai voice

Step 3: On the home screen of Uberduck, you will find a text-to-speech option. Click on this option, and you will be redirected to a new window.

uberduck text to speech

Step 4: You will find several input boxes on the next screen. 

Step 5: Here, in the “Voices” box, which is available on the right side of your screen, search for “Kanye West AI voice”. If the website shows multiple options, select the tone you want to use for your text.

Step 6: In the box at the bottom of your screen, enter the text you want to generate a Kanye West text-to-speech for.

Step 7: Once done, click the “Synthesize” option and wait a few seconds. Your TTS Kanye West will be generated within a few seconds, and you can download it into multiple audio formats at your convenience.

kanye west rapping voice on uberduck

For testing this site, I used Kanye’s quote “I would say my determination is way higher than my smartness.” and generated his voice. 

Listen to the sample of this text, close to real.


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Another well-known Kanye West sound generator is Fakeyou. This interesting website has every tool to generate the best Kanye West text-to-speech. 

Key Specifications

  • Fakeyou comes with a vast and constantly evolving collection of AI voices. While the website has a huge collection of AI voices, it also accepts contributions from community members.
  • To generate Kanye West AI voice-free, Fakeyou offers one of the simplest interfaces to deal with. The website is free to use without demanding any registration process or charges.
  • Similar to Uberduck, Fakeyou also offers a voice-to-voice generation service. Therefore, you no longer have to type long texts when a perfect Kanye West tts can be generated directly with audio.
  • The website also offers its API integration service for programmers or developers who want to use the TTS service of Fakeyou in their applications.
  • You can also become a part of Fakeyou’s discord community and get solutions to your query regarding the platform. 


  • Easily generate a Kanye West text-to-speech into multiple Kanye West AI voice tones.
  • The website can be used without a registration or signup process.
  • Voice-to-voice Kanye TTS services are available.
  • The website is free to use for generating a few Kanye TTS.


  • Fakeyou offers only a limited TTS generation in its free version. Therefore, you must pay for this service to generate Kanye West text-to-speech in bulk.

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Step-by-Step guide to generate Kanye West text to speech AI voice with Fakeyou

When it comes to generating TTS, Fakeyou is even easier to handle than Uberduck. You can easily generate Kanye West AI voice for free using Fakeyou.

Step 1: Visit on your browser.

fake you tts

Step 2: On the website’s home screen, you will find a “Text to Speech” option. Click on it, and you will be redirected to a new window.

select kanye text to speech fake you

Step 3: You will find multiple input boxes on the next screen. From the first box, “Voices”, search for Kanye West AI voice and select it. If multiple variants are shown for the voice, choose the tone into which you want to generate your text.

select kanye tts fake you

Step 4: Enter the text you want the Kanye West AI voice generator to generate.

fake you kanye west tts

Step 5: Once done, click the “Speak” option and wait a few seconds. Your Kanye West TTS will be available on your screen shortly.

For example, I will be using the same Kanye’s quote “I would say my determination is way higher than my smartness.” to generate the text to speech

Wait for couple of second it may take time to load the sample below.


Now go and generate your text to speech for Kanye that you want to hear.


101 Soundboards

soundboard kanye west tts

With many soundboards available for Kanye West AI voice free, 101 Soundboards is an awesome tool to consider. Know what this excellent website has to offer for you. 

Key Specifications

  • 101 Soundboards comes with a huge collection of different soundboards, which includes pre-generated dialogues in Kanye West AI voice.
  • The website also lets you download your generated audio in MP3 and WAV formats. Therefore, you can use this audio for different purposes without any issues.
  • You can easily use any Kanye West soundboard for commercial purposes without restriction.
  • In addition to Kanye West’s voice generator, 101 Soundboards has similar soundboards for many other fictional and real-life characters.


  • Many soundboards are already generated, which can be used directly.
  • The website is accessible without any registration process or paid features.
  • You can easily download the pre-generated soundboards in bulk without any restrictions.


  • Several soundboards might not work.
  • The website has a confusing interface for beginners to deal with.



kanye west ai model voicify is an amazing AI tool lets you create voice covers in the voice of your favourite artists. To your surprise, you can easily generate Kanye West AI voice text-to-speech using this excellent website.

Key Specifications

  • The website offers various AI models regularly updated to enhance user experience.
  • You can also clone your voice and create a custom model for your own AI voice.
  • Generating an AI custom cover using Voicify is only a matter of a few seconds.
  • This Kanye West sound generator can easily generate any custom audio in Kanye West AI voice.
  • Voicify constantly adds up to its collection of AI models for users to generate Kanye West TTS in different formats.


  • A huge collection of different AI models to generate audio in different formats.
  • Can directly generate a cover song from a custom audio file.
  • You can easily customize your model using Vocifiy.


  • The website is paid, so you will have to pay to access its services.


Kanye West AI Voice Generator – Honorable Mentions

Below are some honorable mentions for Kanye’s text-to-speech that deserve to be a part of this list. While these websites provide an extremely efficient Kanye voice generator free, they still need to be discovered online.


ExploringBits Text To Speech Generator

The ExploringBits text-to-speech generator has a wide collection of extremely realistic and high-quality AI voices. You can use this excellent TTS generator to generate Kanye West’s voice text to speech free of cost.

The voice generator has some of the most efficient tools to customize Kanye West AI voice according to your requirements. You can even adjust the pitch, sound, and speed of Kanye West tts using the ExploringBits TTS generator.

In addition, this website also allows you to download your generated text-to-speech in multiple audio formats, including MP3 and WAV.

ExploringBits also offers a voice cloning feature to clone any human voice easily. You can even create your own AI voice using this exciting feature. 

You can also find multiple tones to generate Kanye TTS on this sound generator. Therefore, regardless of the situation, if you want to generate Kanye text-to-speech, then ExploringBits is the best among its competitors.

With every feature necessary to create the best TTS, you must consider trying this excellent tool at least once. 



Next up on the list is the Vobox TTS generator developed by “iMyFone”. This extremely efficient TTS generator can satisfy your TTS requirements to a great extent.

One of the most eye-catching features of this tool is its simple and sorted interface. Since the software wraps itself under a single page, users don’t have to search for tools.

Voxbox also has a voice cloning feature similar to the ExploringBits TTS generator. Therefore, you can easily clone any audio you wish and create an AI voice of it to save for future use.

The software also has a huge collection of many AI voices. These voices include characters from the fictional world and today’s famous personalities.

To your surprise, Voxbox provides all these services absolutely free of cost. Therefore, you can easily make bulk generation without paying a single penny.

Hence, Voxbox becomes a perfect consideration when choosing a Kanye West voice generator free.


Top Medi AI Text to Speech Generator

Last yet, an amazing text-to-speech generator of Kanye West AI voice is the Top Media TTS generator. This tool has some of the most exciting features that can be essential for its users.

The top media TTS generator can generate AI sounds that match the authentic voice of their original characters. Therefore, you can hardly differentiate between the Kanye West AI voice and his original voice.

Along with this, the website also allows you to generate a TTS directly from an audio file. This prevents the efforts of typing those long texts you want to generate a Kanye text-to-speech for.

While the tool has received an excellent response from its existing users, many people still need to learn about this amazing Kanye West sound generator.

Therefore, try this tool for bulk TTS generations and high-quality audio files.


FAQs for Kanye West Text to Speech

How to make Kanye say anything?

You can easily make can say anything using websites like Uberduck and Fakeyou. Enter the text you want Kanye West to say, and these websites will generate an excellent Kanye West TTS.

Why does Kanye scream in his songs?

Kanye screams in his songs to express his emotions and expressions. Also, sometimes the scream works excellently to grab the audience’s attention. Kanye West also screams to show the depth of his songs and or to focus on a particular part of his songs.

How do you get Kanye West AI voice?

There are a lot of websites over the internet that provide the service Kanye West AI voice for free. Some of the most popular websites include Fakeyou and Uberduck. You can easily generate a text-to-speech Kanye West through these websites within minutes.

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