How to Use Lofi Radio Bot Discord [ Lofi Radio Bot Commands ]

Discord is the best communication app for gamers where you can add a live profile and can access a variety of stickers. A discord bot is a platform where you can share your channel and can add other members to it. Not only this one can also add custom status and design as per their need and requirement. The regular upgrades of discord make it more effective and addictive as they include frequent beta updates, squash pesky bugs for each update, helps in hosting your projects to work upon them, and are a great platform to hang out with easy accessibility of the app.

To make it furthermore useful the coders have designed discord in such a way that one can access discord bots in the background with the same efficiency yet consuming fewer data. To prevent buffering and interruption the application is designed for low bandwidth, that is it can work even when there is a weak internet connection and there cannot be anything more effective and relaxing than listening to pleasant lo-fi music in the background without any interference. To provide such a distinctive feature we have the LOFI RADIO BOT which is a simple, yet beautiful bot that brings Lo-Fi music to your Discord server.



This bot has the best aesthetic look and a unique user experience with a highly attractive interface with useful yet commendable commands that support stage channels and also includes slash commands like setting up a sleep timer while playing the music, switching between different radio modes, changing the roles, etc. The most alluring feature of the bot is that it can even work in the background without intervening with other applications in the run time. So, think of carrying out your daily tasks with a piece of mild and soothing music playing in the background. The bot shows no unwanted lags while running in the background. All it does is provide you with the best quality music you always wanted to listen to.

The music played is de-stressing and of extremely good quality audio which is 99.99% uptime with a lag-free experience, not only this, to add on this bot has even added an exclusive feature where you can play Chilled Cow’s lo-fi music that too lives on your own server. The Lofi Radio bot is regularly updated and improved to add new songs to its library. Besides all this discord bot waits for you 24/7 which means you can listen to the music at any time you want and that too for free. Yes! This bot is available free of cost and can play on your server whenever you want unless you disconnect it or give a command to stop playing. To make it more optimized one doesn’t need to leave the discord application to listen to LoFi music. So hurry up to invite the Lofi Radio bot now to your server and hop on to the voice channels with your friends and some soothing music to your ears to luxuriate and enjoy.


Lofi Radio Bot Commands


play: Joins your voice channel and starts playing 24/7.
stop: Leaves the voice channel.
song: Shows the current playing song.
volume: Shows or changes the current volume.
station: Switches between radio themes.
sleep: Sets a sleep timer.
profile: Shows your profile.


mode: Switches between radio modes.
djrole: Changes which role is considered DJ.
prefix: Changes the prefix used to address Lofi Radio.
settings: Shows and configures server settings.
premium: Shows information about Lofi Radio premium.


support: Send us a message or join our support server.
vote: Vote for Lofi Radio.
invite: Invite Lofi Radio to your server.

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