How to Use Mudae Bot Discord [ Mudae bot commands Guide ]

Mudae bot is one of the top popular bots on discord as I am writing today, Mudae bot has touched over 9 million discord servers and has become the top bot on discord. Mudae bot is the perfect bot for anime, video game, manga lovers… if you are one of them and do not have the bot on your server then what are you waiting for, invite the bot to your server from the invite link mentioned below. 

This bot is best known for its game where you have to catch waifus and husbandos of famous manga and video games. There are over 40,000 such combinations of waifus and husbandos that keep playing and find them all.

Also, Mudae bot offers a feature where you can translate the bot into any language you want to make full use of this feature and play games translated into your language to play with friends. 


How to add Mudae bot on your discord server?

Adding a Mudae bot is similar to adding other discord bots on the server. Follow the steps below to add the Mudae bot on your discord server-

Step 1: To add a Mudae bot you have to first invite the Mudae bot on your discord server. You can easily invite the Mudae bot from its official website. Also, you can directly invite the Mudae bot with the help of the invite link that I have mentioned below. The invite link is the same invite link that you will find on its official Discord server.

Mudae Bot Invite

Step 2: When you have clicked on the invite link you will be redirected onto the discord where it will ask you to select the discord server in which you want to add the Mudae bot. If you have not signed into the server make sure that you are signed and logged in to your discord.

STEP 3: On selecting the discord server in which you want to add the Mudae bot it will ask you to authorize the required permissions to the bot. Make sure you go through the permission that you are going to authorize, also you can update this permission from the bot setting in discord. 

Congratulations you have successfully added the Mudae bot on your discord server.

The next thing I recommend is to join the support community of Mudae bot. The support community will help you from other people in the community and whenever you are stuck then you have someone to ask. Join the Mudae bot support community to make full use of the Mudae bot. 

Mudae Bot Community Server

How to Use Mudae bot? 

When you have added the Mudae bot on the discord server then the users can start making waifus and husbandos appear in the chat room. Now the users have to claim their waifus and husbandos with the help of commands.

Basics of Mudae bot

$waifu ($w): this command will roll you a random female game or anime character. Also, you can roll specifically anime ($wa) or game($wg) female characters to marry to.

$husbandos ($h): this command will roll you a random male game or anime character. Also, you can roll specifically anime ($ha) or game($hg) male characters to marry to.

$marry ($m): this command will roll you some random character either waifus and husbandos from anime or game.

When you start rolling the waifus and husbandos to marry then you can roll only 10 characters only when you have rolled the 10 characters then you can click on the emojis that are present on the bottom left corner of the message. When you click on the emoji then you will be married to the character. 

Also, when you have rolled up to 10 characters and you did not want to marry any of these characters then you will have to wait for your cooldown period which is 30 mins. After the 30 mins, you can again begin with the cool down and then choose your husbandos and waifus.

Also, there is a rule according to which you cannot claim all the waifus and husbandos because of the time limit. There is a 3-hour time limit for the waifus and husbandos and during this time limit, no other user can claim on the waifus if you have them.

When you have 15 waifus then the Mudae bot will create a list that will contain the popularity of the waifus and the points that are associated with them. The list which will have the most popular points with the 15 wides will be the most popular on the server.

Also apart from the waifus/husbandos gaming mod, there are 5 mini-games on the bot. 

Mudae Bot Commands List

There are more than 450+ commands in Mudae bot related to customization, moderation, utility, etc. I have mentioned the most popular commands below –




$mymarry: Inventory of your conquests.
$marryexchange: Exchange characters with the mentioned player.
$give: Gift the mentioned player (limited)
$firstmarry: Change your favorite character.
$sortmarry: Sort your characters.
$divorce: Divorce a character.
$profile: Display your server profile.



$infomarry: Search for a character. Example: $im Rem
$infomarrya: Search for a series.
$left: Number of characters left for your server.
$fn: Find notes in your harem from the $note command.
$fnall: Find notes in all harems of the server.
$top: Top 1000 characters. Or $top #<rank>
$topserv: Server character ranking.



$note: Add a message next to a character in your harem.
$changeimg: Change the main image of a character.
$addimg: (moderator) Add a custom image for an existing character.
$randomimg: Randomize images during your rolls.
$rollsleft: Change where the '2 rolls left' message is displayed.
$alist: See availables aliases for a character.
$alias: Swap the main name for an available alias.
$alias2: Change the secondary alias to whatever text you want.
$noteimg: Add a message for an image.
$addcustom: (moderator) Add a custom character for your server.

$like: Add a character to your likelist.
$likelist: Your list of favorite characters.
$renameclaim: Change your claim message. Also $renamedivorce
$renameharem: Change the title of your harem.
$renamelikelist: Change the title of your likelist.
$profilebadge: Choose the badges displayed on your profile.
$profilearrange: Arrange or hide your profile categories.
$badge: Your list of badges.
$claimreact: (moderator) Customize the rolls emojis.
$kakerareact: (admin) Customize the kakera rolls emojis.



$marryup: Time left before your next claim.
$rollsup: Rolls left before the next reset.
$timersup: Timers merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku).
$tuarrange: Customize the informations displayed with $timersup

$wish: Add a character to your $wishlist so you can be mentioned.
$disable: Disable a series from YOUR rolls.
$antidisable: Prevent the deactivation of the series from your rolls.
$wishseries: (player premium) Be mentioned for each character of the series.
$selfreset: List of personal full reset commands.

$bonus: Your list of unlocked bonuses.
$overview: Your list of player settings.
$togglewestern: Disable/enable western series from your animanga rolls.
$toggleirl: Disable/enable series with IRL people for your rolls.
$setfooter: Display name/series under the image during your rolls.
$imglink: Display image links during your rolls.
$hideinfodisable: Hide the emoji indicating a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi)
$personalrare: Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
$tip: Display a tip.
$rolls: Vote for Mudae and get a rolls reset ($vote to check).
$daily: Obtain a rolls reset every 20 hours.
$haremcopy : (player premium II) Copy your harem on another server, under conditions.
$kakeracopy : (player premium II) Copy your kakera/kakeraloots/badges on another server, under conditions.
$limroul: (mode 2) Disable the less popular characters.


$forcedivorce: (admin) Release a character.
$cleanuser: (admin) Reset harem and wishes from a user.
$userdivorce: Reset the harem of the character's owner.
$thanos: (admin) Randomly divorce half of a user harem.
$thanosall: (admin) Divorce half of the harem of each player in the server.
$bitesthedust: (server owner) Reset all harems of the server.
$clearnotes: (admin) Clear the notes of a user.
$clearwishes: (admin) Reset the wishes of a user.
$resetalias2: (admin) Reset all $alias2 for a user's characters OR unclaimed characters.
Or $resetalias for their $alias / $resetimg for their $changeimg
$fullreset: (admin) List of full reset commands (aliases, images, wishes, disablelists, embedcolors, keys...)

$leftusers: List of players who left the server with characters/wishes/kakera.
$restorelist: List of divorced characters by moderation commands.
$restore: (admin) Restore a character from the restorelist.
$channeldeny: (admin) Disable some commands in the current channel.
$channelrestrict: (admin) Restrict some commands so they can only be used in the current channel.
$setchannel: (admin) Archaic version of $channeldeny.
$restrict: (owner) Restrict some commands to a role so only this role can use the commands.
$deny: (owner) Deny some commands for a role.
$setpermission: (owner/admin) Archaic version of $restrict. Useful for $addimg, $alias and $kakerarefund.
$togglesilent: (owner) Change how the bot answers to disabled commands.
$givecustom: (admin) Give an unclaimed custom character.


$settings: List of the server settings.
$setrare: (admin) Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
$settimer: (admin) Change the number of seconds during which you can claim a character.
$setrolls: (admin) Decrease or increase the number of rolls for the whole server.
$setclaim: (admin + server premium I/II) Change the claim interval (up to one per hour).
Can be used by non-premium to increase the interval.
$shifthour: (admin) Shift the exact hour of the claim reset.
$setinterval: (admin + server premium II) Change the exact minute of the claim/rolls reset.
$haremlimit: (admin) Change the maximum number of characters per user.
$togglereact: (admin) Change the automatic addition of hearts under the rolls.

$channelinstance: (admin) Create a new instance (server) in the channel.
$gamemode: (admin) Change the server game mode.
$servlimroul: (mode 2, admin) Disable the less popular characters.

$toggleclaimrolls: (admin) Display or not claim ranks during rolls.
$togglelikerolls: (admin) Display or not like ranks during rolls.
$togglekakerarolls: (admin) Display or not the kakera value during rolls.
$togglehentai: (admin) Toggle Hentai series.
$toggledisturbing: (admin) Toggle series containing horror images.
$toggleclaimrank: (admin) Toggle character ranking by number of claims.
$togglelikerank: (admin) Toggle character ranking by number of likes.
$serverdisable: (admin) Rolls-disable up to 750 characters for the whole server.
$togglesnipe: (admin) Change the possibility to claim on other players' rolls.
$togglekakerasnipe: $togglesnipe for kakera.

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