How to use Bongo Bot Discord [ Bongo Bot Commands ]

Who doesn’t like a fun character spawning game to relax and have a good time? Well, the discord bot developers with their versatile thinking and amazing piece of code have developed bots suitable for almost any mood. You name a mood you are in right now and there is a bot to serve you accordingly. Well,  anime is the booming thing of today. Youngsters and people from all around the world are getting attracted to it each day. Another thing that keeps up people’s attention is the stomach pain, leaving you with laughter, the memes. The Bong discord bot being developed by Kraseir, available free over discord is an amazing one to try out on your servers. The bot holds up to an average rating of 4.06 stars and has managed to maintain a constant though fairly less population count of 80.27K users. The provides its users with an amazing character spawning game, where the characters are from two of the most favorite spots of the generation: the anime world and the famous meme faces. The bot thus has the ability to hold up its users for log duration while it entertains them the entire time.


Bongo Anime Bot Discord Features

The Bongo bot offers a fun and exciting game to spawn characters and make a collection of the best ones. The bot is available for a vast number of users to play simultaneously holding more than 70K characters from the anime as well as the other characters. The bot also has an epic image count of 400000 and the number keeps on increasing rapidly each day even as we talk. The bot offers a cool and chill environment for its users to have a peaceful and fun time. To accomplish all this, there is music, memes, anime, reactions commands, and much more, enough for its users to be entertained for hours.

The bot’s game is called the gacha game. The bot allows its users to enjoy the game in their own way where they can completely customize it with the help of exciting features that include multi-chain, change the hour, change the minute, buying rolls, wishlist, buying claims, and much more to keep things as per your choice. Not just the game but the bot allows you to customize itself as well. Yes, players can totally customize the bot in every manner they wish to. Just press down the settings tab and there you are with your customizations. Apart from this, the bot also holds up a premium version of itself, which allows premium players to spawn characters quickly and easily find some of the best ones. The bot in all increases the chance of premium players to win like any other bot that offers the same in its premium version. Thus, try this Bongo bot out on your servers. Easy invitation and you are done. Have a fun time with your friends or family and refresh your mind while you enjoy mild and fun card games.


Bongo Anime Bot Discord Commands

Music (with a timestamp)
addtoplaylist: Add a url to your custom music playlist.
autoplay: Enables/disables automatic replay when no songs are in the queue.
back: Move the queue back. Can use a number between 1 – 10. See your lastplayed list.
bass: Let’s get that BASS BoOooOOOOOooST going! Can use a percentage to adjust the bass.
createplaylist: Creates an empty playlist. You can add urls or include another user’s playlist.
deleteplaylist: Delete one of your custom playlists.
dj: a hub for your dj commands.
djadd: Add a dj to your dj list.
djlist: View your dj list.
djonly: Toggle dj only (must be admin).
djremove: Remove a dj from your dj list.
fastforward: fast forward the song’s time in format mm:ss. Example 1:30.
goto: go to the time period in the song. Can either use 100(seconds) format or 00:00 (minutes:seconds)
includeplaylist: Include another user’s playlist into your playlist.
join: joins your voice channel or a voice channel you type
jumpqueue: jumps to a track in your queue, removes the songs unless on replay.
lastplayed: gets the last 10 played songs.
leave: leaves any voice channel it’s connected to.
leavecleanup: clean up the queue by anyone not in the voice channel.
loadplaylist: Load the playlist into your queue. Can use numbers at the end to specify which tracks to load (ex: 1-30).
loop: loop all songs (off, on, all).
lyrics: looks up lyrics for a song.
move: Moves a song from postion1 to position2.
nowplaying: shows currently playing song.
pause: pauses the audio.
play: plays the audio or plays the first result it finds. See the search command or soundcloud command to search.
playjump: plays the track then jumps the queue to your track.
playlist: Another way to access your custom music playlists.
playnext: queues your song/playlist into the front of the queue.
playskip: plays your track and skips the current playing song.
queue: shows the queue list.
radio: plays music from my radio stations.
removedupes: remove dupes from the queue.
removefromplaylist: remove this url from your custom music playlist.
replay: replays a song and adds it to the end of the queue. See your last played songs with the lastplayed command.
resume: resumes the song.
rewind: rewind the song’s time in format mm:ss. Example 1:30.
saveplaylist: Saves the current queue as one of your custom music playlist.
search: searches youtube for your song.
seeallplaylists: See all the user’s playlists.
showplaylist: Shows the contents of the user’s playlist.
shuffle: shuffles all songs continously until turned off.
skip: skips currently playing song or another song from the playlist if specified a number.
soundcloud: searches soundcloud for your song.
stop: stops playing music and I leave channel.
swap: swaps two songs.
unincludeplaylist: Uninclude (remove) another user’s playlist.
updateplaylist: Updates the playlist. Useful if you want to make it public/private.
volume: changes volume. Can set maximum with musicsettings.
voteskip: Vote to skip the song, defaults to 50%. Works best when you blacklist skip.
4chan: Shows a random image (and text) from the specified board. Use at your own risk kek. NSFW channel required.
amiibo look up information on every single amiibo by name!
avatar: displays user avatar
crypto: finds info from coinmarketcap. (top, coin, convert)
fortnite: displays overall fornite stats.
image: google image searches and allows you to navigate images!
imgur: specify an imgur album, and I’ll give you a random picture from that album whcih you can navigate! Create an alias for ease of use.
jisho: translates word into kanji.
league: League of Legends stats on a user.
lmgtfy: let me google that for you.
overwatch: displays your overall overwatch stats (publicize your account for more info)
pokedex: displays information on a pokemon by number or name!
poll: have your server poll for something. Default is 30 seconds with a maximum of 1440 minutes.
reddit: gets a random reddit thread from a subreddit. Can specify more with options such as “new”, “top” “hot”, etc. Navigate 25 threads!
toxic: finds out how toxic your text is. Great for league of legends…
wikipedia: Gives a random wiki article or searches for one based off of your description.


Bongo Anime Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Bongo Anime Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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