How to use Bongo Bot Discord [ Bongo Bot Commands ]

Who doesn’t like a fun character-spawning game to relax and have a good time? Well, the discord bot developers, with their versatile thinking and fantastic piece of code, have developed bots suitable for almost any mood. You name a mood you are in right now, and there is a bot to serve you accordingly.

The Bongo discord bot developed by Kraseir, available free over discord, is an amazing one to try out on your servers. The bot holds up to an average rating of 4.06 stars and has managed to maintain a constant though relatively less population count of 80.27K users. It provides its users with a fantastic character-spawning game, where the characters are from two of the most favorite spots of the generation: the anime world and the famous meme faces. The bot thus can hold up its users for a long time while entertaining them.


Bongo Bot Discord Features

The Bongo bot offers a fun and exciting game to spawn characters and make a collection of the best ones. 

The bot is available for many users to play simultaneously, holding more than 70K characters from the Anime and the other characters. 

The bot also has an epic image count of 400000, which keeps increasing each day rapidly even as we talk. 

The bot offers a calm and chill environment for its users to have a peaceful and fun time. There is music, memes, Anime, reaction commands, and much more, enough for its users to be entertained for hours.

The bot’s game is called the gacha game. The bot allows its users to enjoy the game in their way, where they can completely customize it with the help of exciting features that include multi-chain, change the hour, change the minute, buying rolls, wishlist, buying claims, and much more to keep things as per your choice. 

Not just the game, but the bot allows you to customize itself. Yes, players can customize the bot in every manner they wish to. Press down the settings tab, and there you are with your customizations. 

Apart from this, the bot also holds up a premium version of itself, which allows premium players to spawn characters quickly and easily find some of the best ones. The bot increases the chance of premium players to win like any other bot that offers the same in its premium version. 

Try this Bongo bot out on your servers. Easy invitation, and you are done. Have a fun time with your friends or family and refresh your mind while you enjoy mild and fun card games.


How to use Bongo Bot Discord?

As per functionality, Bongo Bot combines Music Bot and Fun & Gatcha Bot, such as Nekotina Bot and Chip Bot Combined.

We will cover some basic questions on functionality and other frequently asked questions. If there is a question you cannot find a solution to, then mention it in the comment box.


How to add or invite Bongo Bot to the discord server?

1. You can directly invite bongo bot from this Invite link.

2. Also, You can find the bot on Site, just search for Bongo Bot.

3. Click on the “Invite bot” button on the Page.

How to add or invite Bongo Bot to the discord server

4. If you need to be signed in to your discord, it will prompt for a sign-up.

5. If you are signed in, select the server you want your bot to join.

6. After selecting the server to which you want to add the Bongo Bot, it will ask you for permission access.

7. Click on the “Authorize” button.

The Bongo Bot will be added successfully to your discord server !! 

You can see the Bongo Bot logo on the right sidebar. 


How To Play Bongo Bot Discord and Claim Characters?

As Bongo Bot is a Gatcha Game Bot, you can claim characters and add them to your list.

Here are the steps on how you can play and claim characters: 

1. Join the Text Channel, which has access to Bongo Bot.

2. Next, you can type the “b.w” command for waifu (female) characters, the “b.h” command for husbando (male) characters, or you can do “b.c” which is for both waifu and husbando at the same time. 

claim waifu

3. React on the bottom emoji to claim the character.

4. You can claim once every hour with “b.waifulist” command.

5. After that, you can also demand characters with “b.wishlist” command.

6. If you want to disable the series and the character, you can do it with the “b.disableseries” and “b.disablecharacters” commands. 

7. You can also view your character information with the “ character_name_here” command.

That is how you can start claiming characters with Bongo Bot on your discord server and keep growing those characters list.


How to Play Music with Bongo Bot?

Bongo Bot also offers functionality for playing Music. Follow some steps to play Music with Bongo Bot on your Server.

1.You must join a Voice Channel.

2. In the Text Channel, enter “” followed by the song’s name. bad habits

How to Play Music with Bongo Bot

3. You can also enter a URL of the supported platform in place of a song name.

4. To skip any music, you can use “b.skip” and loop. You can use the “b.loop” command.

5. You can stop playing Music with the “b.stop” command and then clear the playlist.

6. To make the bongo bot leave the voice channel use the “b.leave” command.

I hope this small guide is helpful to you. If you have more questions, mention them in the comment box below.


All Bongo Bot Discord Commands List

Before using these commands make sure to add the bongo bot prefix that is “b.” followed by command from the list below. Example


You can also get DM of these commands in your own server by using

Use command_name to view help on that specific command.

Bongo Bot also supports Slash Commands but I find prefix commands to be more reliable and easy to type.

Below is the complete list of all bongo bot commands, make sure to add the prefix “b.” before using them.


Rolling Commands

Command Description
buy buy claims, roll resets, and more
buyclaim buy claim for 100,000 points – discount
buyrolls buy rolls for 30,000 points – discount
buysuperrolls buy super rolls for 100,000 points – discount
buywaifu buy global waifus for your buywaifulist NOT waifu!
buywaifulist view bought waifus
character roll any gender character
characterall roll all character rolls, cannot stop
cooldowns lists cooldowns
customwaifu add | remove | update | search
disablecharacter disable a character from your rolls
disablecharacterlist view disable character list
disableseries disable a series from your rolls.
disableserieslist view your disable series list
divorcewaifu divorce a character from your list
enablecharacter enable a character from your disable character list
enableseries enable a series from your disable series list
favorite favorite your waifu or buywaifu
force divorceoldclaimers removes all old claimers’ characters
force removeoldwishlist removes all old claimers’ wishlists
force removewishlist forces a wishlist removal
force removewishlistleavers remove wishlist for leavers
force waifudivorce forces a waifu divorce
force waifudivorceleavers divorce the leavers
guessseries Which series this is character from?
guesswaifu Which character this is image from?
husbando roll male or unknown gender characters
husbandoall roll all husbando rolls, cannot stop
imagedump view all images on this character
loot loot every 10 minutes for a chance at rolls, claims, or points
nicknamelist View nicknames for a character
nicknamelistspoilers View spoiler nicknames for a character
sellboughtwaifu sell a bought waifu NOT a waifu
seriesinfo View info on a series
setimage Sets the image on a character.
snapwaifus snaps % of characters randomly in your server
superroll roll top 2% rank of unclaimed characters
superrollall roll all of super rolls, cannot stop
topbuywaifu list top bought waifus
topwaifu list top characters by rank specified
trade trade or give points, series, characters
unfavorite unfavorite waifu or buywaifu
upgrade upgrade shop
usebankrolls use bank rolls received from voting
waifu roll female or unknown gender characters
waifuall roll all waifu rolls, cannot stop
waifuinfo Lookup info and images on a character
waifulist view your waifu list
waifuremaining shows number of remaining waifus
waifuseries search for characters by series
wishlist public | private | add | remove | waifu | series


Music Commands

Command Description
back back the queue to the last played song
bass boost the bass
fastforward fast forward song by hours
goto move song to hours
join join voice channel
jumpqueue jump queue to specific song
lastplayed lists most recently played songs
leave leaves music channel
leavecleanup removes songs requested by leavers : on | off | reset | 0-300%
loop single | all | off | on | queue: minutes: seconds
lyrics Get lyrics for current song or lookup song: minutes: seconds
move Moves two songs based on position in queue
nightcore enable/disable nightcore
nowplaying view currently playing song
pause pauses the song
play adds song to queue
playjump jumps queue then plays requested song
playlist load | create | delete | include | uninclude | add | remove | update | save | show | seeall
playnext adds your song as next song in queue
playskip skips the current song then plays your requested song
queue lists songs in queue
radio plays from preset radio stations
removedupes removes duplicate songs from the queue
replay replays a recently played track and adds to end of queue
resume resumes the song
rewind rewind song by hours
search search for your input, showing top 10 matches
shuffle shuffles queue on or off
skip skips current song, dupes, all, or number specified
stop clears queue and stops music – yes | all | keep
swap swap two song positions in queue
volume adjust volume from 1-500%
voteskip vote to skip the song – adjust in music settings : minutes: seconds


Reactions Commands

attack attacks!
bite bites…?
blush blushes
bonk BONK!
boop boops
cookie give or get a cookie
cringe wow big cringe
cry cries
cuddle cuddles owo
dab dabs
dance dances
delet delet this
die die
dodge dodges
donut give or get a donut
fuel give or get some gamer fuel
hide hides
hug give or get a hug owo
kidnap kidnap
kill kill someone
kiss kisses OwO
lewdno that’s too lewd
lewdyes that’s lewd, but I want more.
lick licks, rero rero rero rero
nobulli pls no bulli
nom noms
pat pats uwu
pizza give or get pizza
pout pouts, hmph
protect must protecc
ramen give or get ramen
rekt boom roasted – get rekt
slap slaps
sleepy yawn…
smile smiles
smug smugs
spank spanks
stares stalks
sugoi Wow! Sugoi!
thot B E G O N E T H O T
wasted wasted
weebalert W E E B A L E R T
wtf bruh, wtf


Server Commands

Command Description
addclaimemoji add an emoji for rolling
blacklist view blacklist, remove ability to use the command in channel or all
claimemojilist view claim emoji list
delete delete messages by number ot user
haremcopy Patrons can copy their harems from one server to another
musicsettings update the server’s music settings
mysettings update my settings
removeclaimemoji remove the claim emoji
serversettings update the server’s settings
whitelist view whitelist and remove from blacklist


Template Commands

Command Description
america america flag gif… America!!
blurpify blurpifies an image
bobross happy little accidents
buywaifulistdump view all bought waifus in a text list
colorify colorifies an image (similar to blurpify)
communism communism gif. It’s our image.
dateline take a seat over there…
deepfry deepfries an image
elonmusktweet elon really tweeted this
halloweenify halloweenifies an image
hot awww, that’s hot, that’s hot
jail jail time
jojokira Kira started feeling something
jojoshock Yukako is shocked at this image!
jojosmile Jotaro smiled at this
jojowallet I keep this in my wallet at all times
pengu pengu has something to show
pregnant they are… pregnant?!?!
rdog use this when someone says something dumb
smartcrop smart crop your image
sonicsays sonic really said this
trumptweet trump really tweeted this
vsauce Hey! Vsauce here.
waifulistdump view all claimed waifus in a text list
water I’d choose this text over water
wtfpikachu pikachu is creeped out by this


Other Commands

Command Description
avatar displays user avatar
daily daily claim (12 hours) and points!
footer customize the footer for your characters
friend make some friends… please.. we’re worried.
friendlist shows friend list
leaderboard Shows leaderboard for server and all.
marry marry someone, or more than one person if you’re into that.
marrylist shows marry list
note Add a note to user or waifu
pokedex Shows a random pokemon or number
pokemonlist shows pokemon list (no longer able to get)
stones shows the user’s infinity stones
trivia play some trivia
unfriend remove your friend
unmarry remove your marriage
user view info on user
usestones user your stones
usestonesteal steal with an infinity stone


Bot Commands

Command Description
addcharacter add a character to the bot!
addimage add an image to your character
addseries add a series to the bot
changelog recent changes I’ve made to the bot
donate donate at https
help help functions for commands. Use command name as argument
id shows user id
invite Invite me to your server!
stats shows bot stats
tag custom commands!
tags Shows a list of your commands and the server’s commands.


Bongo Bot Not Working – Here’s What you can Do?

1- Sometimes the Bongo Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. You can check the Bot Status in their Support Server.

2- Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Bongo Bot, it can be done in the settings tab. 

3- If the Bongo Bot does not respond after applying the above steps, then make sure you did not change the Bongo Bot default prefix.

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