How to Use Myuu Bot Discord [ Myuu Bot Commands Guide ]

The pokemon bots have been the widely trending ones over the discord platform for a long time. The reason behind these trends is that these bots bring back the nostalgic memories of the gold old days of our times when the only anime we knew was pokemon and getting indulged into its exciting battles and the extraordinary storyline was a thing much more fun than any other. Thus, some of the best discord bot developers from all over the world decided to bring back those memories though in a different manner, but one can experience their old days in the best way.

Another such pokemon bot that we will be talking about ahead in this blog is the myuu bot. The myuu bot is considered to be one of the most advanced pokemon bots over the discord platform that provides an excellent experience you won’t get elsewhere. Talking about the interface of the bot, the myuu bot is a simple, easily understandable, and easiest one to operate. The bot includes efficient use of unique ideas to make the user experience much more fun and thrilling. Let us now discuss some of the most unique features which the bot offers and also get an idea about the most exciting battles that await you over the myuu bot.


 Battles and other features

Talking about the amazing and exciting battles which the bot offers, the myuu bot developers have ensured that battles in the bot include almost every battle effect in it. The battles over the myuu bot, therefore, give an original look that will surely bring back old memories of your childhood. Getting on to the other features of the bot, the myuu bot also has certain other amazing features which include no fake mon, no need of remembering command since the bot has a complete list made for it, no need of remembering pokemon names, and much more.

Along with these, the myuu bot also offers the hosting of tournaments over the bot, the PvP battles, trades, and other fun things that will keep a person engaged the entire team. Above all these, the bot also has a unique feature of creating boxes in which you catch and store a pokemon. Talking about the customer service of the bot, the myuu bot has excellent customer support and service. Though the bot sometimes faces certain issues and bugs, yet these problems are immediately fixed without interrupting the user experience of the bot. Thus the myuu bot is another great one that can be used to enjoy an amazing pokemon experience over your server. The bot allows one to take part in amazing battles and enjoy the entire time without getting bored. Do try out this bot on your servers and you won’t regret your decision.


How to Add Myuu Bot Discord

You can add the Myuu bot to your server by using the invite link: Invite. To properly add and set up the Myuu Bot follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Click on the Invite Button Above.

STEP 2: Select the server to which you want to add the Myuu bot.

STEP 3: Authorise the permissions that the Myuu bot requires to work properly.

STEP 4: Fill up the Captcha.

STEP 5: Return to the discord server where you have added the Myuu bot.

You have successfully added the Myuu bot on your discord server !!

Also, I will mention joining the support community group of Myuu bot so if you ever face difficulty with the bot you can ask for help in the community – Myuu Bot Support Server.


Myuu Bot Discord Commands

.team – View your Pokémon
.mypkinfo <Pokémon> – View your Pokémon’s information
.learn <Pokémon> <move> – Learn a new move to your Pokémon
.mvdelete <Pokémon> <move> – Forget a Pokémon move
.swap <position 1>, <position 2> – Swap positions between your Pokémon
.swapmoves <Pokémon> <position 1>, <position 2> – Swap the position of two moves of your Pokémon
.pkname <Pokémon> <nickname> – Add a nickname to your Pokémon
.pklock <Pokémon> – Lock a Pokémon in your team to avoid accidentally releasing it


Myuu Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Myuu Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Myuu Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Myuu bot, it can be done in the setting tab.

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