How to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord [ Soccer Guru Bot Commands ]

The soccer guru discord bot is responsible for keeping you updated with every soccer update from around the world at any moment. The bot keeps track of every soccer match going live throughout the world at any place. The bot updates its users with live scores and commentary while they surf over Discord and enjoy soccer while sitting peacefully at their site.


Soccer Guru Bot Discord Features

The Soccer Guru bot is available for discord users all around the world’s corners. The bot has multiple unique features that keep the users entertained while enjoying the match.

The bot allows users to bet while they make predictions about the match.

The bot also has a fantastic concept of letting users create their soccer team, referred to as the Ultimate 11 by the bot.

There is a virtual economy system that runs within the bot.

The bot also includes leveling and gaming, and the bot also has an exciting FIFA feature.

Users can even form squads to compete with other parties over Discord.

Another feature that the bot provides is cooldowns.

The premium features of the bot include auto vote systems, promotions, and trackers to track down the progress reports.

If you enjoy playing Soccer Guru Bot, you must try Idle RPG and Myuu gaming bots.

Thus, if you are a soccer fan, then a soccer guru bot is the one-stop destination for you over Discord to enjoy soccer in the most exciting and fun manner.

It is the result of the excellent service it provides that the bot has managed to keep up with a rating of 4.8 stars among the global audience.

Try the soccer guru bot on your servers to enjoy soccer fun and excitingly.


How to Add a Soccer Guru Bot on Discord?

Adding the Soccer Guru bot to Discord is straightforward. With the help of our given steps, you can add a Soccer Guru bot to your discord server in just a few moments. Let’s begin.

Invite Bot

Step 1: Invite the Bot – Click on the above Soccer Guru Bot Invite Button. Also, you can invite the bot from the official site –

How to Add a Soccer Guru Bot on Discord

Step 2: Select the Server – You will be prompted to log in to your Discord account with the required credentials. Once logged in, select the desired Discord server to invite the bot. After choosing the server, click “Continue.”

Step 3: Grant Permissions – You must grant the required permissions to the Soccer Guru bot. To do this, click the “Authorize” Button.

Step 4: Fill in Captcha – After this, you must mark the captcha box for verification. This step will successfully add the soccer Guru Bot to your selected server.

Step 5: Access the Features – You can now access various features such as soccer match scores, team news, and more. You can also ask the bot questions about the game, and it will provide the answer.


How to Use Soccer Guru Bot on Discord?

Using Soccer Guru Bot is simpler than adding it to your server. We have explained below the complete step-by-step process of how you can use the soccer guru bot discord.

If you want more information on How to use Soccer Bot Discord, read this official Soccer Guru Bot documentation.

Let’s move on to our steps: 

Step 1. Launch the discord application and navigate the Discord server: To use the Soccer Guru bot in Discord, users must launch the Discord application and navigate to the server.

Step 2. Verify the Bot: By clicking on the highlighted icon of the server, users can verify that the Soccer Guru bot is in the server’s member list.

Step 3. Input the Commands: Once the bot is confirmed, users can input commands to view its working. For example, by entering the “/help” command in the message area, users will be presented with a table of commands associated with the Soccer Guru bot.

Note: To view relevant commands, type a “/,” “@Soccer Guru,” or “sg!” followed by a command. These commands will open a list with commands that match the one you entered. Select the command from the list and hit enter to use it.

Step 4. Now check the Output: This table will be displayed in the message area and can be used to interact further with the bot. With the help of the Soccer Guru bot, users can easily access valuable soccer-related information and insights.


Soccer Guru Bot Commands List

Soccer Guru Bot has completely shifted to slash commands. Therefore, the prefix commands won’t work.

Earlier, the Soccer Guru Bot prefix was sp!

Now, you will require the slash commands to interact with the bot.

Also, you can view all these commands in your discord server using /help commands and selecting the Soccer Guru Bot icon.

Soccer Guru Bot Commands List

You can also view these commands on the official Soccer Guru Bot site.

You can also check Soccer Guru Bot Commands that we compiled below.


Sports Commands

Command Description
/country Shows active leagues for a chosen country
/fixtures Upcoming fixtures for a given team
/quote A random funny football quote
/squad Full squad details for a given team/year
/lineups Starting lineups for an upcoming fixture
/table League tables for a given country from across the globe
/h2h Head to head match results between two teams
/team Information for a given football club
/topscorers League top goal scorers for a given country


General Commands

Command Description
/cooldowns Lists the status of all your cooldowns
/info Basic information about the bot
/faqs Frequently asked bot questions
/premium Information about premium options for the bot
/togglevotereminder Toggles the option to remind you when your vote is ready
/vote Shows your vote status and streak
/help Help menu and for specific commands
/invite Bot and Support Server invite links


PvP Commands

Command Description
/friendly Play matches against your friends
/arena Climb the ranks and become the best on Discord


Cards Commands

Command Description
/buy Buy a player to join your club
/multisell Sell multiple players from your club simultaneously
/club List players from your clubs past and present
/claim Claim a new player every hour
/swap Move players around in your team
/pack Buy and open packs to get multiple cards at once
/leaderboard Show arena, votes & credits leaderboard
/clubname Change the name of your club
/11 Show your chosen starting 11 players
/show Show a player from your club from multiple seasons
/formation Choose a desired formation for your active team
/sell Sell a player from your club
/teamname Change the name of your active team


Guild Commands

Command Description
/language Set the language the bot should use in your server
/togglelevelupmessages Toggle level up messages on or off


Betting Commands

Command Description
/bet Bet on real matches to earn credits
/predict Get match predictions for upcoming fixtures


Economy Commands

Command Description
/balance Show your credit balance
/rank Show your current experience rank
/ranks Shows a list of ranks users can obtain
/daily Claim a daily credit reward
/flip Gamble away your credits
/gamble Risk your credits for the chance at a bigger reward


Premium Commands

Command Description
/events Setup & customise your match events tracker
/autovote Toggle your auto
/promote Promote your server for premium perks
/tracker Setup and customize your servers Live Score tracker
/demote Remove premium benefits from your promoted server


Is Soccer Guru Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Soccer Guru Bot might have issues, such as not responding and being offline. This error can be due to a bot server being down for any reason. If you face the same problem, check the Soccer Guru Bot Support Community Server.

Also, ensure you have provided sufficient permissions to the Soccer Guru bot in the settings tab.

Ensure you are not using its earlier prefix commands to interact with the bot. The bot has completely migrated to slash commands. Therefore, prefix commands will not work.

Your last option can include reinviting the bot to your server.

Also, if nothing works, post your query in the Soccer Guru Support Server. Also, you can post your issue in our comment section. We will come up with a solution.



This article has outlined the steps needed to add and use the Soccer Guru bot on Discord. Use the Soccer Guru bot in Discord. Start by inviting it from the top. Gg. Then log into Discord and select the server to add it. After verifying, you can use the bot with commands. It’s a simple process of inviting the bot, verifying it, and then entering commands to utilize it. With this bot, you can access soccer information quickly and easily.

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