How to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord [ Soccer Guru Bot Commands ]

Who isn’t a football fan these days? Sport is the best form of entertainment that can be witnessed live and would on the spot fill you with thrill. Though there are many such exciting and unique sports out there, the one we would talk about here is soccer or football as referred to on certain lands.

Well, being one of the most extraordinary and unique sport the world witnesses almost every day, soccer is something that is gaining rapid popularity these days among the youth. Though the sport continues back for a very long time the modern-day soccer is much more different from the old days.

As man gained access to technology, things became digital and faster. In such a scenario, we got the habit of accessing things while sitting at our homes with ease. Well, one such bot over discord that took the responsibility to take care of providing us this ease is soccer guru.

Soccer guru is one such bot available over discord that takes the responsibility to keep you updated with every soccer update from around the world, at any moment. The bot is majorly focused on to keep the track of every soccer match going live throughout the world at any place. The bot keeps its users updated with live scores and commentary while they surf over discord and also enjoy soccer while sitting peacefully at their place. 


Soccer Guru Bot Discord Features

The Soccer Guru bot is available for discord users all around the world’s corners. The bot has multiple amazing features that keep the users entertained while enjoying the match. Major features of the bot include allowing users to bet while they make predictions over the match.

The bot also has an amazing concept of letting users create their soccer team which is referred to as the Ultimate 11 by the bot. There is a virtual economy system that runs within the bot. Other features of the bot include leveling, gaming, the bot also has an exciting FIFA feature over it.

Users can even team up together and form squads to compete with other squads over discord. There is also the system to vote for players and ranking are accordingly made. Another feature that the bot provides is that of the cooldowns. Above all these, Soccer Guru also has an exciting premium version of itself where users can unlock some of the most exciting features just by paying a small sum.

The premium features of the bot include auto vote systems, promotions, trackers to track down the progress reports, another premium feature also includes a system of demotion.

Thus, if you are a soccer fan, then soccer guru is the one-stop destination for you over discord to easily enjoy soccer in the most exciting and fun manner. The bot can be easily added to the servers, and it is the result of the excellent service it provides that the bot has managed to keep up with a rating of 4.8 stars among the global audience. Try this one out on your servers to enjoy soccer in a fun and exciting manner.


Soccer Bot Guru Discord Commands


General commands:

sg!faqs :: Frequently Asked Questions

sg!help :: Commands list or specify command for more detail.

sg!info :: Provides some information about this bot.

sg!invite :: Displays the invite link of Soccer Guru.

sg!prefix :: Change the prefix of the bot in your server.

sg!premium :: Lists benefits for Premium users.

sg!togglevotereminder :: Enable/Disable vote reminders from the bot

sg!vote :: Earn extra credits, cards and commands to use.

​Guild commands:

sg!togglecat :: Enable/Disable categories for your guild.

sg!togglecommand :: Enable/Disable commands for your guild.

Cards commands:

sg!name :: Set your custom club name

​Premium commands:

sg!coach :: Shows a profile for a coach.

sg!promote :: Promote a server with your premium subscription

sg!teamstats :: Statistics of a team from chosen league.

Sports Betting commands:

sg!bookmakers :: List of all available Bookmakers.

sg!markets :: List of all available betting markets.

sg!predict :: Prediction for a match.

​Economy commands:

sg!daily :: Claim a daily reward of 500 credits.

sg!flip :: Flips a coin. Dare to gamble your credits away?

sg!money :: Check how many credits you have obtained.

sg!rank :: Check your current rank.

sg!ranks :: Shows a list of ranks users can obtain.

sg!rob :: Steal credits from a user. Pay the price if caught.

Sports commands:

sg!country :: Shows leagues from the country specified.

sg!fixtures :: Upcoming fixtures for a team.

sg!h2h :: Head to Head results between 2 teams.

sg!lineups :: Lineup for a match.

sg!quote :: Gives a funny football quote.

sg!table :: League table of a given league.

sg!team :: Teams profile of your choice.

sg!topscorers :: Topscorers from a chosen league.


Soccer Guru Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Invite Tracker Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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