Top 10 discord servers for anime 2022

Discord allows users to create servers, which can consist of various text and voice channels. Discord is useful for creating places where people can congregate, meet to seek out other players, and socialise. Once you’re on a server, you will join a voice chat channel to urge other gamers to play specific games. With this, it is possible to chat with friends with each other either one-to-one or as a group via a server. 

Anime is divided into various kinds, and it has a huge fan base. There are lots of sources to collect resources regarding that. Discord servers also play a vital role. Here we have collected the top ten Discord servers dedicatedly made for Anime fans. 


Best Anime-Focused Discord Servers

My research usually comes from investigating every Discord channel to interact with the groups without delay. By doing so, I became capable of getting better and taking care of why the ones in this text are considering the   anime Discord servers available.

So in case you’re a weeb, otaku, or just a diehard anime fan, this text will assist you to know which Discord groups are well worth the time investment.

Anime Soul

With over six hundred thousand participants, Anime Soul is the biggest and most active Discord server for anime lovers. It has been partnered with Twitch and made it easy. There are plenty of types and informed individuals to talk with and ask questions. The moderators are excellent, and channels have been labeled consistent with your interests. There’s a unique filter in the vicinity to guarantee that no swear phrases are allowed in the chat. Given how intense the network rules are for contributors, this needs to pass without announcing.

The server isn’t restricted to anime. It has several gaming, sports activities, delicacies, and various channels where you can participate. Anime Soul’s main interest is discussing the most modern anime collection, manga, and visual novels. Anime Soul is your holy web page if you have an passion for all matters anime.



Reddit’s r/Anime Discord Server

Reddit has its anime network discord server. It has some channels, together with the general Anime chat in which you could discuss whatever anime-related at length with fellow contributors. They also have sections for manga and webcomics and video game dialogue areas if that’s your factor. Each month, there are giveaways on the r/Anime Discord Server, so if you’re interested in prevailing anime figures, manga, and art books, this is the place to be.


Paradise Isle

Paradise Isle is a notable Anime Discord server with over 200,000 individuals. There are sections for anime discussion, well-known chat, and voice chats nicely. They also have a massive Anime Music Video (AMV) segment. Paradise Isle has an excellent community of friendly individuals and moderators, making it one of the exceptional anime discord servers available!


Shakura Onsen

Shakur Onsen has over 220,000 discord contributors and is considered one of the largest anime Discord servers. This server is devoted to anime and anime art. Shakura Onsen has over 250 moderators who help keep things jogging smoothly.

There are sections for the manga, anime dialogue, and voice chats as properly. Likewise, there is a cosplay section where you can percentage your artwork with the network. They also preserve ordinary giveaways and contests, so make certain to check those out!



The No Game No Life 

Not to confuse their sister server, No Game No Life – Roleplaying, NGNL-A is a fairly active anime Discord server with pleasant voices and warm welcomes. The network tips are divided into pledges, something like commandments, that element the dos and don’ts of the server. Gaming is likewise the main problem on this server, most notably Apex Legends.


The Anime Discord (TAD)

Yet some others especially regarded anime Discord server inside the equal vein because the preceding two. The Anime Discord hosts a decently sized member roster with their governing rules and policies and an exciting tackle membership ranks classified as Roles.

The roles used are based totally on phrases related to one’s love or hobby in anime and the fandom way of life. You start as a normie clawing your manner via other roles consisting of Weeabo and Otaku till attaining the coveted Kami.


The Seven Seas

If you’re more into kawaii emojis than easy anime, The Seven Seas has you covered. Though its life is based on its contributors’ love of anime, the offered emojis are present when the Discord server is sticking electricity.

The bulk of the channels to be had are like the ones determined on the alternative servers. There’s a devoted roleplay channel and off-subject matter channels for chatting about other popular pastimes. Each of the channels has a lifestyle of its personnel brought about through the community’s individuals.

The Seven Seas is an exceptional server preference for all people who have no longer but determined their place among different like-minded anime enthusiasts.


KawaiiBot Hangout

The KawaiiBot Hangout server changed into normally created as the professional server for the Kawaii Bot. If you’ve ever used the Kawaii bot, they’re already aware of the server’s existence. The ones who have no longer used the bot will likely discover these statistics beneficial.

KawaiiBot Hangout isn’t only a Discord server dedicated to its featured bot and home to many other otakus like yourself. Are you interested in anime? Many members have a passion for it—just seeking out a laugh environment with exceptional human beings? KawaiiBot Hangout has that in spades.


Koma Café

The following Discord server essentially covers video games and anime associated stuff. Active chatting and unique activities take place in this Discord server, where any member can take part. Besides, the possibilities of becoming an admin or a moderator are excessive. If you desire to be one, display your lively appearance on this server and risk getting elected. More into that, this server has lively voice chat channels, a big number of participants dangle out, all this manifests in a very aesthetic environment.

With all this, if you have outstanding flavor in gaming as well as anime, you’ll by no means be going to discover any better discord server than this. Click the be part of this server button underneath, and take yourself onto a new international.

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 It has a couple of corners of carrying on amusing things, such as bots for gambling video games, voice chats, stocks anime arts, talks about anime, and the gaming side of this server is likewise tremendous.

When I turned in at the hunt for locating such discord servers, this changed into the only wherein I spent most of the time. Mostly because the people on this server are quite well-mannered. On the other hand, I loved the gaming bots on this server although xD.

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As you may see, most of my listing includes the greater famous servers available, and for true reason. They’re famous because they’re loved by way of all the contributors who name them domestic. Yes, some are higher than others, or I wouldn’t have to call drop a couple of servers. However, even smaller servers might also incorporate all the camaraderie.

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