How to Use YAGPDB bot discord [YAGPDB bot commands GUIDE]

YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) is a great multipurpose bot that has a variety of useful features that helps a server owner to manage the server. 

The YAGPDB is currently running on more than 2,000,000 discord servers and as the popularity of the discord is increasing, therefore, the usage of this multipurpose bot is also growing.

The bot can be used for a variety of purposes, it can even be used to keep the spammers or other people away from your discord server and also manage your community by setting automated rules for the users to comply.

Also, the YAGDBP has been around for a good amount of time therefore it has a great support community and documentation to find any information that you require for the bot. 


YAGPDB Bot Features

There are many features that the YAGPDB bot offers that help the discord server owner to manage their discord server. The features of the YAGPDB are –


The YAGPDB bot can easily fetch the Reddit feeds and Youtube feeds within just a few minutes. So whenever something gets updated on youtube or Reddit you can easily fetch the feeds on your server, this feature is especially important for content creators who want their content to be available to the discord server as soon as they upload it on youtube. 

Messaging feature

The YAGPDB bot offers a feature to the discord owner to display the messages to the user when they join or leave any specific channel within their discord server. Also with the YAGPDB bot, you can display messages to users whenever they join the discord server like a welcoming message and allot them some reaction role which can then lead them to access the rest of the discord channel. 

Self Assignable Role

The self assignable is one of the most popular features of the discord bot. The self-assignable role can be given by the discord owner or it can be assigned with the help of the roll menu. It can be assigned as single or multiple roles at once. You can also assign the role by pinning the roles in some messages. The self-assignable role can perform some complicated customization such as requiring a role for getting another role. The self-assignable role can be grouped and organized.


The moderation features help the discord owner to build a great community where the users want to share, know and engage in the community. There are various moderation features that the YAGPDB offers to the server owner such as kick or ban a user from the server and these can be timed to be temporary or permanent. It also logs the warning, kicks, and bans this report can be found on the dashboard of the YAGPDB bot. It can also message the users for their ban and keep the log of the messages and warnings of the user. Also, there is a feature of automated moderation where the server owner can set their own rule, and depending upon the violation of the rules the users can be auto moderated by the bot. 

Cat Facts

One of the interesting features of the YAGPDB bot is that it has over 250 different cat facts. You can easily write “-cat fact” and it will fetch you with an interesting cat fact over time. 


How to add the YAGDPB bot to your discord server

You can easily add the YAGPDB bot on your discord server with the help of a few clicks. Just follow the steps mentioned below to add the YAGPDB bot on the discord server – 

STEP 1: To add the discord bot on the server you have to invite the bot on your discord server. You can go on the official website of the YAGPDB and click on the “Add to server” from the upper right corner to proceed with adding the bot to the server. For your ease, I have mentioned the invite link of the YAGPDB bot below. 

STEP 2: Now it will take you to a page where it will ask you to select the discord server. Select the discord server that you want the YAGPDB bot to add to.

STEP 3: When you have selected the server in which you want to add the discord bot then it will take you to an authorization page where you will have to assign the permissions to the bot. The permission also contains the admin privileges to the discord bot therefore take a careful look at which permission do you want the discord bots to have. 

STEP 4: Click on the “Authorize” button on the page and the bot will land your discord server. 

Now you have successfully added the YAGPDB bot on your discord server!!

Also, you can join the community of the YAGPDB bot on the discord if you find yourself stuck in some problem. The community can help you to solve your problem and also you can gain various insights from the community about the functioning of the YAGPDB bot. You can easily join the community from the official YAGPDB bot website or you can follow the link below. 


YAGPDB Bot Commands 

There are lot of commands that the YAGPDB bot offer and also it is more of general purpose bot therefore it has great variety of features 

General Command

Help command ( commands/h/how/command ) – Shows help about all or one specific command

Info Command – Responds with bot information

Tools & Utilities Command

Calc (c/calculate): Performs various calculation

CurrentTime command (ctime/gettime) : Shows current time in different timezones. Available timezones

CustomCommands (cc) : Shows a custom command specified by id or trigger, or lists them all

There are many number of commands in the YAGPDB bot you can find the commands on its documentation page –

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