How to Use Nekotina Bot Discord [ Nekotina Bot Commands ]

Discord has been the one-stop place for the majority of game lovers in recent years. It has not only emerged as a great boon for gamers but also a place to meet new people of common interest. But, all this has been possible due to the introduction of one of the key weapons of discord with which it defeats almost every other competitor on the internet. This key feature has been the discord bots. These bots are the ones made by developers from all over the world that provide an awesome service to people over discord.


What is Nekotina Bot About ?

Talking of one such discord bot that has been the emerging one in the recent times and has made its place among the best choice of people is the Nekotina Bot of discord. The nekotina bot is another masterpiece of development by some of the best developers from Spain, thus making it a Spanish bot that is solely dedicated to providing gaming services over discord.

The bot has an outstanding attraction over discord and has made its place in more than seven lac till now. Still counting, the bot has yet not been known to many people out there and is thus gaining exposure to date.

Nekotina Bot Features

Talking about the interface of the bot, nekotina includes an amazingly perfect user-friendly interface that is both simple to use and fun to interact with. The bot as mentioned is solely dedicated to gaming purposes and thus the prime services include playing music that can really calm your mind down or let you relax, the bot also includes roleplay and moderation features along with some of the best and fun games that let you earn coins which can be spent for different purposes.

One of the best features of the bot includes its economy features that and server economy services that are fun to do things. Another prime aspect of the bot which makes it different from others is that the bot has really cool and simple-to-understand commands.

One can compare the simplicity of the commands by trying out the bot for once. Just a single go and almost all the commands are there at your fingertips. The gaming bots over discord have been giving great competition to each other over discord for a very long period of time. In such a scenario, the nekotina bot that is not that an old one, emerges from the ground and has now been among the prime choice of server admins and discord members due to these amazing features that the bot offers. Though being a Spanish bot, it has gained a lot of exposure on servers worldwide. The bot still goes on to grow and explore a huge audience each day even as we talk of it right now. The bot is thus a must-recommended one and can become a prime choice of yours if you are someone related to the gaming world in any manner. Do try out this amazing piece of development and get fascinated by watching what this bot can actually do to your servers.


How to Add or Invite Nekotina Bot on your server?

You can add the Nekotina bot to your server by using the invite link: Invite. To properly add and set up the Nekotina Bot follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Click on the Invite Button Above.

STEP 2: Select the server to which you want to add the Nekotina bot.

STEP 3: Authorize the permissions that the Nekotina bot requires to work properly.

STEP 4: Fill up the Captcha.

STEP 5: Return to the discord server where you have added the Nekotina bot. You will be able to see the Nekotina bot message in the general text channel.

You have successfully added the Nekotina bot on your discord server !!

Also, I will mention joining the support community group of Nekotina bot so if you ever face difficulty with the bot you can ask for help in the community – Nekotina Bot Support Server.


Nekotina Bot Commands

!help action
!help reaction
!help anime
!help club
!help config
!help currency
!help fun
!help info
!help misc
!help manager
!help marriage
!help mod
!help music
!help utility


Nekotina Bot Not Working ?

Sometimes the Octave Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a complete discord server outage, if you face the issue check on the discord status page.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Nekotina bot, it can be done in the setting tab.

If the Nekotina bot does not respond after applying the above steps, then make sure you did not change the Nekotina bot default prefix.

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