How to Use Pancake Bot Discord [ Pancake Bot Commands ]

The Ultimate Guide to Use Pancake Bot on Discord to play, add or remove music on your voice channel with Pancake Bot Commands.

The Pancake Bot allows the discord users to add the songs on the music channel of the discord server. The Pancake Bot offers functionality such as adding songs in a queue, adding playlists from platforms such as youtube or Spotify, etc. and all this can be done with simple commands. The Pancake Bot offers many features similar to music players and even more such as pause, resume, play, queue, next, back, clear, jump, shuffle, etc and all this can be done on your discord server. 

Apart from music, Pancake is also a multipurpose bot which means you can use the Pancake bot for many other features such as moderation, role management, fun commands, and many more features along with music.


How To Use Pancake Bot Discord

As Pancake Bot is a multipurpose bot, therefore, we have tried to answer all the frequent questions related to Pancake Bot. If you think we have missed any question that you cannot find a solution then sure mention in the comment box.

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How to add or invite Pancake Bot on your server?

1. Go to the official website of Pancake Bot which is –

2. Click on the “Invite bot” button on the HomePage.

How to add or invite Pancake Bot on your server?

3. If you aren’t signed in to your discord it will prompt for a sign up.

4. If you are signed in, select the server you want your bot to join.

5. After you have selected the server to which you want to add the Pancake Bot then it will ask you for permission access.

6. Click on the “Authorize” button.

The Pancake Bot is added successfully to your discord server !! You will be able to see the Pancake Bot logo on the right sidebar. 


How to play spotify playlist on pancake?

Many people were asking “Can Pancake bot play Spotify playlist?”, the answer is “Absolutely Yes”. 

Follow these simple Steps –

1- Find Playlist from the Spotify Website and Copy the URL of the Playlist.

2- Join a voice channel.

3- In the Text Channel enter “p!play <URL>” example –


How to play spotify playlist on pancake


How to Clear Queue or Stop Music With Pancake Bot?

To stop music or completely remove all the songs from the queue that is currently being played, You can use ‘p!stop’ command in text channel. 

p!stop command stops the music, clears the queue, and disconnects.



How to add Pancake Bot in voice channel?

You can add Pancake Bot in voice Channel by using ‘p!join’ command. Pancake Bot will automatically join the Voice Channel that you are currently in.

Before using this command make sure you are joined in a voice channel or it won’t work.

Also, if you just write ‘p!play <song>’ in text channel command and you are joined in voice channel then Pancake will automatically join and start playing the song.



How to Skip a song or all songs in Pancake?

To skip the currently being played song just type ‘p!skip’ command in the Text Channel.

I didn’t figure out the exact command for skipping all songs but to skip all songs it would be better to just stop Pancake bot with ‘p!stop’ command and then re-create the queue.



How to disconnect or remove pancake bot from Voice Channel?

To disconnect or remove Pancake from Voice Channel just use ‘p!stop’ command in the text channel.

p!stop command stops the music, clears the queue, and disconnects.



How to make Pancake leave discord?

To remove Pancake bot from the discord server.

1- Go to the server that you want to remove the Pancake Bot from.

2- In the right sidebar search for “Pancake”.

3- Right Click on the Pancake Bot Icon.

4- Click on the “Kick Pancake” button.

How to make Pancake leave discord

How to activate Pancake bot?

The Pancake Bot is active as soon as it joins the server. To check whether it’s working go to the voice channel and use ‘p!play <Song/URL>’ command in the text channel.


How to loop or repeat a song in Pancake Bot Discord?

You can loop or repeat the currently playing song with ‘p!repeat’ command.

p!repeat changes the repeat mode of the music player.

To end the repeat or loop just retype the same command.



All Pancake Bot Commands List

You can find all the Pancake bot commands at their website

You can also find the same commands when you have already added Pancake Bot.


All Pancake Bot Commands List

To get more information regarding some specific command type

p!help <command>

Also, I have mentioned all the Pancake Bot Commands Below, You can search commands here as well.


Currency Commands

Commands Description
p!addbalance For the admins to give balance to a user.
p!balance Shows you your balance.
p!blackjack Use your balance to play blackjack with.
p!buy To buy items from the servers store and global store.
p!claimrewards You can get a free 250 balance in your server by upvoting at
p!daily Gives you 500 balance. Can only be used once per day.
p!deposit Deposit your balance into Pancorp Bank.
p!fish A game where you catch fish and sell them.

You must buy a fishing rod to use this command.

p!give Give your balance to another user.
p!giveitem Give an item you have to another user.
p!highlow A guessing game if the next number is higher or lower than a given number.

If you guess right you get `15 pancakes`.

Cooldown of `30 seconds` as default.

p!inventory This is where most items you get go.
p!iteminfo Gets you information about an item in your inventory or server store.
p!leaderboard Shows a server-wide leaderboard for networth.
p!lottery A game that you join and the winner gets the pot prize.

To set up, use the `lotterysetup` command.

p!removebalance For the admins to take balance to a user.
p!resetbalance To reset a user’s amount of balance.
p!rob Rob a user and take their money from them.

Success rate is `40%` and a cooldown of `3 hours` as default.

If the user has more than the min amount, the punishment is 5% of users balance

p!russianroulette A game of chance everyone can join and there’s 6 bullets in the chamber.
p!sell To sell items that you have in your inventory.
p!shop You can buy items with money using this command.

To setup the shop, use the `itemsetup add` command

To view the global shop, do `shop -g`

p!slots Play a game of slots.
p!trivia A fun way to earn money.

Levels of easy (100), medium (250), and hard (500). Cooldown of `10 minutes` as default.

p!use To use an item you recieve or bought.
p!withdraw Take money out of Pancorp Bank.
p!work A simple way to earn some money.

Failrate of `10%` and cooldown of `5 minutes` as default.


Music Commands

Commands Description
p!autoplay Plays the song you say, then automatically selects relative music to play after. **Donators only**
p!bassboost Changes the bass boost level. **Donators only**
p!join Make Pancake join your voice channel.
p!lyrics Search for a song of your liking and get the lyrics.
p!move Move the song you want from the queue around.
p!nowplaying Shows the currently playing song.
p!pause Pauses the music playback.
p!play Plays a song.
p!queue Shows the current song queue.
p!remove Removes a song from the queue. Accepts song name or queue position.
p!repeat Changes the repeat mode of the music player.
p!resume Resumes music playback.
p!search Searches YouTube then gives a list of songs to choose from.
p!seek Seeks through a currently playing song.
p!shuffle Shuffles the music queue.
p!skip Starts a vote-skip for the current song. Instantly skips if the user queued the song.
p!stop Stops the music, clears the queue, and disconnects.
p!volume Changes the volume of the music. **Donators only**


Fun Commands

Commands Description
p!8ball Reaches into the future to find the answer to your question.
p!akinator Play a game with the famous Akinator!
p!bigtext Makes the specified text bigger.
p!coinflip Flip a coin.
p!embed Put text that you specify inside an embed.
p!fml Gets a random quote from
p!higherlower A fun game guessing if something has more or less search results than another
p!roast Sends a random roast to someone.
p!say Make the bot say whatever you want.
p!ship Ship two people together.
p!xkcd Show a comic from Shows the most recent comic if no arguments specified.

Images Commands

Commands Description
p!beautiful Oh thisthis is beautiful.
p!birb Shows a random birb.
p!byemom Generates a byemom meme.
p!cat Shows a random cat from
p!meme Shows a dank reddit meme.
p!dog Shows a random cat from
p!f Press F to pay respects.
p!facts The book of facts!
p!gmagik Magik, but in gif form.
p!illegal Memes are now illegal.
p!sepia Run a sepia filter on an image.
p!saturate Saturates an image.
p!darken Darkens an image.
p!brighten Brightens an image.
p!invert Inverts the pixels of an image.
p!grayscale Converts an image to grayscale.
p!implode Implodes an image.
p!explode Explodes an image.
p!magik Makes images look better.
p!present Hey, I’m modern art!
p!kiss Give someone a big kiss!
p!hug Give someone a nice warm hug!
p!slap Give someone a slap!
p!cry Aww, why are you crying?
p!smile Someone looks happy…
p!blush Aww, why are you blushing?
p!lewd Someone is being lewd…
p!weebsh Pulls an image from Do `p!weebsh types` to view the types.
p!wizard Turns someone into a wizard.

Info Commands

Commands Description
p!avatar Get a bigger image of a users avatar
p!donate Gives you information on Pancake Premium.
p!help Provides you with the commands list.
p!invite Gives you the URL to invite Pancake.
p!ping Shows Pancake’s latency to Discord’s API.
p!roleinfo Gets more information on a role
p!serverinfo Shows various information about the current guild.
p!stats Shows various Pancake statistics.
p!support DMs you the invite to Pancake’s support server.
p!userinfo Shows various information about you or the specified user.



Leveling Commands

Commands Description
p!level Displays your current level and stats.

To enable levels, set a channel using the `xpchannel` command.

p!levelcalculator A calculator that will give you information about reaching a level.
p!levelleaderboard A leaderboard for leveling
p!levelmessages Sets the channel to send level up messages.
p!levelroles Once you hit a level, you can get a role with it.
p!resetlevel Resets a user, role, or everyone in the server’s levels.
p!userlevelsettings To customize your level image. **Donators only**
p!xpchannel Sets up the levels, enable a channel where users can get XP
p!xp To add or remove XP from everyone, a specific user, or a specific role.


Moderation Commands

Commands Description
p!ban Bans the specified user from the server while clearing their past week of messages.
p!clearinfractions Clears all of a user’s infractions.
p!duration Changes the duration of a mute or ban
p!infractions Shows all of a user’s past infractions.
p!kick Kicks the specified user from the server.
p!mute Mutes the specified user with an optional duration.
p!purge Purges the specified amount of messages.
p!reason Sets a reason for a modlog case.
p!removeinfractions Removes the specified infraction.
p!softban Softbans the user from the server (ban & unban). Removes a week of messages.
p!unban Unbans the specified user ID from the server.
p!unmute Unmutes the specified user if they are muted.
p!vckick Kicks the specified user from the voice channel.
p!warn Gives the specified user a warning.


Settings Commands

Commands Description
p!lockdown Locks the channel or server from talking in chat.

If you want to lock the server you do `lockdown server`

p!channeltoggle Toggles usage of commands in the channel. Toggles current channel if not specified.
p!currencysettings Customize your currency commands to your likings.
p!customreplies Customize your currency commands replies.
p!deletelog Sets the channel where deleted messages are logged.
p!editlog Sets the channel where edited messages are logged.
p!farewell Sets the channel to send farewell messages.
p!forceend To fix any games that say it’s still currently running.
p!greeting Sets the channel to send greeting messages.
p!itemsetup You set up the shop using this command.

To see all items, use the `shop` command

p!lotterysetup To set up the lottery command.
p!modlog Sets the channel to log moderation actions.
p!perms Assigns permissions.
p!prefix Changes Pancake’s command prefix.

When run with no args it shows the current prefix.

p!setcurrency Set up a custom currency to your liking.
p!togglenowplaying A toggle to turn on and off the now playing message.


Role Commands

Commands Description
p!autorole Changes the roles members get on join.
p!getrole Gives the user the requested role if set up with the `selfrole` command.
p!reactionroles Make a message in your server able for members to press reactions to get roles. **If you are new, use the `setup` argument.** To make it so a user can’t remove a role, use the `sticky` flag. To make it so a user can only choose 1 role, use the `onlyone` flag To use sticky roles or onlyone option, at the end of your command add `–sticky` or `–onlyone`.
p!role Mass assigns roles to members. The `in` argument is to add or remove roles from users with specified roles. When using `in`, use `-` before the last role name to remove the role, leave it blank to add.
p!selfrole Manages the roles members can self-assign using the `getrole` command.


Utility Commands 

Commands Description
p!addtag Creates a tag that can be run.
p!botlist Shows a list of bots from Carbonitex, sorted by server count.
p!calc Calculate things.
p!choose Chooses between a list of items.
p!edittag Edits an already made tag.
p!embedcreate You can create a whole embed using the bot.

There is a lot of info so just go through everything step by step.

p!embededit You can edit the embed from Pancake.

There is a lot of info so just go through everything step by step.

p!giveaway Set up a giveaway on your server.
p!notifications Turn on and off certain commands that gives you notifications.

When you turn off notifications, they get sent here.

To see them, do this command with no arguments.

p!poll Set up a poll on your server.
p!removetag Removes an already made tag.
p!reroll Rerolls the giveaway message for a new winner
p!suggest Make a suggestion for Pancake.
p!tag Executes a created tag and shows you a list of tags created.

You can also access tags like `p!tagName`

p!translate Translates between languages.
p!urban Shows definitions from Urban Dictionary.


Pancake Bot Not Working – Here’s What you can Do?

1- Sometimes the Pancake Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a complete bot server outage, if you face the issue check the Pancake bot status in their community server. 

2- Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Pancake Bot, it can be done in the settings tab. 

3- If the Pancake Bot does not respond after applying the above steps, then make sure you did not change the Pancake Bot default prefix.

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