How to Use Dank Memer Bot Discord [ Dank Memer Commands Guide ]

There is a lot of fun involved in running a discord server but surely it is not an easy task. The server owner is required to have patience and persistence as his community grows. That is why discord bots are so popular. These discord bots are code scripts that can perform various automated tasks. There are a lot of bots that keep the server alive and running and the same goes with the dank memer bot. 

The dank memer bot has a variety of features such as its economy feature where you can buy and sell various items. In the dank memer economy you can also go over other servers and steal their currency and also it can be stolen so be careful. The dank memer also has over 100+ commands that are related to memes and you also do not have to scroll through Reddit to get the right meme for you to share. 

The dank memer is growing at an exponential rate and there are more numbers of users to count so add this bot to your discord server to keep your community engaged and away from boredom. 

Also, you can easily customize the dank memer bot according to your need and the needs of your community. You can change various elements of the bot on or off from the bot commands and dashboard. 

How is dank memer bot different?

The dank memer bot is made with the main purpose to make it easier for accessing “meme” on discord. The dank memer functionality is being a top-notch Meme bot, currency bot, image manipulation bot, and many more. There are 250 commands in dank members and with the help of great support from the dank memer community it keeps on growing even to a bigger number. 

How was Dank Memer created?

Melanie is the creator of the Dank Memer bot. Dank Memer was his first programming project when he started learning JavaScript in late 2016. Melmsie saw that there was not a great meme bot on discord so he created a bot with only 3 commands. Melmsie made dank memer available to the public in January 2017. The popularity of dank memer outgrew Melmsie expectation and became one of the most popular bots on discord. The popularity of dank memer grew 5 times in 2020, it grew from 2000 to 10,000 servers in a single day. 

I included the story of a dank memer as I felt it to be moving and a chance for you to realize the chance of creating something great in a market such as discord which is less competitive today.


How to invite Dank Memer bot on the discord server?

Adding a dank memer bot is a simple task and can be done with the help of just a few clicks.  Follow the steps mentioned below – 

STEP 1: For adding the dank memer bot on your discord server you have to invite the dank memer bot. You can invite the dank member bot from its official website – . Also I have mentioned the link to invite the dank memer bot directly to your server, you can simply click on it. 

Invite Dank Memer

STEP 2: So, if you have came on the homepage of dank memer then you will be easily able to see the “Invite Now” button. Also if you directly came from the invite link it will ask you to select the server.

STEP 3: When you have selected the server that you want to add the dank memer bot then click on the “authorize” button. 

STEP 4: Now you will be directed to the permission authorization page where the dank memer bot will ask you to provide various permissions which also includes the server administrator access. So, check out properly which permission do you want the dank memer bot to have. You can always readjust the permission later on. 

The dank memer bot will be successfully added to your server!!

You will be able to see the dank memer icon on the left sidebar in the bot section and also you will receive an automated message which will contain some basic information. 

Also if you face some difficulty in operating the dank memer discord bot then you can join the dank memer support community. The dank memer support community is the official discord server for the dank memer bot where you can easily find people who can help you to resolve any problem that you face with dank memer bot. I have mentioned the support group link below. You can also join their support community from their official website.

Dank Memer Support Community Discord Server

Dank Memer Commands 

There is an extensive list of commands in dank memer as it is a multipurpose bot therefore the number of commands is more than 250. The dank memer offers commands for animals, config, currency, fun, games, image, memey, utility.

Animals Commands

Animals command – You can see variety of animals from all over the reddit

pls animals

aww command – Show images some random cute things

pls aww

ducc command – Show random images of Duck

pls ducc

Ferret command– Show random images of Ferret

pls ferret

foxxy – Show random images of Foxes

pls foxxy

kitty – Show random images of pretty kitties!

pls kitty

pupper – Show random images of cute doggos!

pls pupper

redpanda – Show random images of cute red pandas!

pls redpanda

Dank Memer Memey Commands

4chan command – Fetch 4chan posts from reddit.

pls 4chan

comics command – Fetch latest comics from past week

pls comics

Create Command – Create some meme of your own

pls create

Discordmeme Command – A random Discord-themed meme!

pls discordmeme

facepalm command – Images that make you facepalm

pls facepalm

joke comamnd – Fetch some funny jokes

pls joke

Meme Command – See the top new memes on reddit!

pls meme

prequel command – The force is NOT with these

pls prequel

Pun command – Provide you with some interesting pun

pls pun

Sequel command -The force is NOT with these

pls sequel

wholesome command – Good wholesome memes for the heart

pls wholesome

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