How to Use Dank Memer Bot Discord [ Dank Memer Commands Guide ]

The Ultimate Guide to Use Dank Memer Bot commands on discord to play games, have fun with memes, use currency to get rich, and much more.

What is Dank Memer Bot about? (Brief features)

Melmsie, the creator of Dank Memer Bot created it because he was not able to find some great meme content on discord. This led Dank Memer to become the biggest meme bot. Along with memes, dank memer bot has features such as you can play games with other users.

Currency / Economy is one of the most popular features of dank memer where you can earn, lose, steal, buy, sell, etc with money in your bank. Currency feature is one of the most interesting features in dank memer also because many users can participate and show off their wealth.

As Dank memer is one of the largest meme bot having over 100 and more commands dedicated to meme only. The other features include image manipulation, utility commands, fun commands, animal commands and config commands.

This dank memer bot guide is divided into five parts.

  1. How to set up / add dank memer bot
  2. How to use Dank Memer Bot
  3. How to play games with dank memer bot
  4. How to use currency / economy commands guide
  5. All Dank Memer Bot commands (Tabular Form)

You can easily navigate these topics in this guide by simply tapping on them.

There are many features of dank memer bot such as currency, playing games, memes, etc. I have tried my best to explain games and currency features which sometimes users find difficult to get around. I will keep on updating this guide depending on demand. If you like to have some dank memer feature explanation added to this guide you can mention that in the comment section below.


How to add Dank Memer Bot on Discord

We can easily set up dank memer bots on our discord server with the help of an invite link that you will find on its official website. Also, you can add dank memer bot by following simple steps mentioned below. 

Steps to Add dank memer bot on discord server

STEP 1: To add the dank memer bot on your discord server you have to first invite the dank memer bot. You can invite the dank member bot from its official website –

Dank Memer Invite Now Button

Click on the Invite Now Button that is in the centre of the homepage.

Also, I have mentioned the invite link of the dank memer bot. In case the invite link mentioned below didn’t work, do checkout their official website. 

Invite Dank Memer Bot

STEP 2: When you have completed inviting the bot to your discord server, then select the required server in which you want the bot to be added.

Dank Memer select server

STEP 3: Click on the Continue button for the required server.

STEP 4: Now the dank memer bot will ask you to provide sufficient permissions which are needed for proper functioning of the bot. Click on the authorize button when you have seen the permissions.

Dank Memer permissions
Dank Memer Authorise


The dank memer bot will be successfully added to your server!!



NOTE: You will be able to see the dank memer icon on the left sidebar in the bot section and also you will receive an automated message which will contain some basic information. 

NOTE: Type pls help command to check if the bot is working properly. If not, try to repeat the steps from STEP 1. It might have been that the bot did not get added into the server in one go or might have been down for some time.

If you face an issue while using Dank Memer Bot then you can join the Dank Memer Bot official discord server and mention your problem in general chat. There might be other people on the server who have gone through the same problem that you are currently facing. 

Dank Memer Support Community Discord Server

How to Use Dank Memer Bot on Discord

The dank memer bot is famous for its meme and its economy feature. Even Melmsie the founder of dank memer created this bot because he couldn’t find some great memey material on discord. The economy system grew popular because it was fun to have money and loot other users from different servers. 

So, I will be describing how you can run basic meme commands that you can repeat the same with other commands as well.

Also, you can make your server more interactive by using Truth or Dare Bot. Truth or dare as a bot contains an extensive repository of 18000 questions specifically asked while playing the game.

Let’s continue with dank memer. 

The dank memer bot should be properly set up on your discord server. Make sure the bot is active and not down while you try to run the commands

Command Example 1: One of the most basic commands is ‘pls help’ command which will give you a complete list of commands that the bot can support. 

pls help

pls help command - how to use dank memer

Now you just have to find the commands that you require from the section where I have mentioned all dank memer commands.

Command Example 2: You can use dank memer bot to fetch memes from reddit r/meme directly to your server by typing ‘pls meme’ command.

pls meme

pls meme How to use dank memer

I think this might have given you a basic idea how to use dank memer commands. Now you have to just scroll down within this post. I have mentioned all the commands with their description. Also, you can read other sections about economy and games. 


How to play games Dank Memer bot on discord [Game Command Guide]

Dank memer bot also contains features to play games with your friends. There are 6 games that are present in the dank memer bot when i am writing this article. The games are connect4, fight, guess, rps, tictactoe and trivia. Let’s explore these games one by one.

Dank Memer game list


Dank Memer games for only one User

Guess Game

Command – pls guess 

In this guess game you have to guess the correct number from a given range provided by dank memer. You can also take help of hints in the guess game.

Dank memer guess game

Trivia Game

Command – pls trivia

In the trivia game, the dank memer bot will provide you with questions and MCQs you have to guess the right answer to gain the points. 

dank memer trivia game

Dank Memer games to play with other users

Fight Game

Command – pls fight @username

In the fight game you will be given attack methods and strength. You can type the user name with whom you want to play this game. The first one to lose all the strength loses the game.

Dank memer fight game

RPS Game 

Command – pls rps @username

RPS is short for Rock Paper Scissors. Just type the user you want to play with and enjoy the rock paper scissors.

dank memer rock paper scissors game

TicTacToe Game

Command – pls tictactoe @username

Simple and easy tictactoe game on dank memer. Each of you will get the turn to mark their symbols which will be decided by the bot.

How to play dank memer bot on discord

Connect4 Game

Command – pls connect4 @username

Play connect4 with friends.  

Dank memer connect4 game


How to use currency commands in Dank Memer [Currency Guide]

The currency or economy feature is one of the most popular features among dank memer bot users. In the currency feature, each user has a bank and you can earn or lose money from that bank. You can earn money by doing small tasks and also your money can be stolen by others so you have to keep them safe.

How to gain coins in dank memer?

There are many commands that you can use in dank memer to gain coins such as beg, work, seach, daily, weekly, redeem, slots, gamble, postmeme, steal @user, sell <item name>. Don’t forget to add the prefix in front of them. You can get a description of all these commands in the all commands list section mentioned below.  Apart from these commands your pet can also find coins for you.

What can you do with these coins?

You can use the coins to buy items from the shop. Also, when the amount of coins in the bank increases your status increases in the server which you can show off to other users by being rich.

How can you lose the coins?

There are various ways that you can lose your hard earned coins. You can lose the coin by dying in game, it might happen when you have used ‘pls search’ and gone to a dangerous place. Other ways to lose coins include someone robbing you, you have called the cops when there is no heist, the auto lottery can take out money from the bank, and many more.

How can you lose all coins when you die?

When you die, you lose all the coins that were there in your wallet. You can die of various reasons such as bank robbing someone, robbing someone and their pet attacks you, your pet killing you when you don’t take care of it, from an active landmine from someone you rob, 10% chance of dying from using tidepods or 5% chance of dying from alcohol use.

There are 50+ currency commands just check them all out in all commands list sections below. 


Dank Memer Bot Commands

Dank memer bot contains an extensive list of commands as the dank memer bot offers commands for animals, config, currency, fun, games, image, memey, utility, and many more.

I will be providing the complete list of each command along with the most popular commands and guide to categories wherever required. 

Dank Memer Prefix

Before you go ahead and look for commands you have to know what a prefix is. A prefix is a keyword which is unique to each bot and is added before a command so that bot can know whenever it is called and what it has to do. 

Dank Memer has a default prefix 


You have to use this prefix before each command. Example

pls animals

pls aww

We also have the option to change the prefix from the discord setting, it may sometimes lead to the bot not working issues (hapenned to me 🙂 I forgot the prefix of the about and thought the bot might be down) therefore be careful while changing the prefix.

All Dank Memer Bot Commands List

You can find all the dank memer bot commands at their website 

All I have done is provided the dank memer commands list in tabular format which you can refer to easily. 


Dank Memer Funny Commands

Command Description
pls 8ball Ask the magic (and kinda rude) 8ball about your future!
pls clap <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want with sass!
pls dankrate See how dank you are, 100% official dank score
pls deletethis “deletethis” memes
pls emojify <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want with emojis!
pls epicgamerrate See how much of an epic gamer you are
pls gif seach terms Get some sicc gifs to show how you feel
pls google seach terms Sick of someone asking dumb questions? LMGTFY it for them!
pls imagine <text to imagine> Imagine using a command to imagine something
pls lenny you know what lenny is, everyone does.
pls mock <text to be mocked> Mock the stupid shit your friend says!
pls owo Owo whats this
pls partyfrog <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want in party frog form!
pls rankthot See how thot you are (can be used in an official capacity)
pls waifu See how good of a waifu you are
pls roast @user Sick of someone? Easy! Just roast them!
pls say <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want!
pls showerthoughts Things to think about in the shower
pls simprate See how simp you are, 100% official score
pls spoiler <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want in annoying spoiler form!
pls stankrate See how stanky you are
pls uselessweb See a random site from
pls vaporwave <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want with a bit of vapor

Dank Memer Games Command

Command Description
pls fight <user> [coins | amount item] Fight to the death!
pls connect4 <user> [coins | amount item] Play a nice calm game of connect4 with your mates
pls gamelb [trivia | tic tac toe | fight | guess | rps | c4] See the top 10 gamers in your guild or globally 😎 You can provide the name of any of the games in the `Games` category to see leaderboard information on that specific game. Defaults to `trivia`.
pls guess [number] guessing game of the year 10/10
pls rps <user> Play a nice calm game of rock paper scissors with your mates
pls tictactoe <user> [coins | amount item] Play a nice calm game of tic tac toe with your mates
pls trivia Answer some trivia for a chance to win some coins.

Dank Memer Meme Commands

Command Description
pls 4chan Yes, these 4chan posts come from reddit. Get over it, reddit is better.
pls antiantijoke not not even funny
pls antijoke not even funny
pls blacktwitter It isnt racist, it’s just funny
pls chucknorris Let’s learn about God
pls comics See some s1ck new comics from the past week
pls create Make some hot new memes on your own!
pls discordmeme A random Discord-themed meme!
pls facepalm Images that make you facepalm
pls joke See a funny joke. Dad loves them!
pls meirl same tbh
pls meme See the top new memes on reddit!
pls memeeconomy See what memes are being invested in the most today
pls prequel The force is NOT with these
pls pun Are they dad jokes, or are they puns? Is there even a difference?
pls sequel The force is NOT with these
pls surreal I really do not understand these
pls tifu You really fucked up this time
pls wholesome Good wholesome memes for the heart
pls xkcd Grabs a random comic from [xkcd](


Dank Memer Animals Commands

Command Description
pls animals See a multiude of animals from various subreddits
pls aww See some random cute things
pls ducc Quack quack!
pls ferret Ferrets are pretty DAMN cute
pls foxxy See some foxes!
pls goosey See some cute goosies!
pls hootyboi a command to see owls?
pls hoppyboi See some cute bunnies!
pls kitty Lets see some pretty kitties!
pls lizzyboi See some cute lizzybois!
pls otter Otters are SO cute
pls pupper See some cute doggos!
pls redpanda See some cute red pandas!


Dank Memer Currency Commands

Command Description
pls balance [@user] Check your coin balance, or someone elses. Shows pocket and bank, if you are using it for yourself it also shows your bankspace available.
pls bankrob <@user> Rob somebody’s bank! You’ll need multiple friends to join the heist. The more that join, the higher chance of success! Beware, if you fail you get fined or can even die!
pls beg This command is used to “beg” for coins. You have a random chance to either gain some coins (and sometimes items), and a random chance to get nothing at all. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)
pls blackjack <number> Take your chances and test your skills at blackjack. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money.
pls buy <item> [quantity]/[“max”] Buy currency items from the shop. Some items are useful and give extended functionality, some are made just for selling/collecting, and some are only to FLEX on the normies! Not all items in the game are purchasable in the shop.
pls crime Commit a crime and see what you will get out of it! You can choose the art of your crime, each one has unique chances for coins, items and sometimes even death! (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier) (Not available in family friendly mode)
pls daily Get your daily injection of meme coins. Doing this command more than one day in a row starts a streak which can get you more coins! At certain points in the streak you’ll also get other cool items!
pls deposit <number> Deposit money into your bank account from your pocket! You can also use arguments like “max” and “all”. You cannot deposit past your bank space allowed, which you can see in balance.
pls dig Dig in the dirt to see what you can find! Sometimes you’ll find bugs, sometimes more than just bugs! Horseshoe affects this command, and you need to own a shovel.
pls fish This command is a virtual fishing game! You cast out your fishing pole (which you can buy in the shop), and have a chance to catch a fish! There’s also a slight chance to encounter a “boss”, which has higher stakes but higher payout if you win the mini-game!
pls gift <amount> <item> <@user> This command is used to share items with someone! If you want to trade with more security, use the trade command!
pls highlow This command provides a simple way to earn quick coins, by guessing if the number is higher or lower. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)
pls hunt This command is a virtual hunting game! Take your hunting rifle (that can be purchased in the shop) and take your chances trying to hunt for some animals to sell! Beware, there is also a chance to encounter a boss and it’s mini-game, which can have bad results upon losing.
pls inventory [@user] Check out your inventory, or someone else’s! This filters out some items if family friendly mode is set to true.
pls itemlb See who in your server has the most of any one item! If someone is not showing up, they aren’t cached. Their inventory has to change to show up on the leaderboard.
pls lootbox One of the ways we support development on our (mostly) FTP bot is through selling lootboxes! This command will link you to where you can purchase them.
pls lottery Buy a lottery ticket, a winner every hour, winner takes all that hour’s entry fees! Your odds of winning any given hour are 1 in however many people entered. If you win, you get a winning lottery ticket collectable item!
pls monthly Get your monthly injection of meme coins. This amount often changes to match inflation, and you cannot redeem it with a new account.
pls multiplier [@user] Check your current multiplier within the bot, including any secret multipliers you may have unlocked!
pls pet Purchase or interact with your own virtual pet! Some pets have better stats than others, which are reflected by their prices. Make sure to keep their love above 0% or it’ll run away and you will have to find a new pet 🙁
pls prestige This command will reset nearly your entire currency profile (wipe coins, items, and more) in exchange for a higher multiplier, an exclusive badge, and a few items to get you started fresh with. Premium users have lower reqs to prestige. In addition, you get a multi boost for some time after prestiging.
pls profile @user This command will show your, or another user’s, currency profile. There are also more detailed stats to see if you use the select menu!
pls redeem Redeem your cool donor rewards weekly! This is only usable by donors (via patreon) or server boosters.
pls remove <item> Unequip or remove an active item. Note that you will not receive the item back after removing it, and you have to pay a fee for some items.
pls rich See who the richest users in your current server are! This only lists pocket coins, there are no bank leaderboards yet. If you want a list that is a little more robber friendly, get the robber wishlist!
pls scratch <bet, table> Try to win something on Scratch-Off! This is very similar to those lottery scratch offs you can buy in the US at a gas station, but here, the more you bet the better your payout (or loss) is!
pls search This command is used to gain coins and sometimes items! You can pick a location to “search” in for stuff. Each place has unique chances for coins or items, and a few also have the ability to kill you! (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)
pls sell <item> [quantity] Sell one of your items back to the shop for a fraction of the shop price. Not everyone is able to be sold back.
pls share <@user> <quantity> Share some coins with someone! Two things to note: Your account cannot be new to using the bot to share, and there are taxes taken out depending on how much you are sharing.
pls shop [item] See what’s in the currency store! Every hour there is a new item on sale as well! You can also use this command to see more detailed info on a specific item with the pls shop .
pls slots <bet, table> Take your chances at a slot machine. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money. Use the table argument to see possible win rates!
pls snakeeyes <bet> You make a bet, and you try to get snake eyes (which are two ones on the dice). One eye pays out 1.8x your bet, two pays out 10x.
pls steal <@user> Take your chances at stealing from someone’s pocket. Warning, you will lose money if you get caught! You can steal anywhere from 20% to 100% of their coins if successful! There are also multiple shop items (and pets) that can defend someone’s wallet, so be weary of that! In addition, lots of servers have this command disabled or people can be in passive mode.
pls trade <coins> <item amount> <item name> <@user> For now, you can only trade YOUR coins for someone ELSE’S items. This will be less restrictive in the rewrite.
pls use [item] This command is used to “use” a currency item. Not all items are usable, and some will be consumed on use.


Dank Memer Config Commands

Command Description
pls audit <page number> See who has made changes to Dank Memer’s config in your server
pls autoresponse [autoreponse choice] Decide whether to enable or disable certain auto responses on this server
pls disable [command | all] [#channel | role] Use this command to disable commands or categories you do not wish for your server to use. You can disable things per channel, role, or user. Disables are overridden by enable!
pls enable Use this command to enable disabled commands or categories. You can enable things by user, channel, or role. Enables will override disables.
pls losslog <page number> See how you lost coins from your pocket.
pls prefix <prefix of your choice> Change Dank Memer’s prefix!
pls premiumserver [add | remove] Add or remove the current guild as a premium server, or leave the arguments blank to list all of your premium servers. You can remove a premium guild by its ID by specifying the ID after `remove`, like `pls premiumserver remove [id]`, you can get the ID by listing your redeemed premium servers
pls serverconf [option] Adjust server-specific settings and cool stuff
pls settings [option] Adjust user-specific settings and cool stuff

Hope you like the Dank Memer Bot discord Guide. You can provide the feedback about the article in the comment section. If you want any specific feature of the dank memer guide to be included in this article do mention it in the comments. 

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