Best John F. Kennedy Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online Free

Discover the top free online John F. Kennedy text-to-speech (TTS) AI voice generators! Add presidential flair to your projects with these user-friendly tools. Unleash your creativity and replicate JFK’s iconic voice effortlessly.

While many of you might find it challenging to generate your custom text to speeches in a distinct voice, there are a lot of tools to do so. Here, we have brought you some excellent TTS generators for the voice of former American president John F. Kennedy.

These websites and tools specifically focus on generating Kennedy TTS in only a few minutes. So, whether it is any text you want to generate in John F. Kennedy AI voice, you can easily do it with these tools.


Who is John F. Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy is the man who needs no introduction. But if you still don’t know about him, he was the 35th American president elected for this post in 1961.

John F. Kennedy was known for his short tenure as an American president since he was the youngest elected man for such a high position. Although, he was not able to continue his service for a longer duration.

In 1963, nearly 1000 days after Kennedy was elected president of the United States, he died of a tragedy that shook the entire nation. Although, he was known for his excellent voice and mind-changing speeches proving him to be a great orator.


Best John F. Kennedy Text to Speech AI Voice Generator Online Free

Starting with some of the websites and online tools that can act as Kennedy voice generators for you, the list goes with the best TTS generators ranking at the topmost position.


Fakeyou has proven to be one of the finest John F. Kennedy TTS generators. This is because of the highly beneficial features and facilities which this website offers.

Key Specifications

  • Fakeyou offers a collection of some extremely high-quality AI voices, including John F. Kennedy’s AI voice.
  • Fakeyou can generate the voices of any United States President, such as Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and many more.
  • The website comes with different variations of John F. Kennedy AI voice. This helps you to choose the tone according to your text.
  • You can even clone any audio or directly generate a Kennedy TTS with an audio file. This means you don’t have to write those long texts anymore.
  • For using the services of Fakeyou in your applications, you can also use its API integration facility. Although it comes at some minimal cost.


  • Users can make their contributions to Fakeyou’s AI voice database.
  • Can download your generated audio file in multiple formats.
  • No signup or registration is needed to create John F. Kennedy’s text-to-speech.


  • Fakeyou provides you with only a limited number of generations each day. Therefore, you must purchase its premium plan to make bulk TTS generations.


How to generate John F. Kennedy Text to Speech using Fakeyou?

Generating Kennedy text to speech using Fakeyou is a simple task. Here is how you can do it in just a few steps.

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Now scroll down to the “Text to Speech” option on the front page. A new window will open.

Step 3: Search for John F. Kennedy AI voice in the “Voices” column. If multiple options are shown, choose the one that best suits the tone of your text.

john f keneddy select fake you

Step 4: Now, type in your custom text to be converted into John F. Kennedy text-to-speech. 

fake you john f keneddy select

Step 5: Once done, click the “Speak” button and wait a few seconds. Fakeyou will process your Kennedy TTS and show the generated results.



Uberduck is another excellent website for taking TTS services. The website is almost similar to Fakeyou in terms of features and high-quality AI voices.

Key Specifications

  • Uberduck comes with a massive collection of AI voices. Moreover, these voices are available in extremely high quality.
  • You can even download your generated audio in MP3 and WAV formats according to your choice.
  • Similar to Fakeyou, Uberduck also has a voice-to-voice conversion feature. Therefore, you can directly generate a John F. Kennedy TTS from audio without the effort of typing those long texts.
  • Uberduck also offers its API to be used by developers for a minimal cost only.
  • You can also join the vast discord community of Uberduck and get solutions to any query you have regarding the platform.


  • Easy voice cloning features are also available.
  • The interface of the website is simple and user-friendly.
  • There are multiple tones available for the AI voice of certain characters.


  • Using Uberduck demands signing up on the platform. This can be a tedious and time-taking process.


How to generate John F. Kennedy Text to Speech using Uberduck?

You can easily use Uberduck’s John F. Kennedy voice generator to generate Kennedy AI voice in just a few simple steps. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Open Uberduck AI and signup on the website. If you are already registered, simply login to your Uberduck account.

Uberduck signup

Step 2: Now scroll down to the “Text to Speech” option on the home screen and click on it.

uberduck john f keneddy tts

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new window. Here in the “Voices” column, look for John F. Kennedy AI voice and select it.

uberduck select john f keneddy

Step 4: Type your custom text in the text box at the bottom of your screen.

uberduck john f keneddy select

Step 5: Once done, tap the “Synthesize” button. For Uberduck to generate your John F. Kennedy text-to-speech, wait a few seconds.


Free John F. Kennedy TTS Collection

Not precisely a TTS generator, here are some websites that will provide you with some pre-generated soundboards of John F. Kennedy. You can directly download these soundboards in various formats and use them for any purpose needed.

101 Soundboards

101 Soundboard is one of the most underrated websites that contains a huge collection of pre-generated soundboards for almost every character or real-life personality.

Key Specifications

  • 101 Soundboards offers a massive collection of pre-generated soundboards. These soundboards often include some famous dialogues of these characters.
  • You can easily download these soundboards into various audio formats according to your requirements.
  • You cannot generate any custom TTS specifically, but the soundboards present can be freely used for any commercial purpose.
  • There is also a dedicated application for 101 Soundboards. Therefore, you can easily access it from your smartphone as well.


  • You can find soundboards for almost any character.
  • Different dialogues are already generated.
  • No need to write any text or record an audio. Just download the soundboards and start using them instantly.


  • Many soundboards generated previously have been deleted and, therefore, cannot be used anymore.


Free John F. Kennedy AI Voice Changer

If you want to change your voice to John F. Kennedy AI voice, you can do so in real-time, like for live videos or streams. Voice AI is an excellent tool that can clone any voice, make real-time conversions, and convert audio directly into the AI voice of any character.


Voice AI

voice ai john f keneddy

Voice AI is a semi-free software that allows you to change your voice in real-time. In addition to this, the software comes with a lot of other advanced and excellent features.

Key Specifications

  • Voice AI is a free-to-install software that lets you train a robot on any particular voice. Therefore, you can easily make an AI voice for even yourself with the help of this software.
  • The algorithm is trained using the resources of the user’s system.
  • You can even directly change your voice as your speak. This feature helps you mimic any character’s voice during live streams.
  • The software has some already-installed AI voices, including famous personalities and fictional characters.


  • The software offers free credits to use its services for free initially efficiently.
  • You can create the AI voice of any character by training a robot for it.
  • Mimicking the voice of any famous personality can be done in minutes using this software.


  • Once the free credits expire, you will have to pay to buy new credits to continue to enjoy the services of Voice AI.


How to generate John F. Kennedy AI Voice using Voice AI?

Voice AI is complex software at first glimpse. But it is effortless to generate John F. Kennedy’s voice with this software.

Step 1: Install Voice AI on your system.

Step 2: Open the software and create a new account on it. 

Step 3: There is a paid version of Voice AI, but we will now consider using the free one.

Step 4: After signing up, choose your preferred input option from the drop-down menu, as shown in the image.

Step 5: Now, enable the “Record Mode” from the toggle button present at the top of your screen. If you want to change your voice in real-time, you can enable the “Live Mode” option.

Step 6: Now, click on the lady icon, which is displayed at the center of your screen.

Step 7: This will open a window where you can select the voice of any celebrity or character you want to mimic.

Step 8: Click the “Record” button and start recording your audio. 

Step 9: Once your audio is recorded, Voice AI will convert it into John F. Kennedy AI voice, and your results will display at the bottom of your screen.

If you are unable to find John F. Kennedy’s AI voice in the pre-installed voices on Voice AI, you will have to train a robot specifically for it by using your system resources.


Best John F. Kennedy AI Voice Generators (Paid)

Above were all the free easy to generate John F. Kennedy TTS. Although, if you have some budget and can spend on such services, here are two quick ways to generate John F. Kennedy AI voice by spending some money.


Eleven Labs

ElevenLabs Generate TTS

One of the finest text-to-speech tools online is Eleven Labs. Although the tool is paid, its services are worth the money it demands.

Key Specifications

  • Eleven Labs is one of the most realistic AI TTS generators. The AI voice generated by this tool matches no other AI generator’s voice.
  • The tools are available in multiple languages. Therefore, you can generate a TTS without any language boundations.
  • From short quick scripts to long stories, the tool is efficient enough a generate TTS for any purpose.
  • You can give laughing effects to your audio wherever needed. Therefore, the tools make your audio more realistic by adding emotions.
  • You can also clone the voice of any character you want. You only need to provide Eleven Labs with an audio sample and leave the rest to its efficient AI.


  • You can take a free Eleven Labs trial before paying for it.
  • High-quality and exactly matching AI voices are produced.
  • Cloning the voice of any character is extremely easy.


  • The platform is still evolving, so you might not use it to its extreme capacity.


Fiverr Gigs

fiverr tts generate

Fiverr is another excellent platform for buying John F. Kennedy TTS services for just $5. 

Key Specifications

  • Fiverr contains a lot of service providers from all around the world. Therefore, you can compare their services and buy the best one.
  • You can get a TTS service for as less as $5. All you need to do is pay, sit back, and relax while your TTS is generated with someone else.
  • Sellers give you many additional perks to enjoy their services to the fullest.
  • You can even demand reworks or corrections if you are unsatisfied with the John F. Kennedy TTS generated.


  • Minimal rates for purchasing a premium high-quality service.
  • Sellers provide reworks until you are completely satisfied.
  • You can demand any additional customizations according to your requirements.


  • Understanding the platform for the first time might be complex. 



John F. Kennedy Text to Speech – Honorable Mention

Now that you already know about most John F. Kennedy TTS generators and AI soundboard providers, we have some more websites offering dedicated TTS tools for John F. Kennedy AI voice generation.


ExploringBits Text to Speech Generator

The ExploringBits TTS generator is one of the finest and most compact TTS generators you can find online. This tool comes with an eye-catching interface that is user-friendly and interactive.

A massive collection of AI voices with the best audio quality possible exists. Therefore, you can quickly generate a John F. Kennedy TTS using this tool.

In addition, the tool also comes with AI voices of a particular character available in various voice tones. This helps you to use the perfect voice according to the style of your texts.

You can also modify your generated audio files by changing their speed, pitch, and volume according to your requirements. 

You can even clone any voice or directly generate an AI voice using the voice-to-voice generation facility of the ExploringBits TTS generator.

All these features make this tool worth trying for any TTS service you want.



Next on the list is Voxbox, a TTS software developed by “iMyFone”. This software offers an efficient TTS service for quickly generating John F. Kennedy AI voice.

Voxbox is a light and interactive software with a massive collection of AI voices. You can easily find the AI voices of almost any character on this software.

One of the most popular features of this software is its excellent voice cloning capability. You can easily clone any voice with Voxbox within a few minutes only.

The software is initially free-to-use. Although, there are only a limited number of characters allowed to be generated in the free version, after which you wil have to purchase its premium plan. 

Voxbox can be a reasonable consideration for easy and quick TTS services.


TopMedia AI

TopMedia AI is another online TTS tool like ExploringBits. Therefore, you don’t have to download dedicated software on your system.

This tool comes with all the features and TTS tools similar to Voxbox. Although, the quality of the TTS generated is far less than Voxbox and the ExploringBits TTS generator.

TopMedia AI also provides a limited number of characters to be generated free of cost, after which you have to purchase its premium version.

Although, some complex texts might not be generated appropriately. But the software is worth considering when looking for good TTS services online.


FAQs for John F. Kennedy Text to Speech Generator

What was JFK’s famous quote?

John F. Kennedy was a great orator. One of his most famous quotes is, “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” These lines of John F. Kennedy, which he delivered in 1961, spread like wildfire in the books of the most famous quotes.

What is JFK AI text to speech?

The JFK AI text-to-speech is an AI deep learning technology through which a machine can precisely replicate John F. Kennedy’s voice. Moreover, it can orate your custom text in John F. Kennedy AI voice.

What was JFK slogan?

The famous slogan of JFK included “A time for greatness”. This was the most famous slogan of John Kennedy that went all around the US in the early 60s. In addition to this, there was another famous slogan that said “We Can Do Better” which was given by Kennedy to the United States.

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