How to Use Katheryne Bot Discord [ Katheryne Bot Commands ]

The general-purpose discord bots have been in demand among major servers all over discord. These bots provide services that are much needed for a server to grow and move ahead. The main problem which these bots solve is that with the help of such bots made by some of the finest developers, a server’s admin need not be active all the time but their inactivity won’t at any cost affect the server in a negative manner. 

Thus, to summarize the whole thing, such bots partially automate the servers thereby moderating them in the best ways possible to provide its members a good and positive experience. 

Discussing another such bot today in this blog, we have with us one of the best bots over the discord platform and which is highly praised by those already using them, the bot is known as the Katheryne Bot. The Katheryne bot is a Genshin Impact bot that provides its general services to any server over discord and in its past days had proved itself to be one of the chosen ones which users prefer over any other bot. The bot can be recognized as a known one over the discord platform by simply getting an eye on the number of servers it has covered and still continues to do so each day. 

Thus, talking about its coverage, the bot has laid its hands happily over 180.63K servers divided into multiple communities all preferring the Katheryne bot for their beneficial uses. With the above stats, one can surely conclude that the bot isn’t among the ones that don’t care for their users. The bot surely provides its services in the best form and offers some of the best features that can be used over almost any server for daily moderation of the server. Let’s now discuss these unique features which the bot has to share with its users to provide them with the best service.


Katheryne Discord Bot Features

Talking about the features which the bot offers, the Katheryne bot is known over the discord platform for some of its features mentioned ahead. 

Starting with the first one, the bot offers its users the facility of setting reminders or alarms as we say in layman’s terms. One can easily get notified for any happening over the server which they else might miss. 

The other major feature which the bot has to offer is the characters artifacts features, along with which the bot also has certain weapons for its users. 

One of the most major features that the bot is widely known for includes the wish emulator for which the bot is highly praised and appreciated. Thus, do try this feature out when adding the bot to your servers. 

To summarize things, the bot is all over fun and enjoyable one which can surely handle your server effectively. Do try your hands on this excellent masterpiece and get your servers boosted and made attractive in no time.


Katheryne Bot Commands List

The default prefix of katheryne Bot is *. Make sure to apply before the keywords.

Commands Description
*banners List all possible banners to use on the wish simulator.
*crystals View how many Crystals :Crystal: you currently have.
*inventory Gives a user’s wishing inventory.
*leaderboard Displays the top users based on a sort option
*profile Check the wish simulator stats of yourself or others.
*setprofile Change elements on your profile like your Genshin UID and namecard image.
*trade Trade characters from your wishing inventory with other users.
*wish Genshin Impact wish simulation. No 5 star pity. Add the word “lucky” to your pull!
*botinfo Check guild count, cluster number, shard count, and ping.
*donate All donations go towards paying for the bot host in order to keep Katheryne online.
*invite Get the invite link to add Katheryne to your server
*prefix Change or view the bot prefix.
*report Send a bug report or suggestion to the developer.
*support Obtain a link to the bot’s support server.
*vote Vote for the bot to recieve rewards.
*daily Lists available domains for the day & their materials (servers: NA, EU, ASIA)
*timer Set a timer. Includes a customizable resin timer along with the three weekly bosses (7 day timers).
*timers View and/or remove your currently set timers.
*artifact Display information on an artifact set.
*artifacts Lists all possible artifact sets in the game.
*char Gives a rundown of the specified character. Can view ascension materials, talents, and constellations.
*namecards No help found…
*weapon Display weapon information (type, stat bonuses, & ascension materials).
weapons Lists all possible weapons in the game. Can also provide a sort option (ex. *weapons crit rate).
*help Show help about the bot, a command, or a category.


Katheryne Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Katheryne Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Katheryne Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Katheryne bot, it can be done in the settings tab.


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