How to Use Koya Bot Discord [ Koya Bot Commands Guide ]

Koya Bot is a multi-purpose and fun discord bot. It has been one of the most popular bots in the discord community for the last year. It has a server count of 1,306,429 servers which further showcases its popularity. It is a fully configurable bot that provides many commands for different purposes.  


Koya Bot Discord Features

Greeting System: You get personalized entrance greetings in the Koya bot. Using their greetings system, you can send greetings and welcome messages to your members.

Koya Bot Discord Features

Exclusive One Piece game: This includes a game called “Back to the World of One Piece.” You can play an engaging and unique “One piece” game with your fellow server members.

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Moderation System: Comes with a full-fledged moderation system that you can use to mute, warn, kick or even ban users.

Image Manipulation: With Koya’s Image Manipulation, you can experiment with images. You can increase brightness, hue, saturation, pixelate or invert the colors of any image. Have fun with your friends.

Social Interactions: You can add social interactions to your server with the help of Koya bot commands. There are many commands for social interactions, like hugging, kissing, slapping, or hurting any member. Unique GIFs depict these interactions from other anime.

Social Interactions

Stats Information: Can be used to track your server’s activity and its members. You can check member count, info on different members, or the current game the members are playing.

Reddit and RSS Feed: If you want to stay up-to-date with the content of your favorite website or any subreddit post, then Koya’s Reddit and RSS Feed system is the ideal solution.

Fun Commands: Koya provides fun commands that make chatting more engaging and entertaining. This feature encourages users to stay on the server, increasing user retention.

Fun Commands

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Helpful Tools: Comes with different tools that can be used in daily life like reminders, translation, checking locations on maps, and even google search and youtube. 

Utilities: Koya’s utilities make it convenient to do things without leaving Discord; no need to switch apps!


How to Use Koya Bot Discord

Koya Bot is a multipurpose and fun discord bot. You can use Koya Bot for setting up welcome, and goodbye messages, moderation for the server, Image manipulation, and having fun with social and fun commands.

We will discuss the most asked How-Tos related to Koya Bot. If you have any questions related to Koya Bot, then drop them in the comment section.


How To Invite Koya Bot To Discord?

Adding the Koya bot to your discord server is very easy. You can do it only with the help of a few clicks.

Invite Bot

Step 1: You can invite the bot to your server using the above invite button. Also, you can invite the bot from the official site –

koya bot site

Step 2: On the Koya bot site, you need to click on the blue button that says “Add To Discord.”

Step 3: Now, It will ask you to select the discord server to which you want to add the Koya bot. 

Step 4: After selecting the server to which you want to add the Koya bot, it will ask you for permissions, including authorization for access to your discord account. 

Press ‘yes’ to continue the process. You should review all the permissions that the bot requires before authorizing it. 

It will automatically have administrator access. You can untick the administrator access if you don’t want the bot to have complete access to your server. Then click on the Authorize button to complete the process of adding the Koya bot to your selected server.

After this, you will see the following message in your #general chat room confirming that Koya has joined the server.


How to Setup Koya Bot Welcome Message

You can use Koya Bot to set up Welcome and Goodbye Messages. Just follow the steps below.

1. You will require a text channel for welcome Messages.

I suggest creating a new welcome channel. You can use any existing channel for Welcome Messages also.

Welcome text channel

2. Go to and click on the login from the upper right corner.

login to koya

3. Authorise Koya Bot for Account Access, and the Koya Bot Dashboard will appear.

koya dashboard

4. Toggle the button where it says “Send a message when a user joins the server”.

set welcome message

5. Select the Text Channel where you want the welcome message to appear.

6. Enter the custom Message that you want to show in the Channel.

7. You can also customize the welcome image background and the message that will appear in it.

preview welcome message

8. You can also directly message the welcome image to the user.

9. When you are done with the customization, save the changes on the bottom left.

Save the settings

10. To view the welcome message in the selected channel, use the ^^welcome command.

View welcome message

You can repeat the same steps for setting GoodBye messages with different text channels.


How To Remove Koya Bot From Discord?

There is only one way through which you can remove the Koya bot from your server:

You can right-click on the Koya bot’s icon on the right sidebar, and there you will find the option ‘Kick Koya’ to kick the Koya bot out of the server.

If you want to remove the Koya bot such that no one can add the Koya bot again to the server, then you can right-click on the Koya bot in the right sidebar and select the ‘Ban Koya’ option from the menu.


Koya Bot Commands List

The Koya bot has a lot of commands to offer for different activities. 

The default prefix for Koya Bot is ^^

You can get a complete list of these commands by typing the ^^help command on the server.

help commands

You can also view a complete list of modules and the commands they provide by going to the Koya bot’s official website –

We have mentioned all Koya Commands below.


Administration Commands

Command Usage
^^announce_channel Edit the Announcement Channel for joins, leaves and bans.
^^auto_nick Add an automatic nickname to your members that joins the server.
^^ban_image Manage ban image.
^^ban_message Manage ban message.
^^channels Server channels management.
^^ignore_channel Add or remove channels from the ignored list. (Except admins and mods)
^^ignore_role Add or remove roles from the ignored list. (Except admins and mods)
^^ignore_user Add or remove users from the ignored list. (Except admins and mods)
^^image_channel Add or remove channels from the image channels list. (Image channels are channels where only images can be sent)
^^join_image Manage join image.
^^join_message Manage join message.
^^leave_image Manage leave image.
^^leave_message Manage leave message.
^^logs Logs usage.
^^prefix Show or change bot prefix.
^^rss RSS feature usage.
^^reddit Reddit feature usage.
^^roles Manage roles in the server, create, delete, or edit roles.


Adventure Commands

Command Usage
^^achievements Shows achievements or achievements progress.
^^action Perform an action, if necessary.
^^adventure Adventure mode usage, start the adventure, check the context or change the language of your adventure..
^^balance Sends your balance.
^^battle Start or check the information of a battle.
^^boat Use or upgrade your boat, start expeditions and accost in time, recruit crew members.
^^casino Bet your berries in the Casino.
^^chapter Displays your progress in the current chapter, allows you to move on to the next chapter.
^^checklist Show or edit your adventure checklist.
^^colosseum Fight in the colosseum, display the rankings or your statistics.
^^daily Get your daily reward.
^^dendenmushi Be the first to catch the Den Den Mushi!
^^dice Bet on a roll of two 6-sided dice.
^^event 🎭 Used for in-game events, there are no events running right now.
^^events 📚 Displays your event history.
^^fish Do your fishing.
^^jackpot Shows current jackpot amount.
^^lootbox Open or list your lootboxes.
^^mail Check your mails.
^^premiumadventure Displays information about the Adventure Premium subscription.
^^profile Shows your own or someone’s profile, or customize it.
^^rank Shows your ranks.
^^rep Give a reputation point to a player.
^^tavern Get HPs with using the tavern.
^^top Shows players leaderboard.
^^train Improve your weapons and weapons mastery.
^^vote Vote for the bot and receive a reward.
^^wanted Sends a wanted pic of your own or mentionned user’s avatar.


Fun Commands

Command Usage
^^bingo Starts a bingo (Random number to find).
^^chinese Transform your text to chinese writing.
^^choose Random choice from options.
^^clap Make your text clap.
^^cowsay Let a cow talk.
^^8ball Answer to your question.
^^f Press 🇫 to pay respect.
^^fml Get a random fml story.
^^flip Flips your text.
^^hangman Starts a hangman game.
^^lovecalc Calculates love percentage between two users.
^^memes Shows random memes.
^^minesweeper Play minesweeper on Discord.
^^mixnames Mix names.
^^mocking Applies spongemock effect to your text.
^^nocontext No context pictures.
^^octogone Octogone sans règles.
^^owofy For all of your owo and uwu needs
^^pokefusion Fuse two Pokémons together.
^^print Prints your image to ASCII.
^^rps Duel the bot or your friend with a rock paper scissor game.
^^rate Rate you or mentionned user.
^^regional Regional Emote Text
^^reverse Reverses your text.
^^roll Rolls random number with optional minimum and maximum numbers (Default max is 100).
^^roulette Random winner of the roulette title.
^^russian_roulette Play russian roulette game.
^^say Talk with the bot.
^^smallcaps Turns your text into smallcaps.


Image Commands

Command Usage
^^aborted All the Reasons I Should Have Been Aborted.
^^adorable Shows adorable image from user or text given.
^^affect No it doesn’t affect my baby…
^^art Displays Art from Imgur.
^^aww Random cute animal pictures.
^^banned Sends a preview of the banned image announcement.
^^beautiful Oh, this? This is beautiful.
^^beer Random beer picture.
^^bird Random bird pic.
^^blur Sends a blurred pic of your own or mentionned user’s avatar.
^^bob Sends a bob painting of your own or mentionned user’s avatar.
^^brazzers Sends avatar or image given with brazzers logo.
^^brightness Adjusts image brightness.
^^cat Random cat picture with optional text.
^^cheat Who is cheating on that poor girl?
^^convolute Applies a convolution kernel matrix to the given image.
^^deepfry 😂👌💯🔥
^^deepregret Deep Regret …!
^^delete Delete meme.
^^distortion Applies distortion effect to the given image.
^^dog Random dog picture.
^^earth Random earth picture.
^^everywhere X, X Everywhere.
^^explode Applies explode effect to given image.
^^flat Applies flat effect on the given image.
^^flipimage Flips a picture horizontally or vertically.
^^food Random food picture.
^^fox Random fox picture.
^^gif Shows gifs by search.
^^goodbye Shows goodbye image message.
^^greyscale Removes color from the image.
^^hue Adjusts the color tint of an image.
^^implode Applies implode effect to given image.
^^invert Sends an inverted pic of your own or mentionned user’s avatar.
^^kms Kill myself.
^^magik Sends a magik pic of given image.
^^mirror Applies mirror effect to given image.
^^mix Mix image with RBG colors.
^^opacity Adjusts opacity of an image.
^^paint Applies a paint effect to an image.
^^picture Why is everyone taking a photo of that picture?
^^pixelate Pixelates an image.
^^pokecard Create a custom Pokémon card depending on what you want.
^^rat tema la taille du rat.
^^religion Applies given image to the “What’s Your Religion” meme.
^^robot Shows robot image from user or text given.
^^rotate Rotates a pic.
^^saturate Applies saturated effect to give image.
^^sepia Applies Sepia effect to given image.
^^tvhead Applies TVHead effect to the given image.
^^tobecontinued Applies to be continued effect to the given image.
^^trigger Triggers the given image.
^^waifuinsult Insult your waifu.
^^welcome Shows welcome image message.
^^wide Widens an image.
^^yugioh Create a custom Yugioh card depending on what you want.


Info Commands

Command Usage
^^avatar Shows your own or mentionned user’s avatar.
^^banner Displays user’s banner.
^^channelinfo Shows channel information.
^^dashboard Sends a link to the web dashboard.
^^discrim Gets a list of users with a discriminator.
^^donate Show bot’s donation options.
^^emoji Shows information about the given emoji or manage server emojis.
^^help Shows the commands list.
^^info Shows bot information.
^^invite Shows bot invite link.
^^inviteinfo Shows invite link information.
^^membercount Shows server member count.
^^myid Gets your user ID and server ID.
^^owner Shows bot owner.
^^patreon Sends Koya’s Patreon.
^^ping Shows bot ping.
^^premium Displays information about Koya’s different Premiums.
^^premiumserver Displays information about the Premium Server subscription.
^^premiumuser Displays information about the Premium User subscription.
^^roleinfo Shows role information.
^^serverinfo Shows server information.
^^serverpicture Displays server icon.
^^shard Shows shard information of Koya.
^^uptime Shows bot uptime.


Moderation Commands

Command Usage
^^ban Ban a user with an optional duration and optional reason.
^^clean Clean bot messages.
^^clearwarns Clear user or server warnings.
^^customcommands Add, remove or manage custom commands.
^^kick Kick a user.
^^modlogs Retrieves the list of mod logs for a user.
^^modstats Shows moderation statistics of a moderator.
^^moderations Shows server moderations.
^^move Move a user in a voice channel.
^^mute Mute a user with an optional duration and optional reason.
^^purge Allows to purge/clean the channel with specific content, number is optional and is 100 by default.
^^reason Add or edit the reason of a mod log Case.
^^role Toggle user roles.
^^setnick Edit user nickname.
^^slowmode Update or disable the slowmode for the channel.
^^softban Ban then unban user to delete messages.
^^timeout Timeout a user with an optional reason.
^^unban Unban a user
^^unmute Unmute a muted user.
^^untimeout Untimeout a user with an optional reason.
^^vc Get a link of the voice channel where a user is.
^^warn Warn a user with or without a reason.
^^warnings Show, remove or manage the server warnings.


Social Commands

Command Usage
^^baka You baka.
^^bang Bang the bot or someone.
^^bite Bite someone.
^^blush Blush at someone.
^^confused Show that you are confused.
^^cookie Give a cookie to someone.
^^cry Cry alone or to someone.
^^cuddle Cuddle with and comfort a user.
^^dab Make a dab.
^^dance Dance alone or with someone.
^^everyone Who the hell pinged @everyone again?
^^feed Feed someone.
^^greet Greet someone.
^^handholding Hold the hand of the mentioned user.
^^highfive Highfive the bot or someone.
^^hug Hug someone.
^^insult Insult the bot or someone.
^^jojo Jojo memes.
^^kiss Kiss someone.
^^lewd Lewd to someone.
^^pat Pat the bot or mentioned user.
^^poke Poke someone.
^^pout Pout at the bot or mentioned user.
^^punch Punch someone or the bot.
^^shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
^^slap Slap someone.
^^sleepy Share that you feel sleepy.
^^smile Smile at someone.
^^smug Give a smug look to someone.
^^stare Stare at the bot or mentioned user.
^^thinking Thinking.
^^tickle Tickle someone.
^^wasted Wasted yourself or someone.


Utility Commands

Command Usage
^^afk Set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned.
^^anime Show anime information.
^^appstore Search for apps in the AppStore.
^^character Look up a character.
^^color Shows color information.
^^createinvite Creates invite link to server.
^^define Defines a word.
^^discord Get the link of the official support server.
^^faction Join and manage factions in your server.
^^fortnite Shows Fortnite player statistics.
^^google Sends a Google search.
^^imgur Upload images directly to Imgur.
^^lmgtfy Sends a lmgtfy search.
^^language Edit the bot language.
^^lyrics Shows lyrics of given song.
^^manga Shows manga information.
^^map Sends Google Map image for the location given.
^^math Mathematical calculations.
^^osu Shows osu! play stats.
^^playstore Search for apps in the PlayStore.
^^poll Create a simple poll in the channel.
^^radio Radio usage.
^^remindme Set something to remind.
^^roleme Join or leave self-assignable roles.
^^strawpoll Creates a Strawpoll with your options.
^^translate Translates given text.
^^weather Shows weather information.
^^wikipedia Searches Wikipedia for something.
^^youtube Sends YouTube link according to search.


For NSFW commands, go to, read the dialog box and proceed accordingly.

Or After adding the bot, type the ^^help command and select NSFW from the menu.


Koya Bot Not Working – How To Get The Koya Bot To Work ?

Sometimes, the Koya bot might have issues like not responding or being offline. This issue can be due to discord bot shard’s server outage. If you face a problem, check the Koya bot status in Koya bot support Community.

If the Koya bot is not responding to your commands, then there might be the following problems: 

  • This problem could happen because the Koya bot has yet to get all the permissions to work correctly. The Koya bot needs View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links permissions in that channel to read messages and respond appropriately.
  • Ensure you keep the Koya bot’s default prefix, ‘ ^^’ You can change this prefix to suit your liking through the dashboard or mention the Koya bot in the chat, followed by any command to execute them.
  • Make sure that you use the correct syntax for a particular command. You check that command’s syntax by using the ‘^^help’ command.

If the Koya bot does not respond after applying the above steps, then check if the Koya bot is present in the server or not. 

If the above methods do not work, try reinviting the bot into the server. Also, you can get help from the support community server.

Drop a comment regarding the issue you are facing with the Koya bot, and we will try to come up with a solution.


FAQ for Koya Bot

What is the function of the Koya Discord bot?

Koya is an advanced Discord bot with many valuable features. You can use it to send announcements to your members or moderate your server with its powerful moderation tools.

It is customizable and user-friendly, providing a powerful way to manage your server. You can also use it to greet new members and keep your server running smoothly.

How to kick Koya bot from your server?

To kick the Koya bot from the server, you need to right-click on its icon, which is located on the right sidebar. You will see an option, ‘Kick Koya,’ when you do this. 

Clicking on this option will immediately remove the Koya bot from the server. This action is irreversible, so make sure that you want to remove the bot before proceeding with this action.

Also, it is essential to understand that kicking the Koya bot will remove all associated features and permissions. Therefore, checking the server’s settings is recommended before taking this step.



Bots are a great way to enrich the user experience on Discord, allowing users to perform various tasks, such as sending GIFs, playing music, and more. Bots provide helpful features such as moderation, music, and fun commands. 

This article has given you the process and information on using the Koya bot. We have cleared all your doubts about using the Koya bot in this article. If you have some unanswered questions, then mention them in the comments.

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