How to Use Koya Bot Discord [ Koya Bot Commands Guide ]

The popularity of Discord is growing by the day. One of the many reasons for this popularity is the presence of specialized bots on discord that provide many interesting and entertaining features. One such bot is the Koya Bot


The Koya Bot is a multi-purpose and fun discord bot. It has been one of the most popular bots in the discord community for the last year. It has a server count of 1,306,429 servers which further showcases its popularity. It is a fully configurable bot that provides many commands for different purposes. Its features include-: 


  • Greeting System – Sends an announcement everytime a member joins or leaves your server.
  • Exclusive One Piece game – Comes with an interactive One Piece game that you can play with your fellow server members.
  • Moderation System –  Comes with a full-fledged moderation system that you can use to mute, warn, kick or even ban any members that cause problems in the server.
  • Image Manipulation – Have different commands to experiment with images. You can increase brightness, hue, saturation, pixelate or invert the colors of any image.
  • Social Actions – Comes with commands for different social interactions like hug, kiss, slap or heart any member. These interactions are depicted by unique GIFs from different anime.
  • Stats information – Can be used to track the activity of your server and its members. You can check member count, info on different members or the current game being played by members.
  • Useful Tools – Comes with different tools that can be used in daily life like reminders, translation, checking locations on maps, and even google search and youtube. 



Adding the Koya bot to your discord server is very easy. It can be done only with the help of a few clicks.

STEP 1: Start by going to the official website of the Koya Bot. You can either search for “Koya bot” on Google or you can go directly to their official website which is –  

STEP 2: The official website of the Koya bot looks like this.

You need to click on the blue button that says “Add To Discord”. This will redirect you to discord in order to add the Koya bot to your server.

STEP 3: After clicking on the “Add To Discord” button, discord will open and you will be asked to sign in to your discord account. When you sign in or you are already signed in to discord then you will be asked to select the discord server to which you want to add the Koya bot to. 

STEP 4: After having selected the server to which you want to add the Koya bot to, you will be asked for some standard permissions including authorization for access to your discord account. Press ‘yes’ to continue the process. You should review all the permissions that the bot requires before authorizing it. The list of permissions are-:

It will automatically have administrator access; you can untick the administrator access if you don’t want the bot to have complete access to your server. Then click on the Authorize button in order to complete the process to add the Koya bot to your selected server.

After this, you will see the following message in your #general chat-room confirming that the Koya bot has been added to your server.

The Koya bot is now successfully added to your discord server!! You will also be able to see the Koya bot confirmation message on the right sidebar.



The Koya bot has a lot of commands to offer for different activities. You can get a complete list of these commands by typing ‘^^help” in any channel of the server to which the Koya bot is added. You can also view a complete list of modules as well as the commands they provide by going to the Koya bot’s official website –



There is only one way through which you can remove the Koya bot from your server–:

  1. You can right-click on the Koya bot’s icon on the right sidebar and there you will find the option ‘Kick Koya’ to kick the Koya bot out of the server.
  2. If you want to remove the Koya bot such that no one can add the Koya bot again to the server then you can right-click on the Koya bot in the right sidebar and select the ‘Ban Koya’ option from the menu.



Sometimes the Koya bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a complete discord server outage, if you face the issue check on the Koya bot status page on its official website.

If the Koya bot is not responding to your commands then there might be the following problems -:

  • This might happen because the Koya bot may not have the required permissions. The Koya bot needs View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links permissions in that channel in order to read messages and respond appropriately.
  • Make sure you did not change the Koya bot’s default prefix which is ‘^^’. You can also change this prefix to suit your liking through the dashboard or you can also mention the Koya bot in the chat followed by any command to execute them.
  • Make sure that you use the right syntax for a particular command. You check the syntax of that command by using the ‘^^help’ command. 

If the Koya bot does not respond after applying the above steps, then check if the Koya bot is present in the server or not. Verify if the bot has been added successfully or not. If it has been added but doesn’t show up in the members list then it might not have the required permissions which are View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links. So make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Koya bot (This can be done in the Settings tab).


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