How to Use arcane bot discord [ Arcane bot commands ]

The popularity of the discord is growing exponentially, in the year 2020 the discord became one of the most used super apps on the playstore. Discord is mainly a chat service application and is mostly used by gamers, developers, and other people. What makes discord great is its robust feature of text channel collection that players can communicate just like in a group chat. The feature that makes discord the most used application is that it is a cross-platform application independent of any mobile or device. 

So, that was a brief about the discord. Now, the arcane bot is one of the discord bots which you can add on your discord server. The arcane bot is one of the most popular leveling and multi purpose bot just like YAGPDB and MEE6 bot. Arcane has over 70 million users and is used by 700k discord servers. 

If you are a gamer and want to stream games on discord, then you will need the arcane bot to check your level in the game. You can stream games on discord but there are a large number of servers available. There are special servers for a special activity. If you want to find the best fortnite discord servers or many other popular game servers to stream on discord, please visit the discord website.

The arcane bot offers the feature for both leveling and moderation. Leveling system in discord is where the player can be ranked on the discord server according to their points allotted which will open higher levels and ranking offering access to moderator ranks and other staff rank, leveling features are great to keep the community to work for increasing levels as they do in games. The moderation feature of arcane offers great help to maintain a healthy community environment, arcane basically does the auto moderation feature where the server owner can create their rules and on the basis of those rules the arcane will keep the check on the users if they maintain the decorum of the community. 

Best Features Arcane Bot offers


The arcane bot offers various free and unlimited role rewards and leaderboard. YOu can configure and claing the custom link and also you can configure roles and features. 

Voice Leveling

This is a unique feature that is offered by the arcane bot where you can enable the voice leveling and then let the arcane to start calculating the voice activity

Reaction Role

The reaction role is a feature that is offered by many other discord bots. Basically with the help of this feature users can allot themselves roles by interaction with the emojis and these roles will enable users to access channels and other permissions on the discord server.

Youtube Notification

The Arcane allows you to set up notification that can directly send to the youtube audience from discord

Log Record

The arcane bot can easily perform the logging operation where the bot can keep the record of the users that joined and left the discord each minute. Arcane can log messages and keep track of what is going on the server.

Custom Command

The arcane bot offers the feature where you can create your own custom commands that you can use to add roles or provide information and many more. 


Moderation helps to create a healthy community environment. The arcane bot offers the feature to auto moderate where you have to only set rules for which you want the arcane bot to moderate the users on the server.

How to Add Arcane bot on discord

Adding Arcane is adding another bot on your discord server. Follow the below steps to add the arcane bot on your discord server. 

STEP 1: To add the bot to your discord server you will have to invite the bot on the discord server. You can simply invite the arcane bot from its official website-. Also, you can directly add the arcane bot from the invite link that I have mentioned below 

STEP 2: You will be asked to select the discord server in which you want to add the arcane bot and if you are not signed in to your discord then it will prompt you to first sign into the discord

STEP 3: On selecting the server to add the arcane bot you will be asked to proceed with permission to authorize the bot. Read the list carefully before you assign the permission to your discord server, the list also includes providing admin-level access to the discord server so be careful before giving that permission.

You have successfully added the arcane bot on your discord server !!

For confirmation, you can see the logo of the arcane bot on the right sidebar and also the message from arcane not letting you know the bot has landed on the server.

Also, I will mention joining the support community group of arcane bot so if you ever face difficulty with the bot you can ask for help in the community. You can join the community simply from the official website also you can follow the link that I have mentioned below to directly join the support community


Arcane bot command

Every discord bot has a prefix which you have to add in front before typing the commands. These prefixes are very important in discord and are unique to each discord bot. Similarly the arcane has its own prefix ‘a’ which you have to add in front before typing any command.

For all commands you can visit the arcane bot official website – 

General Command

Avatar – View the users

Dashboard – Get the link to the server dashboard

help – Get link for multiple resources to guide the user

invite – Get the invite link of arcane bot


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