How to use Virtual Fisher Bot Discord [ Virtual Fisher Bot Commands ]

Playing mild and relaxing games has now been a trend over discord. Adjusting to this liking of users, bot developers over discord have also made their minds come up with games of a similar category with much more unique and creative features. Thus, this dedication has led the discord platform to get introduced with more and more amazing gaming bots each day. Many such bots have already made up their place on the discord platform while many others are in line to please the users with the amazing service.

Another such bot that is already available on discord providing its unique and fun services to the players world is the virtual fisher discord bot. The virtual fisher as the name suggests is a fishing game bot that lets you enjoy mild and fun fish catching while you relax and fresh up your mind. The virtual fisher bot is not a new one over the platform. The bot was released over discord in September 2019 and it has been successful to maintain an approx. 4.66 star rating among its users. The virtual fisher has over 102.40K users from all corners of the world since its launch the bot has calculated around 650000 active users over approximately 100000 servers.


Virtual Fisher Bot Discord features

The virtual fisher bot not only displays an example of unique development and extraordinary features but also keeps its users hooked with its addictive game throughout. The bot is an economy game bot that is based on fishing. Being fun and simple to play, it is legible for users belonging to almost any age. All they have to do is grab a rod, sit back on their chairs and start catching fish. One can catch as many fish, depending upon the time spent over the bot. Sell those hard-earned fishes to gain some money. The money earned as a result of selling the fish can be used to buy exciting and fun items along with rewarding updates in the shop section. Buy high-quality rods to easily catch more and more fish, and also grab some valuable perks on your side.

The virtual fisher bot developers are highly active in maintaining the bot’s reputation over the platform and this can be the reason for the bot receiving frequent updates. The updates make sure that users have a good gaming experience and smooth working of the bot. The bot offers a lag-free environment to its user’s majority of the time. Thus, based on its features players can either choose to play the virtual fishing game just for fun or be completely devoted players. The game though needs some skills and good decisions to be made including selecting the right bait to catch fish. Players need to manage their inventory and can also complete quests to win daily rewards. Well, it isn’t fun until it’s a competition. Thus, don’t forget to keep track of the global and server leader board to keep a check on where you stand. Try out this unique fishing game and relax back on your chairs.


Virtual Fisher Bot Discord Commands

Basic Commands

%help - Get this list of commands using the bot.
%fish - Catch some fish! This is the main command of the bot.
%shop - Shop for upgrades to buy using the %buy command.
%inventory - Open your inventory.
%sell - Sell fish you've caught for virtual money.
%daily - Get your daily reward.
%coinflip - Flip a coin to have a chance at doubling your money.


%color - Sets the color of the embeds the bot responds to you with. This is used to show off your progress in the bot.
%stats - Check your stats.
%mypos - See your position on leaderboards.
%top - Check out the leaderboards.
%servertop - Shows a leaderboard for the current server you're in.
%prestige - Reset your progress for permanent powerful buffs.
%pets - View current pets you own or select a pet to use.


%clan - If you are clanless, it displays a help command for clans. If you are in a clan you will see your clan menu.
%info - Information about the bot. This shows things such as total servers and who made the bot.
%invite - Get a link to the official server, and a link to invite the bot to your servers.
%vote - Get a voting link.
%donate - Support the development of the bot and receive donator perks.


%biome - Switch biomes, or view a list of biomes you have unlocked.
%bait - Select your bait. You can buy different types of bait with %shop bait.
%rod - Select a different rod to use. You can buy different rods with %shop rods.
%quests - List of quests. Quests reset daily at midnight GMT.
%multipliers - See your current multipliers. This is affected by things such as bait and upgrades.
%balance - Check your balance.
%boosts - Check your currently active boosts. This also shows the duration left on global boosts, if there is any.
%boosters - Check how many personal and global boosters you have.
%charms - Charms increase many different stats and are found in chests when you are above level 20.
%settings - Allows you to customize various aspects of the bot to your liking.
%badges - View your currently owned badges, or switch to a different badge.


%lockto - Disables the bot in every channel except the channels you specify when running the command, or by doing %enablechannel.
%unlockall - Enables the bot in every channel it has permissions to operate in.
%enablechannel/disablechannel - Allow or disallow commands in a certain channel.
%setprefix - Set this bot's prefix for a certain server.


Virtual Fisher Bot Not Working?

Sometimes the Virtual Fisher Bot might have issues, such as it may not respond and it may be offline. This can be due to a bot server down due to any reason, if you face the issue check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server.

Also, make sure that you have provided sufficient permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, it can be done in the settings tab.

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